Episode 16

By : Kebby NG Media Services

“Hi Steve, I need your help with something,” Romina said

“With what ma’am?” Steve asked. “This,” she said dropping a file in front of him, the file that has the watch design.

“A spy watch?” He exclaimed as he saw everything on it. “Yes, can you build it?” She asked.

“Of course, you came just to the right person,” he said not taking his eyes off the paper.

“I knew it,” she smiled and he took the paper walking to a slab with a laptop on it and a chair.

He sat on the chair and pulled the laptop closer, he started typing something. Romina stood beside him and rested her hand on the table, “Can you make three? Two kids design and one adult,” She described.

“Sure,” he answered. “Keep it a secret too,” she added. “Your wish is my command,” he said and she roughs his hair playfully.

Steve is like a younger brother to her, they attend the same school and college. He once had a crush on her, he confessed his feelings but he rejected her.

They have been friends since then, his parents are late, and he lives with his aunt. Romina knows he still has feelings for her but she ignored it, he has not dated either has Romina since he confessed his feelings.

Romina has never fallen in love, not once in her life that is why she hasn’t dated. Even though they work in the same company, they keep their private lives private.

He gives Romina the respect she deserves and she acknowledges him as one of her best employees.

“Thanks,” she said and went back to her office.



Romina left work earlier than usual, she wanted to befriend Iris. She needs to get close to her to find out her thoughts on Elias’s disappearance and if things as going according to her plans.

She sat in her car tapping her hand on the wheel impatiently, and she kept on stealing glances at the house. To find out if anyone will come out.

While in the house, Iris was sited on the couch going through her chats with Elias, he was always caring and loving. She was the opposite, she won’t blame him that much if she finds out he eloped with someone else.

Diana walked out of the kitchen holding a glass of juice, she noticed Iris staring at her phone. She walked closer but was careful not to attract attention.

Diana could not see what she was staring at because of the position she was holding the phone. “What are you doing?” Diana asked and the phone dropped, luckily on the sofa.

“What was that? Do you plan on klling me?” She queried with her hand holding her chest. “Not yet, I am going to kll you when I find out where you are keeping Elias, until then you are not allowed to die.

Even if you do, I give hades a call to send you back for a moment,” she said.

“I am getting tired of you!” Iris yelled. “The feeling is mutual, but what can we do? We have to tolerate each other,” she said with a shrug.

“I can’t tolerate you guys anymore,” she said standing. “You have to, ’cause we no longer want to go home. Well not until we find our brother,” she said and turn to leave.

Iris groaned and walked past her, she went to her room and got her car keys. Diana was heading back to the room when she came out of her room and went out.

She got into her car and drove away, Romina followed instantly. Iris drove recklessly as she felt uncontrollable anger, she wondered why her life is the worst.

She lost her father at a young age, she was not good at making friends either. They hate her either because she is poor or because of her temper, and she grew up feeling lonely.

Her mom was the only companion she has, her first boyfriend dumped her, and Elias did the same too.

Tears left her eyes as the pain became unbearable, her heart was arching, and she wondered why Life is so unfair to her.

Romina noticed how she was driving, if care isn’t taken she could end up in an accident. ‘Is she trying to commit svicide?’ Romina thought.

“I hate my life!” Iris yell as tears continue to stream down her cheek. Romina drove faster than her, she intentional her block her.

“What the heck!” Iris cursed stopping the car abruptly making the tire squeal. Iris raised her head slowly trying to see if she hit someone, the car was still there but few inches between them.

‘Was the person hurt? Did I kll someone?’ She thought as tears didn’t stop coming out of her eye, why is she ill luck? She wondered.

She heard on knock on the glass and her heart skip a beat, what if the person was hurt? Is she going to jail? Fear was imprinted on her face as she turned her head to look at the person.

Her eyes met with that of a beautiful woman, she was the definition of perfect. She can’t believe she is admiring a lady when she is in trouble.

“Can you step out of the car?” The lady asked and she felt like disappearing, she is really in trouble.

“Ma’am,” she called slowly as she opened the door, the first thing she checked was if the lady had an injury.

There was none, her gaze went to the car and there was no scratch either, she breathed out in relief. ‘If nothing is wrong with her or the car, why is she here?’ Iris thought.

“Are you trying to get yourself klledl?” Romina asked but didn’t wait for response and continued. “You could have hurt yourself or someone, do you have a problem? Even if you do, that is not an excuse for you to end your life.

How would your family feel if they find your corpse? Think before you act!” She scolded while Iris just stared, she felt like she’s watching a live show.

Romina stopped when she heard no sound from her. “Aren’t you going to say something?” Romina asked.

“Who are you?” Iris replied with a question. “Me? Just someone who doesn’t want you to dIe early,” she shrugged.

“I wasn’t going to commot svicide,” she started and Romina mouthed OH. “I’m sorry, I thought you were because you were using a svicide speed,” she explained.

“What is a svicide speed?” Iris asked. “The highest on your meter,” she answered.

“Why did you cry?” Fromina asked after noticing the traces of tears on her face. “This?” She asked touching her face and Romina nodded.

“I thought I hurt someone, a car was standing in front and I had limited time to stop, I was just scared,” she answered.

“Don’t cry,” Romina console. “Thanks for caring about me,” she appreciated. “No need for that, anyone would have done the same,” she replied.

“Not everyone would have cared about a stranger,” Iris stated. “That’s true, I am Romina Zaragoza by name and you?” She asked with her hand stretched for a shake.

“Iris Drake,” she replied taking her hand. Romina smiled and ask, “engaged?”

“Yes,” she let out a sad smile. “Congratulations, I should get going and you should drive safely,” Romina said before leaving.

She watched Romina get into her car and drive away. “She is nice, I like her,” Iris mutter.

She wiped her face before getting into her car, she drove back home slowly.

The twins were sited at the dining table playing a game on their phones when she got home, she Ignored them and walk to her room.

She went to the bathroom and had a shower, she kept thinking about Romina smilih face which made her smile too.

She wondered what would have happened if Romina had not stop her by blocking the road. Would she have died? How could she have been reckless?

She misses Elias, he was the other person who treated her like she meant something. She is now determined to survive, the pain might feel unbearable but she is going to survive.

She walked out of the bathroom with a towel around her chest, her phone beep signifying a message.

She took it and it was an alert, the account has just being credited with five hundred dollars.

“When is he going to stop?” She wondered out loud as she stared at the message. She dropped the phone angrily and got a simple blue trouser with a white top.

She came out to see the twins having dinner, her mom walked out of the kitchen almost immediately too.

She dropped a plate which Iris guessed was her’s, she turned and their eyes met. “Let’s have dinner,” she said and Iris went to take a seat beside her mom.

“Oh My God! Casper!” Diana exclaimed dropping the spoon noisily.


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