The Trillionaire’s Surrogate. 😍

Written by Feathers. 🤩

Chapter 3

Jason’s POV

I watched two of my men and Angela opposite each other ready to fight.

“The fight start at the blow of my whistle.” Both parties agreed. I blew the whistle and the fight began.

Angela’s POV

The two men charged at me at once, they were throwing blows but I was skilled enough to be dudging it.

One of them sent a sudden kick towards my belly but I guided and three two kicks to both men at the chin.

They sumersaulted and fell but were quick to rise again.

We positioned ourselves better and the fight continues.

At the heat of the fight, I felt a cut around my belly but I kept on fighting both men who do not seem to be getting tired.

On touching my belly, I saw blood coming out. Seems I’ve been pierced.

But this men are not holding weapons? I was losing blood and strength at the same time, my baby is in my belly, I can’t keep stressing him for long.

I flew back so I can be in a distance from them.

“Which of you used weapon on me? I asked showing them the blood on my hand.

One of the men showed me a side of his hand that was glued with a small knife.

” Are weapons allowed?” I screamed to Jason who was watching but decided to ignore instead.

The two men saw that I’m losing strength and charged at me, they took advantage of the cut and start to punch me on different part of my body, I just lay and let them deal with me.

“Enough.” I heard Jason said as he walked towards us.

He looked me on the floor and smirked.

“Turns out you will be going home and I will be ripping off the baby from your belly. You should have known better not to come to my house. ” He said and signalled to one of his men

I let my eyes closed and reminised on how messed up my life has been. I can’t let them waste my baby just like that.

I opened my eyes and watch as five other men joined where I was.

“Bind her there and remove the baby in her belly.” Jason said and stood. He grinned wickedly at me and walked away.

The men were now seven, I derive strength from my pain and stood to my fit all of a sudden.

I didn’t see Jason in sight anymore but the men are now surrendering me ready to take me down.

Series of my past pains surged through my heart and blindly, I knocked down all of them in 55 seconds.

I had hit them at the most strategic part of their body.

I watched them all lay down and I fell to my knees victorously.

My stomach was still bleeding, I need to get myself treated as soon as possible. Jason needs to see that I had defeated his so called strong men.

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