THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

By: Chidimma M.🖋🖋



Gabriela POV

Sebastian dropped me off to work and I picked his lips before going in the company. On my way, I met Daniela…

“Good morning sis”

“Good morning Gaby. Come on let’s go”

We held hands and walked to Shane’s office but we were welcomed with a shocking surprise.

Shane and Eleanor kissing themselves in the office. Daniela spoke…

“Find yourself a room you two”

I chuckled as I watched as how they disengaged and Eleanor looked down. I then spoke…

“So are you two a thing now?”

Eleanor nodded feeling shy…

“No need to be shy Ele, I’m very happy for you guys”

She smiled and nodded. I then looked at Shane and said…

“Today is the day for the contest right?”

“Yeah, and it’s starting by 4pm. Are you guys ready?”

I and Daniela. I then said…

“May the best sister wins”

She smiled and nodded and like that we walked out of the office heading to where it willing be hosted.

As I made to enter the car, I saw Adrien standing beside the car waiting for Daniela. I whispered into Daniela’s ear…

“So when are you going to accept Adrien’s advances. He loves you and for a very long time now”

“I don’t even know if what I feel for him is love. But what I know is when I’m with him I’m happy”

“Oh come on sis, you don’t need a magician to tell you that it is love right?”

“But isn’t it too sudden, I just broke up with Jayden last three days”

“There’s no such thing as sudden love, maybe you were not in love with Jayden after all”

“You’re right. I will be with the man that makes me happy”

We boarded the car and drove away heading to the where the contest was held.

As we climb down the car cameras began flashing at us, as a crowd was gathered at the entrance. The bodyguards made way for us and we entered the hall.

We were given our room numbers and from there we went our separate ways…

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

Daniela POV

I sat down on the chair as they were doing my makeup, I heard one of the makeup artist say…

“Miss, someone wants to see you”

I nodded, signalling they that thru could come. The door opened revealing Adrien,I smiled as I saw his face.

“Please, could you give us some privacy?”

They nodded and walked out of the room… I turned and looked at Adrien waiting for him to speak…

He scratched his neck nervously and said…

“I know this is not an appropriate place to say this but….”

I placed my hand on his lips and he stopped talking…

“You’ve said alot now is my turn. I love you and I want to be you but I’m afraid of heartbreaks”

He held my hand that was on his lips and pecked it which made my stomach flutter…

“For three years, I’ve been working for you and for this very three years I felt nothing but love, forbidden love they call it but now it isn’t forbidden anymore. I love you Daniela and I want to be with you.”

I smiled happily and held his hand. He then continued…

“Honestly, I feel so happy right now that you finally love me, that’s all I ever wanted…”

He then removed a ring and went on a knee…

“I know it’s too sudden but I can’t wait to have you as my wife, to wake up everyday beside you. To see our little children running round the house. To cut it short, Will you marry me Daniela”

I smiled and wiped away my tears before saying…

“Yes, yes I will.”

He inserted the ring in my finger and stood up then I hugged him happily. He picked me up from the floor and placed me on the table.

I wounded my hand round his neck and started at him happily…

“I love you”

“I love you more Dany”

With that said he claimed my lips as his hands rested on my waist.

After some minutes, he broke it and said with a smirk….

“How about we make some babies here”

“What, you’re crazy”

“Crazily in love with you”

He claimed my lips and after some minutes we heard a knock on the door.

“Miss the contest will start in an hour. We haven’t finished with the makeup”

I looked back at Adrien and he had a pout on his face.

He placed me down and I arranged my dress before opening the door…

The began with my makeup as I stared at Adrien happily…

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

Gabriela POV

After a long agonizing hour, they were done with my makeup. I stood up and walked out of the room.

On my way I saw Daniela and Adrien holding hands. She spotted me and picked Adrien’s cheek before coming to me.

“Looks like you follow my advice”

She smile and said.

“Yes,,, look”

She showed me her ring and I gasped…

“Wow, I did not see that coming. Adrien is really taking things fastly, I love it”

I began feeling drowsy and I said…

“Excuse me, I’ll be back”

I watched as her face showed some funny expression…

“Let’s go!!”

We ran to the restroom and threw up. I watched my face and looked at Dany then said…

“You never told me you were sick”

I touched her forehead and her temperature looks normal. She said…

“I’m fine I just felt drowsy. It’s being like this since yesterday”

“Me too Dany,”

We both sighed at the same time and stared at our reflection when realization hit me.

I turned to Daniela and she turned to me too with the same facial expression. We both said at the same time…

“You’re pregnant!!!”

“You’re pregnant!!!”

I gasped and I asked her…

“You’re pregnant with Jayden’s child?”

She shook her head, confused and scared and scared at the same…She then said…

“The last time I went intimate with Jayden was last month.”

I looked at her confused….

“Then who is the father’s child?”

“I think it’s Adrien”

I gasped

“But you guys were just engaged now, how come… don’t tell me you”

“Yes, I cheated on Jayden with Adrien. Now I don’t regret doing that”

I smiled and heaved a sigh of relief, happy that it’s not Jayden child. She then spoke..

“Wait,,, we aren’t even sure if we’re pregnant”

I walked to the restroom door and opened it, luckily I spotted a female passing by. I called for her…

“Please, could you take this cash and rush to the nearest clinic and buy us some pregnancy detector?”

She looked at me confusedly. I then said…

“Please its an emergency”

She nodded still looking at us and ran away. I locked back the door and began pacing tho and fro, already getting impatient from waiting…

I heard a knock on the door and I rushed and opened it. I took the nylon from her and gave her some money for compensation….

“How do they use this thing?” I said looking at it…

Daniela said…

“The instruction says, we have to pee on it, if it shows two bars, its positive, one it is negative”

We both entered different cabinets and did what was instructed.

I came out after I was done and Daniela came out shortly. I said…

“What does yours read?”

I watched her smiled widely and she jumped happily…

“It’s positive!!!”

I smiled widely as I saw mine…

“Mine too”

We hugged each other as we squealed happily… I said..

“Can’t believe I’ll become a mother and an aunt at the same time”

“Me too, I’m so happy”

A knock interrupted us…

“Excuse me misses the show will start in 30 minutes”

We walked out of the restroom beaming with smiles on our faces.. Can’t wait to surprise Sebastian with this news….

THE TWINS: Chapter 21 – The End

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