THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

By:Chidimma M.🖋🖋


Daniela POV

We were at the living room with my parents discussing about my 20th birthday party which is tomorrow. Mom asked…

“So baby, how do you want your birthday party to look like?”

“I want it to be huge, to be grandiose, to be the only party that people will remember for years to come”

Dad then spoke,,,

“Your wish is our command”

I smiled happily… Ever since Gabriela disappeared from our lives, I’m the only queen in this house and I love it like that..

Suddenly a maid ran in the living room and said…

“Mr, mrs, miss,,,you have to see what is going on in the television”

We all stood up and dad switched up the television. I heard the journalist say….

“Breaking news,,,today, the famous Mr Sebastian Sherman just came to the police station with proof or evidence to clear the name of miss Gabriela McRae. As per the proofs, Gabriela McRae was declared innocent though its too late for she’s death….”

My heart stopped beating for some seconds as I stared at the TV with wide eyes….

I looked at my parents direction and mom broke into loud sobs while hugging dad. She said…

“Oh, no!!! What have we done to our daughter!!! We abandoned her when she needed us the most!!! And now she’s proven innocent. We indirectly killed our daughter Stephen, we killed her”

Dad patted her back to sooth here but it was all in vain. Dad said…

“Please calm down Patricia,, it’s not good for your health”

“No,,, I can’t calm down. The guilt I feel inside me is unbearable”

With that said she passed out in dad’s arm.


I rushed to their side and we picked her up and called the family doctor…

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

Gabriela POV

I and the girls were seated in the living room.

“So since you guys are free, what will you do?”

Beatrix spoke….

“I’m going to take my daughter from the orphanage they kept her and after I’ll look for a job but I don’t know who’ll hire an ex convict like me”

Eleanor spoke…

“I think I’ll do modeling like you Gaby,,, it’s always being my dream”

Jade spoke….

“And I think I’ll go back to my parents. They’ve being waiting patiently for my release.”

I then said…

“Beatrix, I can talk to Sebastian, I’m sure he’ll find a job for you in his company. Eleanor, I can talk to Shane and he’ll surely recruit you as a model. You have the body, the beauty…”

She blushed and said…

“Okay, okay that’s enough!!”

We laughed and I continued…

“And you Jade, I have nothing to say since you’re going back to your family. I guess I’ll just say goodbye”

She laughed and said….

“Why telling me goodbye when my parents live just around here”

“Wow that’s cool, atleast I’ll get to be seeing you girls”

Sebastian entered the living room and the girls said…

“We’ll give you two some privacy”

With that said, they walked away…

I stood up and walked up to Sebastian. Suddenly he picked me up effortlessly from the ground and walked upstairs.

He placed my feet on the ground and said…

“So how are you enjoying your moment of freedom?”

“It feels so good to be free”

I twirled around with my arm wide open. I then heard him say…

“So when are you planning to make a come back”

“Tomorrow,on Daniela’s birthday party. She gave me an invitation. Will you come with me?”

He chuckled and said…

“Of course I will come. I can’t let you go all by yourself”

I smiled and said…

“I love you Sebby”

He rolled his eyes and said…

“I told you to stop calling me that…”

“I won’t,,, you’re my Sebby”

He wrapped his arm round my waist and I round his neck…

“And you’ll always remain my sunshine”

He leaned forward and claimed my lips with him doing magic to my tongue…

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

Daniela POV

We were seated in my parents room while listening to the doctor’s explanation.

“Mr McRae,,, your wife here had a hypertension. Please I will recommend you her to avoid any shocking news for the next one will be fatal to her…”

Dad nodded while holding mom’s hand…

Even in her death, mom and dad still care for her. I hate her with passion!!!

I walked upstairs while fuming in rage…

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

Gabriela POV

I was sitting on a couch, eating my strawberries while watching a football match…

Suddenly my phone rang and I saw Shane’s number displacing. I looked at Sebastian and I exhaled loudly.

📞 Shane?

📞 Nicole, we need you to sign some document right now. Where are you? It’s important.

I looked at Sebastian and he nodded with a smile.

📞 I’ll send you the address to my house…

I hung up the call and sent it to him then I turned to Seb and said…

“Are you okay with him coming?”

“Course I’m,,, I trust you Gaby”

I smiled and placed my head on his chest then continued watching our football match.

After some minutes a maid came and said…

“Mam, someone wants to see you”

I stood up and looked at Sebastian.

“Wanna come?”

“Of course!!”

We held our hands walked to the guest room. We entered and Shane turned to face us. He gasped as he saw my face…


I nodded with a smile.

“Yep, it’s me. I’m not death”

I explained everything to him and he calmed down as he understood what happened… He then said,,,

“So Sebastian here saved you twice”

I nodded with a smile. He then looked at Sebastian and said…

“Dude, I’m sorry. I almost ruined your relationship. I was just obsessed with her. It wasn’t love, I’m over it now and I see her as a friend nothing else”

Sebastian said…

“No need to explain, I understand. So friends?”

They stood up and hugged each other as a symbol of peace.

They sat back down, then brought out some papers. I signed it and gave it back to him.

I then remembered about Eleanor.

“Shane, I think I have a new candidate for modeling in your company.”

I ran out and after some minutes, I dragged Eleanor into the room. She curtsied in respect.

I looked back at Shane and said…

“So,, is she fit for modeling”

“I think so, meet me next week for your test if you pass, you’re in!!”

I smiled happily. We said our goodbyes and he drove off. I looked at Sebastian and said…

“Come on I’m bored, let’s do some abs workout”

He looked at me and laughed…

“Are you sure you’re a girl? Abs workout, seriously?”

I hit his arm and said…

“Scared that I’ll beat you?”

“Ok, if I win, you’ll do whatever thing I tell you to and if you do I’ll do same”

I smirked and said…

“It’s on!!”

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

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