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Mrs. Zaragoza was sited on her bed, the lights were off and the window was open. The air was cold and she loved it, her mind drifted to the conversation she had with Neil.

“Neil,” she called a little loud snapping him out of his thought, he turned to look at her. “Are you okay?” Mrs. Zaragoza inquired.

“Yes, I am fine. Were you talking to me?” He asked, Mrs. Zaragoza, nodded gently.

“What were you saying?” He asked. “I suggest I visit a doctor since the will is still important to you despite Romina being gone,” she said.

“You don’t have to, I believe you will remember everything with time,” he forced a smile and pat her shoulder.

“I know and I wonder if things will change when I do,” she said. “Things? What do you mean?” He asked.

“You know,” she shrugged lightly. “I will remember everything, no one will get to fool me anymore and I will be able to think and make decisions for myself. I can’t wait,” she giggled.

“Don’t you think some things are best left in darkness?” He asked.

“No, I think light should be shed on all things,” she replied. “Go and have your bath, I am almost done with dinner,” she said and went back into the kitchen.

Mrs. Zaragoza sighed and stood up from the bed, she stood by the window and hugged herself as the breeze h!t her skin.

“Things will be different when I get my memories, I am sure of it… I can feel it,” she mumbled.

The same night in the guest room, Neil stared at the picture of his real family and smiled sadly.

“I know you both want this, I will take everything from the Zaragoza. I will pull their family apart just like they did to us, don’t worry mom and dad, I will avenge you in no time,” he smiled and kssed the picture.

He walked back to the bed and typed something on his laptop, a proposal was displayed.

It was a proposal to sell the company, Neil had an evil smirk on his lips as he glanced through the proposal.

“Everything will be forgotten,” he laughed ev!lly.



The same night in Iris’s house, she stared at her wedding gown for a long time, she remembered the day that was supposed to be her wedding day, her happiest day.

“Things will go back to normal, I can feel it,” she smiled and closed the wardrobe.

Iris walked out of her room and met her mom going through some papers.

“What are those?” She asked sitting on the couch close to her.

“Bills,” she raised the paper one after the other. “Electricity bill, water bill,” she sighed and turned to Romina. “We didn’t have to worry about this in the past, your ex-fiancee took care of it.”

“What are you insinuating?” Iris asked. “You should get rid of your obsession with Elias and work,” she stated softly.

“Obsession? Are you serious mom?” Iris scoffed unbelievably. “You view me as a liability, don’t you?” She asked.

“It doesn’t matter what I think, what you do is what matters. You are a woman Iris, you need to depend on yourself you have to stop looking up to others,” Nora uttered softly.

“Mom!” Iris called angrily, her mother is the last person she except to turn against her.

“It is the truth, my love, you need to let go and think about yourself. It’s alright for people to leave you but it’s not alright for them to meet you where they left you,” she said.

“I don’t want to listen to any of this, I love Neil and I am not obsessed with him. He is mine, we are destined to be together and I assure you that he will come back to me,” she uttered coldly and stormed to her room.

“It is always hard to accept the truth,” Nora muttered and shook her head as she returned her gaze to the bill.

How are they expected to clear the bill when none of them is working? How she wished Iris would listen to her for once.

She is going to keep getting hurt as long as she refuses to learn.

The next Morning Iris woke up pretty early and got dressed, and met her mom cleaning the living room.

“Where are you going?” Nora asked. “Job hunting?” She guessed based on the conversation they had.

“To Elias,” she replied and her mom opened her mouth to speak. “Save it, mom, I don’t have all the time in the world,” she uttered rudely and left.



Romina was still lying in bed the next morning, she was feeling tired. She went to bed early the previous night because she was feeling cold.

Elias already run tests on her and they are waiting for the test results, Zoey dropped the bowl of water on the lamp table and made Romina lie on her back.

She was previously lying on her side, Zoey dipped the small towel into the cold water and placed it on her head.

Elias walked in with a tray of food, he sat on the bed beside her, checked her temperature, and sighed.

“You should eat,” he said and Romina whose eyes was still closed shook her head sideways.

“I don’t have an appetite,” she mumbled. “I will feed you,” Elias said and gestured at Zoey to leave.

“I will be with the twins,” she informed them. “They want to go to the park, please go with them,” Elias urged.

“Sure, I going out Romina,” Zoey informed and she nodded, Elias made sure Zoey was gone before turning to Romina.

“Are you going to eat or I kss you?” He asked. “Don’t joke around,” she mumbled.

“I won’t if you sit up,” he replied and after a few seconds, she sat up holding the duvet close to her body.

Elias fed her and she ate a reasonable amount of the meal, Elias went back downstairs and after a few minutes, she followed.

She was wearing a cardigan, she sat on the couch while Elias walked closer to her.

“You have the results, don’t you?” She asked and he nodded.

“Where is it?” She inquired

“Here is the test result,” Elias handed the piece of paper to Romina.

She opened it anxiously, her jaw dropped immediately as she read the content.

“I can’t be, this can’t be true,” she uttered repeatedly and shook her head.

“It is the truth,” Elias stated. “I don’t have plans for this, I have to ab®rt it. I am going to ab®rt it,” she blurted.

“What? I am not going to let you do that,” Elias stopped her.

“You have no say in this, it is growing in me and I decide when I want to cut it off,” she replied.

“I am that baby’s father, and you are not ab®rting my child!” He snapped.

“We can’t have a child Elias, don’t you understand?” She sobbed.

“We are having this baby, I am not going to let you hurt yourself or the baby,” he stated.

“You are just like them,” they heard a voice behind them.

They turned around to find Iris glaring hatefully at them.

“Iris it is not what you think,” Romina moved closer to her.

“It is not what I think?” She scoffed. “You slept with my fiancee and you got pregnant with a bstard! And you have the nerve to tell me it is not what I think? You betrayed me, I thought you are my friend,” she sobbed.

“I am your friend,” Romina stated. “You are the d’vil’s daughter, you are a snake! You are ev’l!” Iris yelled.

“I won’t appreciate you speaking to her in that manner!” Elias snapped.

“Don’t stop her, I deserve everything,” Romina cried.

What she feared the most was happening, she wished Iris would never find out about them.

She never saw Iris as an ev’l person despite knowing her secrets, she loved her for who she is.

But, she had no control over her heart, and she ended up falling in love with Iris’s fiancee. What sort of a friend is she?

“I know you are angry but listen to me,” Romina pleaded and take slow steps closer.

“Why should I listen? You are going to feed me with nothing but lies, that is what you have always done. You pretend to be my friend, I loved and trusted you but I was nothing but a game to you, !” She barked

“No, that is not true, you were more than a game to me. I loved you….”

Iris cut Romina shut with a loud shriek. “Ahhh! Bvllsht! Lies! I am sick and tired of lies! You, I am going to make you pay,” she stormed out of the house and Romina tried to follow her but Elias held her wrist.

“Don’t,” he pleaded. “It is all your fault,” she cried weakly.

“Why do I have to fall in love with you? Why didn’t you stay away from me? Just why do you need to make things hard? Why?” She sobbed and he hugged her to his chest.

“It is fine, I am here for you,” he patted her back

“No, it is not… I need to go after Iris,” she disengaged from the hug and picked her car keys.


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