THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

By: Chidimma M.🖋🖋


Daniela POV

I opened my eyes slowly as the light in the room affected my eyes.

I rose up from bed with a sad expression as memories of yesterday came all at once.

I looked at my right as felt someone hold my hand. It was Adrien, he was sitting on a chair beside my bed with his head placed on my bed.

Did he sleep like this? Go$h,,,it must have being so uncomfortable?

I smiled at the fact that he cares for me but it later faded when I thought about Jayden.

What if all men were like Jayden, what if I decided to give him a chance and at the end I’ll be the one to suffer.

I placed my hand on his hair as I watched him sleep. For all these years that he has being working for us, how come I haven’t noticed that he looks kinda cute.

I leaned towards him and then I placed a peck on his forehead before whispering..

“Thanks for being here for me”

That seemed to wake him up as I felt him move. I quickly removed my hand from his hair. He looked at me and said…

“Good morning Miss Daniela”

“Good morning Adrien, please call me Daniela”

He nodded and I sighed before saying…

“Today was supposed to be my wedding day”

Tears began to trickle in my eyes. I felt his hands on my face as he wiped it away. I looked at him as he spoke

“Please I hate to see you crying Daniela…. Alright,, here’s what I’ll do. If I see you crying, I’m gonna kss you”

I gasped and said…

“You wouldn’t”

“You wanna test me, come on cry and I will do it”

“I’m your boss!!”

“I know and I love you”

I looked at him confusedly and said…

“It doesn’t make any sense”

“So does your tears”

I laughed at his silliness. I looked at him and then said…

“Silly you!!”

He chuckled and began staring at me. I looked down at my hands and I realize that I’m still wearing an engagement ring.

“I’ll be back!!”

With that said, I stood up and walked to the bathroom. I removed the ring and threw it inside the WC then said…

“As I flush this ring today and now, that’s how I’m gonna flush my feelings for you Jayden”

I flushed it away and walked out of the bathroom feeling a little bit relieved…

I looked at myself and I noticed that I was wearing a black over sized T-shirt, this wasn’t the dress I had on yesterday. I looked at Adrien and he shrugged and said…

“What?? What you were wearing yesterday was really uncomfortable to sleep with, so I changed you into that. Don’t worry, I didn’t touch your…”

“Shut up, you per.vert”

I said while holding covering my chest as if I was nked. He burst into laughter and fell on my bed while laughing…

I frowned and picked a pillow and began hitting him.

“You per.vert you saw my body for free”

He kept laughing as he covered his face…

“I’m sorry,, look at the good part of it you slept well and also you have someone who can testify that you have a sxy body”


I kept hitting him with the pillow when suddenly I slipped and fell on top of him.

The pillow I was holding fell out of my grip as I was staring at his face and my gaze landed on his lips…

I felt his warm hands on my cheek and then he smiled at me. Before I knew it connected our lips

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

Eleanor POV

I opened my eyes and I made to sit up but I felt a little bit sore…Why?

I gasped as I remembered what happened last night. Shane and I we…

I looked at my left and he wasn’t there, where did he go? What if his main objective was to disvirgin and nothing more.

I bought my legs closer to my chest and I began crying with my head placed on my knees…

“My queen, why are you crying?”

I immediately looked up and I calmed down as I saw him….He wore a worried expression on his face…

He then sat down beside me and said…

“Anything wrong?”

I hugged him and said…

“I thought you left me, I thought you were just lying to me”

He chuckled and began caressing my bare back…

“Why would you think so about me?”

“I’m an ex convict, my record isn’t clean. I’m poor…I just thought you didn’t want to be with me”

“I love you Eleanor,,nothing will change that even if you told me that you are the leader of the syndicate, I won’t leave you. I would stay with you and change your for the better.”

I smiled satisfied with the answer then I released himself and covered my naked body with the duvet.

He then spoke…

” I cooked breakfast for you”

He picked up a rose and gave it to me. I took it with a blush creeping on my face

He cut the meat into a small piece then he $tabbed it and brought it to my mouth…

I took the meat in and chewed it slowly then swallow it and licked my lips yummily…

He placed the tray of food on the bedstand and then he pinned me on the b ed….

“Let me just have a taste of your lips for some minutes please?”

With that said he claimed my lips. I smiled as I wrapped my hand round his neck….

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

Gabriela POV

“Wake up, you sleepy head”

I said while sitting on his stomach…

“Just a bit more hunny”

“No, today you have some work to do. Violet is in her honeymoon so you have loads of work to do”

He finally opened his eyes and looked at me with an angry look…

I shrugged and said…

“Why are you giving me that look?”

He then said with a pout…

“I just hate it when people stare at your beautiful face and when I think that by next week, your face will be published in all the magazine next week it makes me angry”

I chuckled at his childishness…

“They can look all they want,,but they’ll never touch. I’m all yours Sebby”

He smirked and said…

“All mine?”

I nodded with a smile. He then pulled me to him making me land on his chest as he claimed my lips.

I felt his hands unzip my pajamas..

“No, not today…”

He said…

“No,,, I’m not hearing any of that”

I chuckled as we resumed the kss…

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

Jayden POV

📞 Has the sniper being placed where it is supposed to be placed?

📞 Yes boss,,,they won’t know what hit them…

📞 Good

I hung up the call and smiled dev.lishly…

“You won’t know what hit you Gabriela, just be patient, just one more day”

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

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