TRAPPED: Episode 1 – The End


?Episode 1?
A saying that distance doesn’t separate people,Silence does”actually envelopes the lives of characters in this story.

Ivy is a very beautiful girl,she is bright and

intelligent and often called the Medal Queen

as she has won many competition for her school

The only flaw is her family background…. well

financial problem so she tried to win a scholarship

It was Halloween in England and on that night

she lost her mother.The school took pity on her

and advised an orphanage for her but she refused.

As luck would favour her a rich business woman heard her story and adopted her.

Mrs Caline changed her name to Ivy Caline…She transferred school and met new friends.

A family friend of Mrs Caline wants to travel thereby leaving her son Kyle Bennet in her care.

Kyle is intelligent and with this good look but he doesn’t move with girls which no one knows the reason for that.


Mrs Caline:Ivy this is Kyle my friends son and your classmate ….I guess?

Ivy :yes mom

Mrs Caline: Are u guys close at school?

Kyle: No ma’am not really

Ivy:His seat is far from mine so..

Mrs Caline:Well look at fate now,he will be staying with us for few months is that okay with you?

Ivy:Why not….so can I go to bed now?:)

Mrs Caline: sure love …Kyle let me show you your room.

?? Ivy’s room??
?? Ivy’s POV??
Will I be able to live with him?there is a strange rumour at school already!:

??Kyle’s POV??
Mom I need you….I hope I can keep my secret…

??EPISODE 2°°°°3??

School fun.students murmuring,girls giggling or more like gossip reaction..

Kyle and Ivy entered the classroom.

Lizzy:must you guys make it obvious that you’re living together?

All:what!!!?Oh my God

Kyle:What do you know(squeezing his face)

Lizzy:I learnt your Mom is out of town also Ivy’s car dropped you guys just now

Kyle:Do u have a problem with that?

Irina: But I’m curious as to how your story will last

Sophie:The same old story falling in love and getting pregnant.

Ivy:How can your words look exactly like u…..nothing of such will happen.

Mike:what?(he scoffs) Are u saying Kyle is not attractive? You both don’t feel the heat or …

Kyle:We live in the same house not the same room

Lance:did u really expect us to believe that!

Ivy: can we stop this discussion, its our personal life so either we date or fight,none of your concern okay?!

Lance:Personal? (he said bitterly).

Its lunch period, lance was going to the male restroom when kyle pushed him into the inner room and he closed the door.Lance pushed him away but Kyle drag him back
Ivy’s friend is Ariana,who is popular with boys and also with seniors.

Ariana:Ivy…I received a love letter.

Ivy:(she grin mockingly) what ?so stuff like that still exist.

Ariana:why do you talk as if you come from the future…not romantic at all

Ivy:its so old-fashioned.. and very funny,okay who is the lover boy?

Ariana: It’s Harry.

Ivy:Harry potter(still mocking her)

Ariana:no that handsome senior

Ivy:Wow so funny…a senior?

Ariana: yes I’m so happy now I can behave anyhow in school.

Ivy:lunch period is over let’s go back to class.

Mrs Mary came in for lecture(History teacher)

Mrs Mary: (looking around)can anyone tell me where Kyle and Lance went to?

Lydia:I’ve not seen them since lunch break.

Sara:I saw them heading for the gent room earlier.

Then they entered with class attention on them.

Mrs Mary :How was the party boys?that you even forgot class

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