THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

By:Chidimma M.🖋🖋


Gabriela POV


I looked into his eyes and I could see anger, but mostly pain. He turn and walked away but I could see tears in his eyes.

I pushed Shane away and ran after Sebastian but unfortunately when I arrived outside,he already drove away…

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20.

I wiped off the tears and fell from my eyes. I felt someone hold my hand and anger boiled inside me as I knew who it was….

I yanked his hands off my body and gave him two solid $laps on both cheek.

He held his jaw in pain. I held his collar and said…

“Because of you the only person who cared about me is hurt, because of you I might loose him without having him”

I gave him a pu nch on the face and he staggered backwards while bl.eeding…

“Listen you idiot, you know nothing about me, you don’t know what I went through and you don’t know what I can do to you. So don’t you ever try this on me”

I turned to leave and I stopped on my track before saying…

“And one more thing I don’t love you and I will never love you”

I hailed a cab which drove me home…

I paid the driver and ran in the house hoping to see him but to my greatest dismay he wasn’t there.

I sadly walked upstairs removed my dress and went and took a shower to cool of my head.

I wore an oversized hoodie with a jean and I removed my mask then I laid down on bed while staring at my phone hoping he would call.

30 minutes pass and still no news of him. I dialed his number and almost immediately a message from him popped in my phone

Hello sunshine, just wanted to let you know I’ll be leaving after 50 minutes and I might not come back. You hurt me really bad and I hope I will forget about you as time passes.

Tears began flowing out of my eyes as I cried bitterly. He’s leaving and forever.

I sat down on the floor and cried bitterly…its all my fault, if I confesses my feelings earlier, this wouldn’t have happen

No,,,I won’t let this happen…I can’t loose him. I wiped away my tears and stood up, then I tied my hair and put on the cap of the hoodie I was wearing.

Not caring about hiding my face, I ran out of the room and out of the house then I began running heading to the airport not minding the distance.

After a 20 minutes run I arrived at the airport panting heavily, then I scanned around the area to see of I could see him and luckily I saw him. He was climbing the stairs to the plane

I ran to the plane and yelled his name


He turned to me and he looked surprised to see me here. He quickly climbed down the stairs and walked up to me before saying…

“What are you doing here and why aren’t you putting on your mask. If someone sees you do you know you could be in danger?”

I broke into tears as I heard what he was saying. Even when he’s hurt because of me he still cares about me….

I began speaking hysterically….

“About what you saw earlier it isn’t what it looked like. I didn’t kss him, he forced himself on me. I would never do that please believe me, please”

He wiped away my tears that kept flowing….

“Shh,,, please stop crying. I hate to see you crying”

“I was too dumb, too foolish, too stupid, too scared to realize that I fell in love with you. I love you Sebastian, I love you. Please don’t leave me, I don’t know what I’ll do without you”

I hugged him tightly still crying

“I’m sorry if I hurt you. I could have tell you this earlier. I love you Sebastian. I so much do”

He pulled me away from him and looked at me before saying.

“Are you serious about this?”

I wrapped my arm round his neck and pulled him down then crashed my lips on his doing it like my life depending on it.

I felt him froze for some seconds before he wrapped his hands round my waist and he pulled me closer then deepened it.

We were both lost in our own world, not caring a about the eyes that were looking at us

We broke it and he rested his face on mine before he said…

“I love you Gabriela”

“I love you too Sebastian”

A voice was heard in the speaker signalling us that he’s getting late for his flight.

He looked at me with a sad expression and said…

“I have to go now. I’ll come back for you, I promise”

I nodded with a sad look and then he turned to leave but he stopped on his track then he turned towards me and quickly ran towards me and pecked me one last time before releasing me.



He walked and entered the plane and I took a cab while making sure to hide ny face before going back home.

I arrived at home and a maid informed me that someone was waiting for me.

I peeked at the the guest room and I saw it was Gwendolyn.

I walked out of my hiding and walked up to her. She had a confused look on her face…

“Yes, you wanted to see me Gwen?”

“Um,, excuse me mam. How do you know my name?”

I chuckled, I completely forgot that I wasn’t putting on my mask. I have no other choice but to tell her the truth….

“Its me Gwen Nicole”

Her eyes widened as she seems to recognize my face…

“You,,,,you’re Gabriela McRae. You’re alive??”

I nodded and I could see she was trembling

“Hey, calm down I won’t hurt you I promise. I’m innocent of the crime they’re accusing me”

She stared at me for a while before saying…

“So you are hiding under a fake identity?”

I nodded with a smile and then she began blabbing like a parrot…

“Go$h,,,you so cute, cuter than your sister. You are really beautiful when you put on your mask but now wow you’re even more beautiful without it. Why are you putting on a hoodie and why are you sweating like that”

I laughed and said

“Wow easy with the questions. I’m putting on a hoodie and I’m sweating because I ran. Its a long story”

She nodded and then she said…

“One last question…Why are you living here? This is Sebastian Sherman’s mansion. How come you’re living here? I was really surprised when you gave me this address”

I blushed and said.

