THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

By: Chidimma M.🖋🖋


Gabriela POV

“I love you”

“Love you more”

With that said, he claimed my lips into a loving kss as the crowd cheered for us…

After some minutes we broke the it and I embraced him while burying my face in his chest out of embarrassment.

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End.

He lifted my head and said…

“Why shy now Gaby?? You weren’t even you confronted your sister”

“This is different”

I broke the hug and took a glance at the ring and I smiled happily.

He held my hand and we walked to the crowd who were congratulating us….

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

Daniela POV

I glared at Gabriela with nothing but hatred for her. Why does she have to come and ruin my birthday party? Couldn’t she just died and let me be?

She’ll pay for this that’s for sure. I marched upstairs to my room. When I entered the room, I scattered everything that was in there.

After I finish with mess, I sat down on the floor and cried out of anger.

“Dmn you Gabriela!! Curse you!!”

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

Gabriela POV

After the party, we said our goodbyes to my parents and boarded the car which drove us home….

The drive home was peaceful, with me staring endless at the ring in my finger and Sebastian busy on his phone

The car stopped and we alighted the car. I walked up to our room and I yawned and stre my hand.

“I’m exhausted!!”

I turned and looked at him then said…

“Thanks for the gift Sebby, that’s the best gift someone could offer”

He smiled and tucked a brand of my hair behind my ear then he said..

“I would still have done that Gaby, birthday or not I still want you to be my wife”

I pecked his lips and said…

“You’re too sweet, I don’t know what to do with you again?

I turned my back at him signalling him to help me with the zipper. He unzipped it and then he placed a peck on my bare shoulder which made me shiver….

He trailed ksses from my shoulder to the crook of my neck and then he svcked on it which made me moan…

I turned and faced him and with a serious expression I said….

“I…I…I’m ready Seb”

He cupped my cheek and said…

“Are you sure about that? I’m not forcing you”

I hugged him and then I said…

“I know Sebby and I’m ready”

He smiled and then with that he claimed my lips.

“I love you Gaby,,,never doubt that”

“And I love you too. More than you could imagine”

I avoided his gaze, as I felt utterly embarrassed to be almost nked in front of him…

He made me look at him and with an assuring smile, he said…

“No need to be embarrassed,you’re very beautiful.”

I blushed and said…

“Thank you”

He smirked and said..

“I hope you won’t break the walls of this room with what I’m about to do to you”

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

Daniela POV

I was sitting at a corner of my room in the midst of the mess that I made with a bottle of alcohol in my hand.

I gulped it down as I stared in space. Suddenly the door opened, I looked up and I saw my driver Adrien.

“What are you doing here? Have you come here to mock at me or to feel pity for me? If it the case you better go away.

He entered fully and squatted in front of me. He showed his hand and said…

“Give me the bottle. Alcohol won’t help you.”

I handed the bottle and hissed loudly… He then said…

“The only thing that can help you is if you ask for forgiveness”

I laughed sarcastically…

“I will never ask for forgiveness, never!!!”

He held my arm and I yanked it away.

“Don’t touch me,, you disgust me”

He then said…

“I know I’m just your driver, that I’m poor, that I don’t match your level of education or your level in status. But that doesn’t stop us from being friends you know?”

I looked at him and I broke into tears. All my life, no one has ever cared for me. I’m always the person forcing myself over them. Every thing always revolve around Gabriela. Why her and not me. Why?

I felt his hand on my face as he wiped off my tears. I looked up at him and without thinking I held his collar pulled him closer to me and then I kssed him.

We both stood up from the floor. He lifted me up and I wrapped my hands round his neck. He walked to the bed and placed me on it still not breaking the kss…

My hands went to his shirt as I unbuttoned it. Suddenly he broke the kss and said…

“No Daniela, this is wrong. You’re engaged and…”

I kssed him back before he could finish his sentence. He gave in as I felt him unzip my gown….


Daniela POV

I opened my eyes as I snuggled with someone’s chest and I smiled happily…

I froze as I remembered everything that happened last night. I looked at the person I was snuggling with and it was Adrien. He was still sleeping and he looked really handsome,,,what am I thinking?!!

I shook him and he opened his eyes…

“Good morning Daniela”

“I’m sorry Adrien,,,whatever thing that happened between us last night please forget it. Now please leave before Jayden comes”

He stood up and wore his dress then he walked to my bed and pecked my lips before leaving.

I touched my lips and smiled. Why I’m I smiling when I just cheated on Jayden.

I climbed down from bed and took a quick shower then I called the maids to clean up the mess in my room….

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

Jayden POV

I buttoned my shirt satisfied with the pleasure I received last night…. I’m sure Daniela is waiting for me with an angry look. I’ll just sugar coat my words and she’ll forgive me,,,how naive!!!

I turned and looked at the woman who was lying on the bed while smiling at me. I walked up to her and said…

“The money has been transferred into hour account, remember not a word to any one”

She nodded and said…

“Of course Jay,,,I know my job very well”

“Good. I could have stayed with you all day but I have a fiance to attend to”

I pecked her and walked out of the room. I boarded my car and drove home….

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

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