Episode 18

By : Kebby NG Media Services

“Neil? What are you doing here?” Romina growled. “Good morning sis,” he winked at her.

“How did you get in here? Who let you in?” Romina questioned. “Why shouldn’t I be in? This is my father’s house,” he argued.

“You are a bstard!” She yelled. “No half sis you got it all wrong, you are the bstard here!” He replied.

“No am not a bstard! I am a Zaragoza!!” She said while he smirked in mockery. “I am a Zaragoza, you should added half,” he mocked closing the space between them.

“You will be thrown out of this house in Ten seconds per my command,” he said and her fear increased.

“Romina!!” Elias yelled holding her by her shoulders. “What happened?” She inquired. “I should actually ask that question,” he replied.

“Huh? Why?” She furrowed her brows. “You suddenly stopped walking and stared into space, your lips were shaking as if you are cold,” he replied.

“Are you okay?” He asked with sincere concern. “Let’s keep moving,” he said instead and walked past her.

“That is not the answer to my question you know,” he said following her. She didn’t say a word as the thought of what she imagined to be scared her.

What if he was really there? What is she going to do? Why would she imagine such scary thing, she wondered. They are now in front of Nikita’s room, she opened the door and stepped in. She motioned for Elias to follow and he did, she locked the door from behind and walked further into the room.

Elias followed as it felt excited seeing Romina’s mom, he was ready to see what he can do. Her health chat was not that clear so he is nervous, he watched Romina pulled out some equipment, medical equipments.

He closed the space between them and didn’t wait for her to say a thing before starting his work. He took a stethoscope and checked her heartbeat, it was fast which is not normal in her condition.

He checked her temperature and it was pretty normal. “Can you treat her?” Romina who has been watching nervously asked.

He turned to look at her and he could tell that something was scaring the living day out of her, he is surely going to find out why Super Woman is scared.

That is the nickname he came up with, “can you?” Her repeated question snapped him to consciousness. “I’m not sure, I have had a case exactly like her’s in the past,” he started and she felt her heart danced.

“You can treat her then,” she concluded. “I am not hundred percent sure,” he confessed. “Why? Did mom develop complications?” She asked.

“No, I could not treat that patient in the past,” he confessed. “What? You couldn’t? Don’t tell me she died? Does that mean kidnapping you was a waste of time?” She asked disappointed.

“Don’t be negative, and it was a he,” he replied. “So, what happened?” She asked. “His family took him away, with the excuse that it is too expensive,” he explained.

“How can people be so annoying?” She asked out loud. “Don’t worry, I will figure out what to do within two days. I needed some text books and lab equipments to run my tests and the one we can’t get you find a way to test it,” he said.

A smile appear on her lips at the ray of hope, if he can actually treat her mom then her worst nightmare will be over. She will be free from Neil, he will be thrown out of their lives.

“Shouldn’t we get out of here before someone shows up?” He asked. “You are right,” she snapped her finger in agreement, she returned the equipment and rushed to unlock the door.

She stuck her head through the door and looked sideways before letting him out, they tip toed to her room.

“Is this your room?” He asked staring at her picture hung on the wall and posters with her picture, there was one family picture it looked old.

Romina must be a high schooler by then, he walked around the room touching the pictures on the wall. He must admit that she looked really beautiful. “Your room looks beautiful,” he compliment with his hand and thoughts on the pictures.

“My room or my pictures?” She asked and he withdraw his hand immediately. “Both, your picture makes your room beautiful in short your room is beautiful,” he explained.

“You are good with words,” she compliment. “We should head back to my room, don’t you think?” He asked.

“Spend some time here, I’ll just go and prepare breakfast,” she said and left the room. He sat on the couch and took a book about robots on the small table, he began to read it and he imagined Romina serving him hot coffee with a peck.

He blushed at his own thoughts, he dropped the book and walked to her little book shelf. He picked a book about business, he should try to learn something different, something new.

He went back to the couch and began to read, he gave it his full concentration. He missed having something important to do anyways, that is one of the reasons he is excited about treating Romina’s mom.

He gets to explore and learn new things, he sighed as his mind drifted to the twins. He always hire a nanny for them when he has complicated stuffs at the hospital, they would definitely distract him so he either goes to the hospital library or stays in his office.

“Breakfast is done,” Romina announced getting him out of his train of thought. “And ready to serve,” she added placing a tray in front of him.

“That was surprisingly fast,” he said. “I have been gone for one hour,” she paused and check her wrist watch to continue. “Fifteen minutes,” she added.

“Feels like a minute ago,” he said dropping the book he was reading. “Hours feel like minutes with a good book,” she said as she picked up the book he dropped. “Nice choice,” she compliment.

“Are you not going to eat?” He asked. “No, I have to head to the company,” she said. “You must take a bite before you leave,” he insisted.

“Nope, I’m going to be late,” she said walking away, he followed and pulled her to sit beside him. “We are going to have breakfast together,” he insisted taking the fork, he picked a steak and mouthed ‘ahhh’.

She opened her mouth and he fed her, he fed her five more spoons before she took it from him. “Eat something too,” she said picking something to feed him, he ate it.

They are in turn until they finished the food, “thanks for the meal,” he appreciated.

“Thanks for feeding me,” she replied and he chuckled. She went into the bathroom and he resumed reading his book, he raised his head at the sound of footsteps.

His mouth almost dropped as he stared at her body, her towel stopped at her mid thigh. He is sure he will get a perfect view of her thing if she attempts to bend down.

She walked into the wardrobe and the saliva dangling on Elias’s lip finally fell on his hand. The coldness startled him that he fell off the couch, it’s a good thing Romina was not there or she would have teased him.

‘You just eye rapped her,’ his subconscious accused. ‘No I didn’t,’ he replied. “How do I look?” Romina asked standing few meters away from him, her hand on her waist.

She we wearing a lemon green top with a white shirt skirt, the skirt actually stopped over her knee.

She wore white heels to match it and a white hair pin in her hair, “do I look that bad?” She pouted when he was not saying anything.

“You look beautiful,” he compliment. “Are you sure? I can change into something better,” she said.

‘You will be arrested if you change into something else,’ he thought. “No don’t, you look perfect,” he said.

“Okay,” she mutter and stick her @ss out to apply lip gloss on her lip, ‘what is she up to?’ He wondered staring away.

“Elias you have to do back to your room now, nanny Gloria will be here any moment from now to clean my room,” she said.

He was sad but didn’t show it, he forced a smile as he stood up. “Can I take this with me?” He asked rasing the book.

“Of course,” she replied and he smiled. She took him back to his room and locked the door immediately he was inside.

He felt like part of him left as he heard the door locked, he probably loved staying out there and not in that h’ll hole he is.

He dropped the book randomly on the bed and went to stand by the window. He missed her though they just left each other.

He wished he could spend the whole day with her.


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