THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

By:Chidimma M.🖋🖋

By: Chidimma M.🖋🖋


Gabriela POV

I hung up the call with a confused expression. How does he know my real name? How is he involved in what happened to me.

I looked around and no one was watching me. How does he know where I’m standing…

I said a silent prayer before entering the cafeteria.

I took a seat at a secluded area and ordered two mugs of coffee. I sipped on mine with my eyes scanning round the cafeteria.

Suddenly a man walked up to me and sat opposite me then took the other mug of coffee and drank it… He then said with a husky voice….

“Nice meeting you miss Gabriela McRae”


I looked at him suspiciously while sipping on my coffee. He then shifted a video tape on my side. I discreetly took it and put it in my purse.

He then said….

“In that tape you can see what really happened to Ruby but unfortunately the face of the murderer isn’t clear”

“Thanks anyways. I have a question. Why are you helping me?”

He began trembling and then he said as tears trickled in his eyes….

“Ruby was my niece. You might not believe me because of our differences in status. I’m a cleaner and her parents are rich. I was heart broken when I heard she was dead, so I hacked into the security cameras and I succeeded in retrieving that scene before it was deleted. Please help me, I want justice for my niece,my poor niece”

He began crying loudly….

I held his palm and began rubbing it to sooth his pains. I then said to him….

“I’m sorry for your loss mister. Even I, I never wished for anything of such to happen. I’ll do everything in my power to catch those responsible. It’s a promise”

He nodded and we stood up then we shook hands and went our separate. I called for the driver and he drove me home.

I arrive at my destination and I alighted the car then marched to the house while beaming with a smile. I then remember the punishment I gave Michelle.

I entered the living room and the head maid together with Michelle stood while waiting for me to inspect the work done.

I touched a furniture and I smiled at Michelle before saying…

“Good job Mich,,,maybe you were born to be a maid after all”

She glared at me and I winked knowingly at her before going upstairs.

I took a quick bath and changed into something comfortable before sitting on a table. I removed a brand new laptop that Sebastian gifted me. Must be from their company.

I inserted the cassette tape and clicked on play. It began playing…

The first scene showed when Ruby was staggering while holding the wall till she pushed the restroom door and went inside.

Then a man walked while buckling his trouser belt then he entered the restroom Ruby entered…

He came out after a short while and walked away. I couldn’t see the face I’d the person.

I rewind it and clicked on pause as he was placed his hand to open the door to the restroom.

I then zoomed it and I could see a sort of tattoo drawn on his arm

I quickly picked a page and a pen then I sketched out the tattoo he had.

I searched for the different forms of tattoo but I couldn’t see one that had this form.

I groaned and fell on the bed, guess I’ll have to wait for Sebastian to get back before continue….

If my assumption is true then this guy raped Ruby and killed her before going, but why could he have done that. How was Ruby involved in this….

My phone began to ring and I picked it happily as I saw Sebastian name on the screen

📞 Babe?

📞 Sunshine, I have good news for both of us. The contract was rescheduled for next week so hopefully I’ll be back by next week.

📞 That’s great!! I really missed your touches

📞 Someone is getting naughty,,,,

I laughed and said…

📞 I also have something for you. I am a step closer to finding who really killed Ruby.

📞 How did you do it?

📞 I’ll explain everything to you once you’re back. Goodbye love you

📞 Same pinch here my angel…

I hung up the call and smiled. So this is how love feels like!!

I got out of bed and walked downstairs to take my meal. After a delicious meal, I walked upstairs and did some researches before drifting off to sleep



THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

I woke up feeling refreshed and energetic. Today I think I’m gonna visit Violet and Nick since today is my day off.

I crawled out of bed and went and did my business before settling in a white shirt and a black jean with some white sneakers.

I brushed my hair and allowed it to fall freely then I picked up my bag and walked out. I saw Michelle and we glared at each other before passing. If only I could report her to the police, unfortunately I can’t because she will report me too and I’ll end up in jail again….

I decided to go to their house on foot since it wasn’t that far. My phone began ringing and I rolled my eyes as I saw Shane’s number.

📞 Hello?

📞 Um, Nicole can we have lunch together?

📞 Last time I had lunch with you it didn’t end well…

📞 I know, this one I want to tell you something important…

📞 Okay just this one but we’re not meeting at a restaurant. I’ll meet you at the company, find by you?

📞 Okay. See you in two hours time…

I hanged up and continued my way. Suddenly someone held my neck and I could feel something sharp pointing on my back. I held my hand up high…

“Give me all the money you have and I’ll leave you alone”

This voice sounds really familiar. I quickly elbowed her on the stomach and held neck then pinned her on the wall, when you’re in prison you learn all this kind of tactics.

I removed the face mask that she was putting on and I gasped as I saw who it was…


She looked at me surprisingly…

“There’s only one person in this world that calls me that”

“Beatrix, it’s me. Gabriela”

Her eyes widened in shock and disbelief.

