THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

By:Chidimma M.🖋🖋


Sebastian POV

I opened my eyes as the sun rays flashed in my eyes. I looked at Gaby and she was still sleeping peacefully while her lips partly opened, breathing in and out…

I tucked her hair behind her ear and smiled. I’m so happy that she’s free from all the crimes she was being accused of…

I just can’t wait to have her as my wife, for the whole world to know that she’s mine, to finally call her Mrs Sherman.

I placed a peck on her lips and looked at her. She opened her eyes slightly and blinked several times.

She looked up to me and smiled. I then said…

“Happy birthday Gaby”

“Thanks Sebby”

I sighed in defeat. She’ll never stop calling me Sebby. It’s cool by me so long as she’s the only one who calls me that….

“Wait I’ll be back”

I stood up from bed and walked out of the room. I walked in shortly with a tray of food.

I placed it on a table beside the bed and said…

“I’ll feed you. But firstly, I’ll destroy your lips with ksses.”

With that said, I climbed on the bed and went on top of her before covering our head with the duvet as she giggled loudly….

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

Daniela POV

I sleepily opened my eyes and squinted them as a result of the sun rays…

I looked beside me and Jayden was there. I smiled as I saw him enter the living room with a tray of food…

“Happy birthday baby”

“Awwn,,Jay you did all this for me. You’re so sweet!!”

“Always for you hunny”

He placed the tray of food on the bedstand and said…

“I’ll feed you but firstly, let me mark you with hickeys everywhere”

I giggled softly as he came on top of me and pecked me with his hands crawling under me pajamas…

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

Gabriela POV

“Thanks for the breakfast Sebastian”

“I’ll be happy to do it over and over again”

I smiled at his sweet side. I then asked…

“Have you always being this r©mantic and sweet?”

He chuckled and shook his head…

“I’m doing all this for you sunshine”

I spread out my arms and said…

“Come here”

He chuckled and wrapped my body in for a warm hug. I then said in a soft whisper….

“How old are you by the way?”

” I’m 24″

I broke the hug and looked at him in surprise.I then exclaimed…

“I thought you were 30 or something like that”

“OMG,,, why 30. Do I look that old?”

“No, I’m just surprised on how you became this famous within a short span of time”

He chuckled and pinched my cheek. He then said…

“Come on I’ll bath you!!”

I quickly said…

“No, I can do it on my own”

Without warning he carried me in a bridal style and marched to the bathroom while saying…

“No need to be shy, I’ve already seen it all and beside why are you embarrassed when you have a gorgeous body”

I blushed and covered my face with my palms…

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

Daniela POV

I was sipping on a glass of wine as I and Jayden were in a jacuzzi, enjoying the feeling of being together.

I blushed as I remembered what we did earlier. It was really hot and intense.

I looked at him and said…

“What’s my birthday gift?”

He opened his eyes and replied…

“How about I give you a baby”

“How will you give me a baby?”

He smiled charmingly and I felt his hand caressing my thigh. I blushed as I understood what he meant by that…

“No, not today. I need to be able to walk during my birthday party”

“Come on, just a qui ckie”

I stood up from the jacuzzi and picked a towel then wrapped it on my body. I looked back at Jayden and said…


I walked away while drying my hair when suddenly I felt myself being lifted up from the ground…

“Jayden,,,put me down. I said no”

I screamed and giggled at the same time…

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

Gabriela POV

I laid down on my stomach as Sebastian gave me a massage. It felt so good,,, I heard him say

“How does it feels?”

“It feels so good,,, I want you to never stop”

I heard him chuckle and then I felt him place a kss on my bare back which sent shiver down my spine

If only he knows how much effect he has on me….

I then heard him say,,,,

“It’s almost time for the party to begin”

I covered myself with the sheets and turned and faced him with a smile. He then continued…

“Are you sure you want to wear this?”

I nodded with a smile. Actually I bought the same dress that Daniela will be wearing today. The only difference is the color. I bought the red one and her the black one. I succeeded in tracking her designer and that’s how I know what she’ll wear today.

I climbed down the bed and walked to Sebastian then took the dress from him with a smile.

“Stop smiling at me,,,you’re se.ducing me”

“Really? Then I won’t stop then”

He held my arm and said…

“You want to see what I can do when I’m being seduced”

I threw the dress on the bed and ran to the bathroom before he could catch me.

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

Daniela POV

After my bath, I applied my lotion and wore my dress. Jayden helped me zipped it and then he pecked my cheek and said…

“You look gorgeous”

“Thanks Jayden”

I sat down in front of my makeup kit and they began doing my makeup.

I smiled happily, today nobody is going to ruin it….

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

Gabriela POV

After my bath, I applied my body cream and wore my dress.

“Sebastian? Could you please help?”

I felt him zip up my gown then I turned and looked at him and I hitched my breath.

He was wearing a black suit with a red tie and he had his hair comb backward with only some few strands of his hair falling infront.

He looked so out of this world. I heard him snap his finger which brought me out of my thought…

“I’m I that handsome that you got lost in my beauty?”

I smiled and shook my head then I went and sat down on a stool and the makeup artist began doing my makeup.

After some minutes they were done. I stood up and turned to Sebastian and he did the same reaction as me.

“I’m I that beautiful that you got lost in my beauty”

He spoke back…

“Your beauty is ethereal. I feel like stealing your away from this earth and locking you up so that I’ll be the only one who will see your beauty”

I chuckled and went and sat down on the bed then he picked up my heels and helped me wear it and buckled them.

He lend me a hand and I took it, I stood up and twirled around. The dress was a long red gown that trailed on the floor with a long slit that started above my knees, downwards.

I picked up my purses and with our hands entwined together,we walked out of the room….

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

Daniela POV

I picked my purse and held Jayden’s arm and together we walked out of the room heading downstairs where the party was going on. Immediately they spotted me they began clapping…

With my head held high, I walked down the stairs with Jayden by my side. I could see many important personality at this party…

I heard murmurs about me…

*Look at that dress it fits her so well, go$h!! I want one too

*And her fiance, He’s so handsome they look good together

*Have you seen her engagement ring, it cost millions

I smiled satisfied as I heard all the gossip about me that’s what I wanted to hear

Jayden led me to some people and we began mingling with them…

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

Gabriela POV

The limousine stopped infront of my parent’s house, a place I once called home.

Sadness began settling in my heart as I remembered how they easily lose hope in me…

I felt Sebastian hand on mine and I looked at him and smiled.

“Are you sure you’ll be fine seeing your parents”

“Of course I will,, you’re with me and that all that matters”

“Let’s go”

I removed a mask that hid my face and then I put it on. He opened the door for me and I came out of the car…..

THE TWINS: Chapter 11 – 20

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