“Well he’s the one who saved my life and we’re like….um….”

She cut me off with a scream….

“Aaahh!! I can’t believe your luck Nicole,,I mean Gabriela. You’re so lucky!!”

I smiled and nodded then said…

“So can we be friends?”

“Of course Gaby. What’s your age?”

When she said those words, I remember that my birthday is coming…

“I’ll be 20 in three weeks time and you?

“I’m 21”

“Cool. Come on let’s get to business. Have you brought the papers?”

She brought out the papers and I went through it before signing it….

“It’s done. Now mine having dinner before you leave?”

“I would love to. Its not everyday you step foot into a fancy mansion like this one”

I chuckled and led her to the dinning room. Food was served and we began eating with her blabbing around till she shocked on her food

After our meal, I escorted her out to the gate before I went in.

I met Michelle on the way and we passed each other with a murderous glare….

I went to my room and picked my phone and I saw 20 missed calls from Shane and 15 messages from him.

I hissed in anger and ignored the messages and calls then I dialed Sebastian number. He picked up on the third ring.

📞 Sunshine?

📞 Hello babe, how’s the flight going?

📞 Babe,,,I like the sound of it. The flight is going great. I’ll be landing soon in Canada.

📞 Okay. Take care

📞 Same there. Hope you’ve eaten

I chuckled and said….

📞 I’m just from eating with my personal assistant.

📞 Your what?

📞 My personal assistant. I told her the truth and she’s cool with it. Trust me I’ll be fine.

📞 I trust you. Gaby.

📞 Ohh I completely forgot. My birthday will be in three weeks time

📞 Wow,,, hopefully I’ll be back by then.

I mistakenly yawned….

📞 I see someone is sleepy. Go and rest you need that after all the running you did today…

📞 It was worth it.

📞 Goodnight sunshine. I love you

📞 Love you too!!

📞 Say that again please?

I chuckled and said….

📞 I love you, I love you, I love you!!

He laughed and said….

📞 Alright. Bye

📞 Bye.

I hung up the call and put my phone on the bed stand before closing my eyes, and I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my lips


I woke up very early and I was greeted with a text from Sebastian.

Good morning pretty. How was your night? How I miss your cute snore

I chuckled and texted him back

💌 Morning Seb, my night was good but it would have being the best night with you by my side. I miss you and I don’t snore

I stood up from bed, picked my towel and went to do my business. After that I applied my body cream then I wore a simple blue floral gown then I walked out of the room.

My mood suddenly crumpled as I saw Michelle on the way. She smiled and said.

“Good morning blondy,how’s your night without your knight in shining armor”

I ignored her and made to walk away but she held my hand and said…

“When I talk to you, you reply me or else”

I yanked her hand off my hand and turned to her then said….

“Or else what? You’re gonna $tab me, drown me, shoot me…”

I laughed and said…

“Ohh please stop with those useless threat. It doesn’t work on me anymore”

She smiled and said….

“Looks like our little blondy has grown wings. Is it because of the owner of this house. Oh I always wonder how will his c*ck feel inside me”

Anger began rising inside and I folded my fist pouring my anger there.

“Cat got your tongue blondy? Ohh don’t tell me he hasn’t touched you yet. I always thought you were ugly but now….”

I $lapped her before she could finish her statement. I kneed her stomach and she kneeled down holding her stomach.

I grabbed her harshly by the hair and said menacingly at her….

“You can insult me all you want but don’t you dare try anything funny with him. I can kill for him. And I mean every word I said.”

I slapped her and called the head maid…


She came running and bowed at me…

“Yes miss”

“Have her clean the whole mansion alone and I repeat alone. No one should help her and by the time I get back home and see even a single dirt on the floor she’ll start back at fresh”

“Yes miss”

I smirked at Michelle who was glaring at me before walking out of the house.

I boarded the car and the driver drove me to the studio.

I alighted the car and my face twitched as I saw Shane. I tried to walk pass him but he held my hand.

“Let me go while I’m still calm”

He released me and said…

“I’m sorry if I kssed you forcefully but I love you I really do”

I chuckled darkly….

“Love,,,this isn’t love you feel for me. This is just obsession. Pure obsession”

I turned and looked at him….

“From now on I prefer we maintain a professional relationship nothing else. Have a nice day Mr Evans”

With that said I walked away heading to work.

Today there isn’t much thing to do so I finished early. I was a little bit hungry so I decided to go and grab a bite.

I walked on foot towards the restaurant when suddenly my phone rang… I looked and it was an unknown number

📞Hello? Who’s this??

I froze as he said these words….

📞 Good day, miss Gabriela McRae. I have some information concerning the murder of miss Ruby Morgan. Go in that coffee shop at your right I’ll follow you……

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

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