THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

By:Chidimma M.🖋🖋


Daniela POV

I stood there clued on the spot with my eyes wide. What just happened now? Did I just the cold hearted CEO kss Nicole.

That guy is the richest man in this country but he’s also cold hearted. How come he just smiled and kssed Nicole?

This only seemed to add to my anger, not only does she makes me look incompetent in front of Shane, but she also succeeded in having the richest man in the country wrapped around her finger.

“Hey, let’s go baby”

I turned and glared at Jayden. He’s a doctor by profession and today was his day off but I haven’t even seen him today.

“Where were you Jay?

“Can’t I just stay on my own for some minutes without you being angry?”

He said those words and walked to the car, as he reached for the door to the door to car, he said without looking at my direction…

“Are you coming or you’re gonna stay there like a statue”

I scoffed and walked to the car then boarded it, not only is she with the richest man in the country but the man is romantic. I looked at Jayden and rolled my eyes.

He then drove off….

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

Gabriela POV

I was staring at him as he drove us to who knows where. It’s now that I realize just how gorgeous he is, perfectly sculpted nose with his masculine jawline and his deep penetrating hazel eyes let’s not talk about his kssable lips and his inky dark hair.

I then looked at myself and I suddenly felt down the mood, I’m not worthy of such a man like him. What did he sees in me that he doesn’t see in other women? What if one day he tired of me and then leaves me just like Jayden did. Nobody will want a convict like me as girlfriend talk less of wife…

The car suddenly stopped jolting me out of my thought. I looked out and it looks like he drove us to a kind of forest.

I alighted the car with a dull expression which he seemed to notice.

“Hey Gaby what’s wrong? You look sad all of a sudden”

I faked a smile and said…

“It’s nothing, I’m fine”

But he wasn’t buying any of those as he said…

“I know there’s something bordering you. Please tell me, is it because you don’t like it here?”

“No, it’s not it the thing is that I’m feeling unsecured. Like you would leave me for another girl. I’m a convict, what good things can I possibly offer you”

I looked down and took my lips in while fidgeting with my fingers

He then lifted my head up and smiled then he said…

“You want to know what good you offered me? You gave me a new reason to smile ever since my mother’s death and Juliet departure I haven’t being the same. Then on that fateful night when you clumsily bumped into me, did you know what I saw in your eyes…”

He lifted me in the air and twirled me around while saying…

“I saw a house beside the beach, you as my wife and our little twins running round the house”

He put me down and I giggled before saying


He nodded and continued.

“And from that day, you were always in my mind at one point I thought I was going crazy. I even thought you cast a spell on me”

I laughed at his silliness…He then continued…

“You are the bravest, most beautiful and the most sweet woman I’ve ever seen in my life. I admire you, because if any other person went through what you went that person could have being shattered into pieces. I call you sunshine for a reason because you are the one that makes me wake up, that brightens my day”

He pulled me closer by the waist and wiped off my tears before continuing…

“I love you Gabriela and there’s no other woman on this earth that I can imagine my future with, you will and forever remain my one and only”

“Are you clear now?”

I nodded with a smile and then wrapped my hand round his waist and said…

“I love you”

“Love you more”

He help my hand and said..

“Come let me show you something”

We began walking throughout the forest and I gasped at what I saw. This place is so beautiful, I spotted a fountain not far and there was all kinds of birds.

I looked up above me and I could see fireflies everywhere. It was so beautiful with flowers of different kinds everywhere.

I looked at Sebastian and he was holding a basket in his hand. He then said….

“This place is where I come when I’m sad, angry or depressed. It calms me down when I see all these birds and creatures. There’s a wolf not far from here, trust me it’s very friendly and nice. I named it Baxter. Come on let’s have a picnic”

We began setting the different needed for the picnic. After that we sat down in each other arms.

I saw a strawberry and I picked it from the bowl and stuffed it in my mouth. Strawberries are my favorite

I picked another one and directed it at Sebastian lips.

“Open ahh”

He chuckled and opened his mouth then took a bite of the strawberry. He then said…

“No wonder you always taste like strawberry”

“They’re my favorites”

I smiled and happily munched on my strawberry.

I looked at the sky, with the stars and the moon, so beautiful. He then spoke jolting me out of my thought…

“You promised me something”

I ached a brow at him….

“I don’t remember ever promising you something”

He looked at me like he would eat me up and then he said….

“You promised me we will do it later”

My eyes widened as I remember what I said in the morning…

“No, no I didn’t mean it that way. What I meant was….”

He pushed me on the grass and said with a smile…

“Too late”

He pecked me wildly and I found myself lost in it.

He then trailed his fingers from my shoulder to my arm and then he interlinked our hands still while kssing me.

My body began trembling and he seemed to notice it as he broke it with a worried look…

“What’s wrong Gaby”

I looked down embarrassed and shy before muttering…

“I’ve never done it before”

He lifted my head so that I could look into his eyes. I could see shock in them… He then said…

“You mean you’re still a vrgn?”

I nodded and bite my lips. He leaned towards me and pecked my forehead before smiling at me and saying…

“Don’t worry I’ll wait till when you’re ready”

I nodded and then he laid down his back beside me. I placed my head on his chest and we both starred at the starry night. This is surely the first time in history where someone is having a picnic at night…

After some while, we stood up and arranged all the things we took for picnic into a basket and then we boarded the car and drove home…

We arrived home and the maids took the basket and went in. We interlinked our hands and walked in together.

As we entered the living room, noise could be heard. Beatrix and Jade were playing some video games while Eleanor was sitting on the couch with a book in her hands.

I chuckled as I saw them, they’re always as noisy and as lively as I imagined…

I turned to Sebastian and he had a look of surprise on his face, probably wondering what they’re doing in his house.

“Um, Sebastian. Remember in the morning I told you we had some visitors, well here they are. Meet my co prisoners.”

“How did they get here?”

I pouted my lips like a kid and did my best puppy face

“They are amongst the four people they didnt succeed to apprehend. They don’t have a place to stay so I decided to bring them here. Please don’t be mad at me, please”

He sighed and smiled at me…

“Alright I’m not mad, I was just surprised. They can stay as long as they want since you trust them then I’ll have to do same”

I jumped and said

“Thanks Sebby”

He looked at me with a funny look…

“Sebby,,, since when did Sebastian become Sebby.”

I wrapped my arm round his neck and said…

“Since when I decided it”

We heard someone speak which brought us out of our thought…

“Hey girls the lovey dovey are back”

We looked at that direction and it was Jade who spoked. The three of them looked at us and began smiling like fools. I looked back at Sebastian and we both laughed. We entered the living room and they the three of them held Sebastian arm and dragged him to a corner before they began speaking to him

“Hey, listen our Gaby is head over heels for you so you better mind the way you treat. Love her with all you heart and you better not break her heart because if you do well break your bones the same way you did to her heart”

Sebastian nodded with his hands up in surrender and now they left him and continued with their games…

Eleanor then spoke….

“Sebastian, you better begin to work hard because I want tons of babies in this house”

I face palmed myself at her words. I then said

“Alright I’ll go change. I’ll be back”

With that said, I walked up to my room to take a bath…

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

Sebastian POV

I stood by the door while watching at how they played their video games. I think I’ll bailed them out of jail…That’ll be for another day…

I smiled and walked upstairs to my room. I stopped at Gabriela’s room and smiled as I looked at the door to her room. She really changed my life for the better…

I reached my room and opened the door and what I saw startled me.

“What the fk!!”

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

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