TRUTH AND LIES Season 2 Episodes 1 – 3


(They had it)

Episode 3

Writer: Faith Lucky.

Alyssa’s Pov continues:
My legs were shaking and I had almost become hyperventilative.

The students around were already murdering among themselves as they were all curious to see what would happen.

“3000 pesos” Mico said and a slight gasp ran across the crowd.

I gulped nervously and looked at Jeremy and he was staring back at me.

“4000 pesos” he said and my anxiety increased again.
What is happening?

4500 pesos” Mico said and the students mumbled a little.

God, please! This has to end.

“15000 pesos” Jeremy suddenly said and everyone gasped.

15 what?

Holy Christ!

This is unbelievable.
How come he’s so rich?

Oh, my God!
Can Mico still defeat him on this?

All the students were already noistering and the suspense was too much already.
I looked at Mico and he wasn’t even looking at me.

He just kept his eyes on Jeremy who had a smirk on his face.

Oh, God!
Isn’t he doing something?
Does this mean Jeremy is going to win the bid?

This cannot happen.
15000 pesos.
Why did he have to bid that much?

“50,000 pesos” Mico said and everywhere went instantly dead silent.

Okay; I’m probably dreaming.
Or didn’t hear correctly.

50,000 what?

Holy crap!

Suddenly, all the students began screaming and clapping and a smile touched Mico’s lips.

I looked at Jeremy and it was obvious he couldn’t bid higher than that.

He fisted his hand and walked away with the boys he had come with.

The ovation from the students increased and Mico held me by the waist, facing me.
Then, he lowered and kissed me and I reciprocated.

“So, shall we?” he asked and I smiled and shook my head.

Then he took me out of the crowd and led me to his lounge.

I’ve been hearing of how rich Mico was, but I had no idea he was this fucking rich.
50,000 pesos.

“Thanks” I told him as we entered his room.

“For what?” He asked and closed the door.

“For winning the bid. I had really been scared Jeremy would win” I replied and he chuckled.

“Do you really think id standby and watch someone else lay a filthy hand on you?” He asked and I smiled shyly and sat on the bed.

But; come to think of it; will I really be spending the night alone with Mico?

He walked to the jewelleries table and took off all the jewelries he was putting on.

I kept stating at him and he turned and suddenly shut me a stare and I quickly took my eyes away.

He chuckled and came up to the bed, getting on it.

“Come on, Alyssa” he said and tapped the bed, signalling me to draw closer to him.

I gulped a little and drew nearer to him.
Then we both laid close to each other, facing the ceiling.

“Did you say you grew up here in Davao city?” He asked and I fluttered my eyes.

“Yes. But we relocated to Manila few years ago” I replied lowly.

“Why?” He asked and I sighed despondently.
I really don’t like remembering it.

“Uhm…We had to because…We were being hunted.”

“Haunted? By who?” He asked muddled.

“Uh…We don’t know.
We were just killed in a fire attack when our home had been set on fire .and several times, they made attempt on my life.

“So my mother figured it wasn’t safe anymore. And she decided we relocated to manilla” I replied and he kept silent for a while.

“Wow” he mouthed and looked at me.
“Don’t worry; everything’s fine now, okay?” He said and I nodded with a smile.

Then, he exhaled and took his eyes back to the ceiling.

His hands were wrapped around me and my head was placed on his chest.

We didn’t say anything for a while and it kind of made me feel nervous.

“Alyssa” he called after a while and I lifted my head from his chest to look at him.

Then he k!ssed me p@ssionately like he’s never done before.

I reciprocated but stopped when his hands went under my dress, touching my thigh.

“What is it?” He asked in a soft breath that touched my face.

My lips shook but couldn’t say a word and he k!ssed me.

This time around, he went for my pant, but I gasped and held his hand.

“What is it, Alyssa?” He asked with his eyes closed and our foreheads touching.

Oh, God!
I should have expected this.
How long was I expecting him to play the ‘calm guy?’

“Are you scared?” He whispered and my heart pounded harder.


“I know” he cut in with a smile.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle on you”.

Then he sent his hand under my dress again and this time around, I couldn’t res!st.

He slowly took 0ff my clothes, making me n***d.

Oh, God!

Then, he also took off his shirt and fell on the bed and made me sit on his tummy.

To be continued