“How do I know if you’re not lying to me?”

I released her neck and lifted up my shirt. She gasped as she saw the tattoo…

“Gabriela, its really you? You’re alive?”


We hugged each other and she began crying…

“Thank goodness you’re alive. I was so sad when I thought you died”

“I’m save Trixie”

We broke the hug and she said worriedly…

“Gaby, you have to help me. Eleanor is not well, she’s really sick I need some money so I can buy some drugs for her”

I gasped and said….

“Come on quick lead the way”

She began walking and I followed her. Guess I’ll visit Violet some other time.

We walked I’m an abandoned building, the roof was already decaying. No wonder she fell sick.

She led me into what looked like a room and I saw Eleanor lying on a mat while coughing profusely. I suddenly felt really bad for them.

I walked there and said to Beatrix….

“Quick come and help me pick her up we’re leaving from here”

We held both of her hands and stood up then began walking to the exit.

As we walked out of the building, I saw Jade walking towards us. I’m so glad they’re alive and well.

She carried her from me and I removed my phone and called one of Sebastian driver. Not long after he drove to us

“Let’s go girls”

We boarded the car which drove us back to Sebastian mansion and the driver helped us carry Eleanor to a vacant room.

I dialed the family doctor’s number and he came in a jiffy.

I walked and sad down beside Beatrix and said…

“Hey calm down she’ll be alright. Trust me”

She nodded and then said

“How did you get here, I mean this place is so so luxurious!!”

I chuckled and said…

“Well do you remember that guy that visited me in prison. He saved my life and now I live here”

She gasped and said…

“That’s so cool of him. Where is he, I haven’t seen him”

“He’s out of the country for now. He’ll be back in some days time”

She nodded and smiled then said…

“So you like him right?”

I blushed and simply nodded. She gasped and squiled

“Oh thats so cute!! Our little Gaby is in love. I’m happy for you”

I laughed and I gasped as I checked the time on my phone.

“Oh no I have to go now. We’ll chat later”

I walked out of the house and drove off to the company. I arrived there quickly and I met Shane standing outside.

I walked out of the car and marched towards him.

“Good morning Mr Evans”

He sighed and said…

“Nicole, are you still mad at me?”

“What you did was really not cool but I’m nor mad at you”

“I admit it, it wasn’t really nice what I did. I’ll suppress whatever thing I feel for you but please do forgive me”

I smiled at him and said…

“I’ve forgiven you Shane but there’s still someone you need to ask for forgiveness”

“Yeah, Sebastian. I’ll wait till he’s back”

“Cool. So now friends?”


We shook hands then we chatted a little before he said..

“Oh and I almost forgot, ever since you came to this company the capital has been increasing. So I want the two best model of this company to take part in the big contest that’ll take place next month”

I gasped. Ever since I was a kid that has always being my dream.

“I… I don’t know what to say…”

“Just say yes you agree”

I nodded with a smile… He then said

“Thats fantastic news, so you and danilea
will begin your training tomorrow”

I ached a brow and said…

“Daniela,,,she’ll also take part?”

“Yes, each modeling agency gets to choose two models from their company. The only disadvantage is that there’s only one winner so the models will have go compete. Here’s on this company, we’ve chosen you and Daniela”

I smiles inwardly. This is an opportunity to humiliate her…

We chatted a little and then I said my goodbye then drove back home.

I reached home and I saw Beatrix and Jade had a surprise look on their face. I walked up to them and said…

“Why the weird face?”

Jade spoke…

“We just saw Michelle wearing a maid uniform”

“Well she’s the maid here. Its a long story”

I told them all what transpired between Michelle and I….

Beatrix spoke…

“Ohh I’m sorry Gaby, now you have to live with that bch for some time”

“I’m used to that”

We heard a weak voice speak..

“Where am I?”

We rushes inside the room and saw Eleanor sitting up on the bed.

She’s being unconscious for two hours now.

“Thank goodness you’re awake Elle”

She looked and me suspiciously and said…

“Who are you?”

Oh, I forgot that I’m still wearing this stupid mask. I peeled it off and smiled at her. She gasped as she saw my face.


“Yes, its me. I’m alive”

She took me into her arm and cried out of happiness.

“I’m so happy you’re alive.”

“Hey, don’t cry. You’re still weak”

I wiped her tears and I smiled at her. We then discussed till it was time for bed.

I walked up to my room, then took a long relaxing bath while thinking of ways to know who killed Ruby.

I came out of the room dripping wet then applied my body cream before drying my hair. Then I wore my pajamas and climbed on my bed and closed my eyes but I wasn’t feeling sleepy.

After alot of rolling in bed, I stood up frustratingly. I climbed down from bed and walked out of the room towards the kitchen maybe with a glass of milk I’ll feel sleepy.

Suddenly a hand held my arm and pulled me then pinned me on the wall…

“Who’s….who’s this?”

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

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