UNKNOWN ENEMY: Episode 31 – The End

UNKNOWN ENEMY: Episode 31 – The End

Episode 31
Written by : Seunnzzy
Author’s POV
{Three Months Later}
Desmond and his family are together in the house and about to have dinner as the food is being rushed out.

No one was saying anything to anyone as they started eating in silence.

While eating Jane turned to her eldest daughter and saw that she wasn’t eating her food.

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” Dear, why aren’t you eating?” She asked her.

” I can’t eat Mom, I’m worried about Mike” Goodness said and she furrowed her brow.

” Mike?, Why are you worried about him?” Jane asked.

” Really Mom?, Are you seriously asking me that?…….. it’s been three months now and we’ve heard anything from him” Goodness said furiously.

” Goodness, it seem you don’t realize that was an act of disrespect to your mother” Desmond said.

” I’m sorry Mom, I didn’t mean it that way but We are acting as if all is well but it’s not ”

” We all know something is wrong but we are doing nothing about it………something has happened to him” Goodness said.

” Look dear, I’m sure your brother is fine, he’s just preoccupied that’s all, besides it’s not the first time this has happened” Jane replied.

” But this is different, After the night he called dad, we haven’t heard from him or any sign”

” Even if he’s doesn’t call or text, we do see him on the News about what he has done but we saw or heard nothing since then” she said.

” Dad, I thought you said you gave him the watch?” Mercy asked turning to Desmond.

” I did, I gave him” Desmond replied.

” Then why is there no signal on the watch, there’s is no reading…… it was completely blank”

” We can’t even track him….. something is wrong Dad” Goodness said.

” Dad, we all know the watch is waterproof so it can’t stop or block the signal, what other ways can cause it to it blank” Mercy asked.

” Unless you remove it” Desmond replied.

” Dad, we both know that’s not the only reason that can cause it to be like that” she said.

” What are you insinuating?, Are you saying your brother may be dead?” Desmond asked.

” I didn’t say that Dad, but we need to find out what happened to him, we need to know what’s going on” she said.

” Let Mercy and I go there and see what’s going on, Let us find out what happened to him” she added.

” No, stay put……..he will call when he’s ready” Desmond said.

” What!, Are you kidding me?……this is Mike we are talking about?…..Your Son” Goodness said.

” He will call when he’s ready” Desmond said then she stood up and left the dinning table.

” That girl reminds me of my sister, Vicky, they are so much alike in every way” Desmond said.

Everyone has now stopped eating except Desmond who continue eating, Jane stood up and also left.

She went to Goodness room and entered and saw her laying on the bed.

” Hey darling” Jane said as she sat on the bed and she turned facing her mother.

” Mom, I can’t believe you just sat there and didn’t even say anything” She said.

” What do you want me to say?…. you know how stubborn your father can be”

” It’s not like i change his mind that easily” Jane replied.

” But you could’ve just said something or support that we go looking for him but you said nothing” she said.

” Fine, let’s do this…….. I’ll try to reach out to some of my contacts to find out what’s going on”

” And it’s not prove abortive then you and your sister can go looking for him” she added.
” Fine”

” Come here” she said then hugged her tightly.


UNKNOWN ENEMY: Episode 31 – The End

Tony’s POV
I’m in my room making some new plans and how to execute it all since I had to leave the first plan.

I’ve already gathered men in Nigeria ready to carry out my plans just as I have did before.

It’s been three months since my father made us run back here in Italy where I spent my childhood.

Coming back here is nice but I didn’t plan to get back like this without fulfilling my promise.

I already made a promise some years ago after the incident that I won’t return to this place until I accomplish my mission.

I was forced to come here out of fear and because I decided to listen to my father this time around.

But I only let his fear of one old man crept it’s way into me and rendered all my plans void.

For the past three months, we’ve been looking carefully into every weird death in the city.

According to my father, he said the devil will come for us and when he arrives there will be death everywhere.

Since we left there hasn’t been any weird death in the city and everything seems to my fine.

I angrily stood up and went out of my room, going to my dad’s room.

I’m very angry at my Dad for wasting and ruining almost everything and also wasting of time.

” What happened son?….you look angry” Dad said as I entered his room.

” I’m proceeding with the mission Now, I’ve waited long enough” I said angrily.

” The devil you said is coming never showed up, the man you’re so afraid of didn’t show up”

” I told you this man is an old man and he can’t do anything but you made up a story about one crazy devil” I said angrily.

” I also don’t understand as well, I’m confused because the man I knew will never sat still……..”

” There’s only two things I could think of, it’s either the man is up to something or he didn’t know about his son’s death” he said.

” How about option number three, which is there’s nothing he can do about it”

” Look dad, I don’t care whatever it is……. I’m doing this” I said.

” Fine, but in other to be on the safer side……. let’s carry out the plan from here……we don’t have to go to Nigeria” he said.

” Why are you so afraid of this man?” I asked.

” Trust me son, Just listen to me on this” he said.

” Fine, I will send out the guys….and put the plans in motion” I replied then went out his room.

” I’ll avenge you Mom, And you too sis”

UNKNOWN ENEMY: Episode 31 – The End

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