THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

By:Chidimma M.🖋🖋


Gabriela POV

He nodded in fear and stayed still. I then asked…

“What’s your name?”


I chuckled darkly and said while pressing the knlfe closer to his neck. I then said…

“I’m giving you one last chance to speak up if I hear any lies coming out your mouth you’re death meat. Now,,, WHAT’S YOUR NAME!!!!”

“Mason,,,,my name is Mason…”

I smiled satisfied by the answer I heard. Not long after I heard Sebastian’s voice behind us…

“Gaby,,, what are you doing?”

I held the man by the collar and pulled him up still with the knife on the neck. I then spoke to Sebastian…

“Look at his arm”

He looked at it and his eyes widened as he saw the tattoo there. I continued…

“I saw him coming out of a coffee shop and I immediately spotted the tattoo on his arm so I called him and he ran away. Thats what made me run
after him because if he was innocent he would not have done this. And also his name is Mason and the first three letter of his name correspond to what Ruby wrote before dying”

Anger took over Sebastian and he came and grabbed him by the collar and punched him on the face.

“You ba$tard it was all you!!”

The man called Mason said…

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m innocent”

I laughed sarcastically and came in front of him then I peeled of my mask. He gasped with wide eyes as he saw my face.


“Yes, it’s me Gabriela McRae, the girl who went in prisoner because of you…”

I slapped him out of anger before continuing…

“The girl who almost died in prison because of you”

I punched the wall in order to calm myself as all the difficulties I went through began flushing in my mind…

Sebastian held my shoulder, I looked up to him and I began calming down. He then called one of his driver and they came with the car.

We blindfolded him and bearded the car then we drove home….

As we arrived home, we locked him up in an empty room and walked upstairs to my room but surprisingly my room was empty.

I walked up to Sebastian room and he was smiling widely. I then spoke…

“What have you done?”

“I asked the maid to transfer your things here so you’ll be sleeping here with me”

I chuckled and rolled my eyes at him. He wrapped his arm round my waist and said….

“Remaining three more days to your birthday.”

I nodded and said…

“What will be my gift?”

He smiled knowingly and said….

“It’s a surprise Gaby, How about we go clear your name tomorrow”

“Tomorrow? How do we do that?”

“It’s easy, we have the video and we have the person now. We can show them the video and have the person confess then you’ll be a free woman”

I smiled happily as I heard. I jumped happily while singing….

“I’ll be free!! I’ll be free!!”

He laughed at my childishness and walked in the bathroom. I stopped and walked to the bathroom then peeped in the bathroom.

I gasped at what I saw he’s really the charming devil. I closed back the door and slapped myself. When did I become this naughty….

The door to the bathroom opened and I turned back as I saw him all soapy. He then said…

“Rather than peeping at me, come let’s shower together”

Without waiting for my response he pulled me in and closed the door…

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

Daniela POV

I was at a boutique selecting my wedding gown, you won’t believe it but Jayden proposed to me. It was so romantic but I can’t get my mind off that concert. I want to win it at all cost….

I finally decided to take a white long, floral gown with layers it. It was an off shoulder gown.So beautiful!!!

I bought it and walked out of the boutique when I saw Eva, my best friend.

“Hi, Dany. How’s the preparation going on?”

“Its going well. The marriage will be in two weeks time. I’m so excited to finally be called Mrs Kendrick”

“Me too bestie”

We struck hands and walked to a nearly cafeteria…..

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

Gabriela POV

After our bath, Sebastian was having a video conference so I decided to pay a visit to our guest.

I walked up to the room were he was locked and to guards where standing at the entrance…

“Miss, we can’t let you enter. Order from the boss”

Why does Sebastian doesn’t want me to enter? I looker black at the and said…

“Please, I’ll just take 15 minutes and you can come in if you want”

There looked at each other before opening the door. I entered and they talked behind me.

I spot the man. He was tied up in chains and was being made to sit on a chair.

I sat down on a chair opposite him and said…

“Are you ready to tell me who hired you to kill her or you did it on your own will. And if you did it on your will I want to know why you killed her”

He stayed mute, looking down. I never wasted to result to this method but I guess I have no other option…

“If you don’t talk I’ll have one of them to whip you”

He stayed mute but I could see he was trembling. I looked at one of the guards and he went and took a whip then he landed one on his back.

I turned my head to the side a he screamed in agony. I don’t want to do this but I have no other option….

“Still not ready to talk?”

He kept quiet…

Another whip landed on his back and he screamed again in pain. It continued like that till the fifth one.

“Will you talk or you want to continue with this?”

He kept quiet, I looked at the guard and he landed another whip on his back. He screamed out…


I gasped as I heard the name of the person, no that can’t be. Is it the same Michelle that I know? I need to be sure

“How does that Michelle look Like?”

