THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

By: Chidimma M.🖋🖋


Gabriela POV

I slowly opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was the…


I searched all over the room to see Sebastian and I saw him sitting beside me with a smiled on his face.

“Yes sunshine?”

“Where our children?”

He stood up and carried a baby from the crib and walked to him. He gave me the boys and carried the daughter.

I smiled as I caressed his head and then I touched his cute pointy nose, just like mine…

I placed a peck on his forehead which seemed to wake his up as he stared at me with beautiful hazel eyes, just like his father…

“I’m going to name you Lucas.”

He giggled softly as if he liked the name. I smiled and pecked his forehead…Sebastian then spoke..

“And I will name our daughter Cecilia. That’s my mother’s name”

I smiled and said…

“I love you”

“I love you”

We smiled at each other and continued staring at our children….

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

Daniela POV

I sat up on the bed as I held my cute son in my arm…

“You’re so cute, I’m going to name you Sean”

He giggled with his big young brown eyes just like his father…

“Do you like the name, Sean?”

Adrien entered the room with a tray of food in his hands. My stomach began growling hungrily…

Adrien placed the tray of food on the bed and took Sean from me. I then carried the tray of food, placed it on my lap and I began eating happily…

“Slow down you’re going to choke on your food,”

I continued eating ignoring Adrien words. I stopped and tapped my belly as I felt satisfied….

I then said…

“I want to hold Sean back in my hands again”

He placed our son in my arms and smiled happily while staring at him. He’s the real photocopy of his father….

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

Gabriela POV

After I fed the babies I decided to rest when Violet and Nicholas came in…

“Hello Mrs Sherman!!”

“Hi, Violet. How is Sophie doing?”

Sophie is her daughter, four months old.

“She’s find, just that she won’t let us rest for some time now”

I chuckled as we began chatting happily…

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End


Gabriela POV

I rose up from bed and I yawned sleepily while stretching my arms. I looked beside me and as usual Sebastian is still sleeping…

I $traddled him and said…

“Wake up Sebby, you have work to do. Violet is on her maternity leave you’re the one incharge now”

“Just some few minutes please”

“No, you’re running late. You told me that you had an important meeting today”

He groaned and sat up then wrapped his arms round my waist pecking my neck.

“Has anyone told you that you look super beautiful and hot as a mother”

“Stop, not now. I need to feed Lucas and Cecilia”

“I’m getting jealous of Lucas and Cecilia. They’re getting all your attention. You don’t even have time for your poor husband again”

He said and pouted his lips sadly. I then said…

“Alright, but we’ll make it quick okay?”

He grinned like a kid. I chuckled at his cuteness. I pushed him and he laid back on the bed.

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End


Gabriela POV

” Cecilia, Lucas. Make quick, you don’t want to be late for your cousin birthday…”

Cecilia said with her small voice…

“I’m coming mom.”

I saw them running down the stairs. Sebastian said…

“Careful you two are gonna fall from the stairs”

They ran and jumped on Sebastian…Lucas said…

“Daddy, please carry me on your shoulder please”

Cecilia said…

“No, dad carry me on your shoulder”

“No me ”

“No me”

I chuckled as I watched them debate. They remind me so much of Daniela and I…

Sebastian lifted both of them and placed them on both of his shoulders….

“Wow, you’re so tall dad”

I walked up to them and arranged Cecilia head band then I arranged Lucas hair. I looked at Sebastian and I smiled then I pecked his lips. The kids began saying…

“Eww they’re kssing again”

Sebastian said…

“Hey shut up, or else I’ll throw you two down”

They grabbed his hair tightly as they said…

“No, don’t drop us down”

“Alright alright, stop pulling my hairs. I don’t want to grow bald early”

I chuckled and I picked my bag then we walked out of the house. Sebastian placed them down and they ran in the car…

I turned to Sebastian and I arranged his disheveled hair he suddenly startled me with a peck. He pulled away…

“I love you sunshine”

“Love you too Sebby”

Lucas said…

“We’re running late and you two are kssing? Quick hurry!!”

We laughed and boarded the car then we drove to Violet’s house…

We arrived there and everyone were present Daniela, Adrien, Gwen and others…

I saw Sophie run to me and then he hugged me…

I lifted her up and said…

“Happy birthday princess”

“Thank you auntie”

Sean ran to us with a magazine…He said to Daniela..

“Mom, why is there your face in this book?”

Daniela chuckled and said..

“It’s my job. I wear pretty clothes and other items and they take my picture then they post it everywhere so that people could see what I’m wearing”

He nodded and said to me…

“Auntie your pictures is also here”

I nodded with a smiled. Sophie then said…

“Come on let’s go and play”

They ran away, I looked at Eleanor and said…

“Give birth soon okays?”

She nodded as she rubbed her belly….

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End


I stood outside while looking at the blue sky when I felt someone arms round my waist. I knew already it was Sebastian…

“My wish finally came through”

I turned to Sebastian and said…

“What do you mean by that?”

“My dream was to have you as my wife, with two kids and we will live happily beside the beach. I guess it partly came through because we are not living beside the beach. How about we travel?”

“Nope, I love it here, it holds so much beautiful memories”

“Alright,your wish is my command my queen”

“Look at you going all r©mantic”

“Only for you sunshine”

He pecked my forehead as I smiled. I heard someone cough. We looked and it was Daniela. Sebastian released me and said..

“I’ll give you two some privacy”

He pecked my lips and walked away. Daniela then walked up to and hugged me tightly… She then said…

“I’m so happy right now, I wouldn’t trade the life that I have for anything in the world”

“Even though life was good on us at first, but at the end it turned out to be fantastic…”

“I love Gaby,and you’ll always remain my favorite and only sister in the whole world”

We both laughed and suddenly we heard Lucas voice…

“Mummy, Sean is eating all the cake”

We laughed and went in together…..

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

Authoress POV

A young girl together with her mother where walking hand in gloves when the little girl saw a signboard with two gorgeous ladies on it…

“Mummy, look over there. They look so beautiful” The little girl said…

“Those are the twin McRae, so beautiful and they are currently the most popular models in the country”

“Wow, when I will grow I want to be just like them” The little girl said while staring at the signboard.

She spotted an ice cream stand and she immediately ran to it…

“Don’t cross the road, it’s dangerous!” Her mother screamed in horror as she saw a car coming towards her daughter.

As the little girl heard the sound of the car she froze and closed her eyes as the car was speeding towards her…

Suddenly an arm grabbed her and pulled her out of the road. She opened her eyes and was shocked to see it was one of the twin sisters she was starring at…The blonde one

*I’m I dreaming* The little girl thought

“Are you alright?” Gabriela asked as she checked the little girls up.

“I’m okay thanks mam” The girl said still staring at her beauty…

Daniela came now towards them…

“Sis where did you go” Daniela asked…

“I saw this little girl in danger and I decided to help her” Gabriela said…

Daniela squatted in front of the girl who was in total shock as she was starring at the twins

Gabriela stood up and bought two ice cream then gave it to the girl and said…


“Here, for you and your mommy”

The girl took it and smiled…

“Thanks mams” She said and ran to her mother who began scolding her.

“When will you stop risking your life for other people” Daniela said as she held Gabriela shoulder

“The day a pig will fly that’s the day I’ll stop” Gabriela said

They both laughed….

“You’re crazy, you know that?” Daniela said as they walked away with their hands entwined together….


My second story completed!!!💃🏻💃🏻
Thanks to everyone it’s because of you guys that I went through it.
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© Chidimma M.

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End



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