“Her photo is in my phone.”

The guard gave me his phone and I searched for the pictures in his. I stopped at a beautiful black haired lady….I showed it at him and he nodded affirmatively.

I was shocked to the bones, why did Michelle send him to murder Ruby?

“Do you know her reason behind it?”

“I don’t know, I just received money from someone and thats person said that a girl called Michelle wants me to kill Ruby. I just did my job”

I stood and said to the bodyguard….

“Watch over him I’ll be back in jiffy”

I ran out of the room and luckily I saw Adelaide, one of the maids.


She stopped and looked at me then bowed with a smile…

“Miss, can I help you?”

“Do you known where Michelle is? I haven’t seen her for a while now”

She told me whatever Sebastian did to her and that she’s locked up in a room right now. Why did Sebastian not tell me this?

I walked back to Sebastian room, well it’s now may room too. I walked in and he was through with his video conference. He turned to me and smiled.

I ran and hugged him before he could speak…

“You did that to Michelle because of me?”

“I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you about her. I thought you would get upset that I did such h©rrible thing to her”

I shook my head and looked up at him still with my arm wrapped round his waist…

“I’m not mad at all. Actually I just found out that she was the one who ordered Mason to kill Ruby”

He gasped and suddenly he became angry. He marched out of the room then headed to a particular direction.

He opened the door to a room and not long after he dragged Michelle by the hair out of the room.

He then walked towards where Mason was being detained and kicked opened the door he threw her inside and she fell on the floor.

He grabbed her by the hair and made her look at Mason face.

I watched as both of them gasp in surprise.

Sebastian then said…

“Do you know this man, lie and I won’t hesitate to make you suffer”

She nodded in fear. Sebastian then continued…

“Why did you order him to kill Ruby?”

She stayed quiet for some time. Sebastian then pulled her hair and she screamed in pain.

“Aaahhh!! Okay,,I’ll talk, I’ll talk. I ordered him to kill Ruby because Ruby is the reason I ended up in jail.”

She began crying pretenciously. Sebastian slapped her and said…

“I didn’t ask you to cry, I asked you to talk”

“I killed the woman that my fiancée cheated on me with and it turned out that she saw it. She reported me to the police and I vowed that I’ll take revenge. I orderer that person to kill her”

I walked and stood in front of here then slapped her in her face as tears were flowing out of my eyes….

“You are the reason why my life was miserable. Not only did you try to kill me in prison. You also came here and because of you I attempted to take away my life”

I wiped off my tears and said…

“Tell me, why do you hate me. Did I offend you in anyway?”

She kept quiet as guilt filled her heart. I walked out of the room and Sebastian followed me then I stopped as I felt Sebastian’s arm round my waist.

“It’s okay Gaby, I’ll always me there for you. I saved you twice and that won’t stop there. I’ll save over and over whenever you’re in trouble”

I turned and looked at him then I smiled and said…

“Thank you Sebby”

“Anytime sunshine”

I hugged him and buried my face in his chest….


I, Eleanor, jade, and Beatrix were seated in the car while biting nervously our fingernails. We’re actually at the police station waiting for Sebastian to come out.

We’re here to clear my name and I don’t know why but I’m so nervous….

After what seem like eternity, we saw Sebastian walking out of the police station.

We opened the car and alighted it. Sebastian walked up to us as we were patiently waiting for him to drop the bomb….

He looked at me and said….

“Congratulations Gabriela McRae you’re a free woman”

I jumped in happiness and hugged him them pecked him not mending the girls who were looking at us…

“Thats not all”

He looked at the girls and removed some papers then handed them…

“It was alot of trouble and I spent millions on it but it was worth it. I hand you girls your freedom but promise you’ll live a decent life as from now”

The girls were shocked to the bones including me they took the papers with shaky hands and then Beatrix spoke with tears of joy…

“Gaby,,,can we?”

I nodded with tears of joy flowing out of my eyes….

They immediately hugger him with millions of thank you bombarding his ears.

I smiled and wiped my tears as I looked at Sebastian with loving eyes….

They released him and he turned to me and widened his arm signalling me to come.

I walked and entered into his warm embrace and he wiped my tears then pecked my hair and said…

“I love you”

“I love you too”

We boarded the car and drove home with me and the girls singing happily in the car….

We arrived the car and he dropped us then he said…

“I’m sorry Gaby I have to go somewhere. I’ll come back early. We need to celebrate this”

He pecked my lips then boarded the car and drove away….

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

Sebastian POV

I walked out of the jewelry store and smiled as I watched the small red box in my hand. I opened it and smiled more as I saw the beautiful ring that was in it…

“I hope you’ll like my gift Gaby”

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

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