🍁Chapter 11🍁

By Chidimma Mirabel✍🏻📚


Theodore ached his brow as he stared at her. What’s she doing here? He’s happy to see her because everyone since he saved her she lingered in her mind. But he was still curious…

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“What are you doing here?” He asked with a confused expression…

“Uhm I’m actually…”

“Hey bro, looks like you’ve met my wife” Jackson said with a smile.

Theodore looked at him in confusion. He looked back at Angela who nodded…

He felt somehow,,, sad but was happy for his brother. He faked a smile.

“Wow I’m happy for you guys. I have somewhere to go excuse me” He said and walked away…

Angela looked at Jackson and quickly looked away.

“Um Miss, your room is ready” A maid said to Angela.

“Okay” She replied and followed the maid.

Jackson watched her as she walked away. He smiled and then walked away…

The maid showed her to her room. She entered and gasped at what she’s seeing. The room was so huge that it had the same size as that of her house.

She walked in and stared at the different corners of the room. It was painted in white and golden color.

She could see a huge flat screen TV with a sofa beside it.

So many doors that she thought it was a house instead of a room.

She opened one of the door and gasped as she saw a uncountable collection of dresses, shoes it was like she’s in a shop.

They was a small drawer in there. She opened it and gasped as she saw different collection of jewelries. All made of golds and diamonds.

She walked out of the room and opened the other door, it was the bathroom. So spacious and luxurious.

She closed the door and then walked to the door of the balcony and then opened it. The cool breeze hit her face and she smiled as it caressed her face. She tugged her hair behind her ear as she stared at the beautiful site in front of her. She could see almost all the city from here…

They was also some seat at the balcony…


She walked in her room and closed back the door then fell on the bed feeling the softness of the bed.

*Never thought I’ll one day get to live this life, everything seems just like a dream to me* She said lying on the bed.

A knock came up on her door and she stood up to go and attend it.

She opened the door and it was a maid.

“Prince Jackson called for you princess” She said.

“I’ll meet up with him later” She replied.

“He says you come now ma’am” The maid said with his head down.

“Tell him to wait, I’ll be coming” She said and closed the door.

*Who does he think he is? Just because he’s a prince doesn’t mean he can order people around* She thought

She walked to the bathroom and stripped then filled the bath tub. After she was done mixing the water properly, she entered in it and moaned as the water relaxed her muscles..

“Smells nice” She said.

She picked up the shampoo and poured it on her hands as she began washing her hair.

She flinched as she heard someone knocking on the door.

“Open this door or else I come in” Jackson said banging the door.

“I told you to wait for me, go away!” Angela said.

“In the next one minute if you don’t open up I’m coming in” He said and began counting down the seconds.

Angela quickly washed off the soap on her body and dried her body in a flash then tied towel round her body before marching angrily to the exit.

She opened the door and came face to face with him.

Jackson gulped down nothing as he stared at her. He already forgot what he came here to say…

His gaze travel further down her body and he stared at her thigh then at her chest. His gaze came back to her face. Her hair were still wet and sticking on her face making her look,,,hot!!

“What is so important that it can’t wait for me to take 5 small insignificant minutes for my bath” She asked angrily…

He then remembered what he came here for.

“Father is back he demands to meet you” He said.

Angela eyes widen.

“You mean the king?” She asked unbelievably and he nodded.

She walked pass him heading to her dressing room. He stared at her walking away but his gaze was fixed on her bum which shook vigorously. She slammed the door shut.

He closed his eyes…

*This girl is really a magnet for men* He thought.

Angela was so confused on what to wear but she finally settled down on off shoulder blue gown. She walked out of the dressing room and quickly brushed her hair. She wore a simple flat shoe and then walked out of her room since Jackson already left.

She asked a maid for directions and they took her to the king. He was in the dining room..

She walked in the dining and as soon as their eyes locked, she bowed her head deeply.

“Greetings king Ethan” She said.

Ethan turned and looked at her. It’s true she’s beautiful but he’s worried if she has the qualities to make a great queen.

“Have a seat Angela” He said.

She sat down as per ordered as she picked her fingernail.

“You can breathe Angela, I don’t bite unless you give me a reason to” He said.

Angela nodded and released her breath. She’s been holding without knowing.

“I just heard that Jackson got married to you. And I want you to answer my question honestly” He said and Angela nodded.

“Why did you marry him?”

“Um I married him because I want to get revenge” She said honestly.

“Revenge?” He asked confused.

“Yeah. It’s really complicated and I too do not understand certain parts. When I’ll understand it all I promise I’ll come clean with you” She said finally looking up at him.

“Okay, for some reason in which I too I don’t know I trust you” He said.

“Next question. Do you love him?” He asked.

“No your majesty and I don’t know if I’ll be able to love him. I don’t deserve his love, he deserved to be loved by someone better than me. I’ve been stained by so many men” Angela said sadly and fought back her tears.

“Okay. Looks like you went through a lot. Do you have any family members, your educational attainment, your occupation” He asked.

“Well about my family that’s something I still need to find out. I never went to school and I work as cook in three stars hotel” She replied

“Okay. To be honest with you, I like your honesty and I appreciate the fact that you don’t pretend. You say things that are in your mind…You’ll make a great ruler of course you still have to learn some specific manner and also your education. I’ll call a private tutor for you, he’ll teach you and as for the manner and all the royal stuff, I believe my wife will be best to teach you that”

“Also in the next month a royal wedding will be organized and that’s where you’ll be acknowledge as Jackson wife. By that time I assume you must have already known about everything you need to know. But before that time comes let’s just say you’re his fiance, welcome to the family Angela. You can call me father instead of king and all those formalities” He said and smiled.

“Thanks father” She replied with a smile.

Somehow she feels happy that he accepted her in the family.

“Go on you can leave now unless you’re hungry and you want to have lunch with me” He said and chuckled.

“No need, I’ll leave now.” She stood up and bowed then walked away

She walked up to her room with a broad smile on her lips.


She turned to where the voice was and her face brighten more as she saw Nina. She went and hugged her tightly…

“Wow look at you, you’ve been here for two hours and you’re already glowing” Nina said with a smile on her face.

“Thanks. Aren’t you sad that I got married to your crush?” Angela asked. She didn’t want any trouble with her, she’s like a sister to her..

“Oh please I’m completely fine you know me I have like 10 crushes everyday. That guy is cute,,, I’ll be back” Nina said and walked to one of the guards.

Angela chuckled and began touring round the castle. It was so huge that you can get missing in it.

She opened a door and gasped as she saw a beautiful garden out there.

“So cool” She said as she walked in admiring the different flowers, trees and birds.

“What are you doing here?” Someone spoke.

Angela turned at where the voice was coming from and smiled as she saw Theodore. He was sitting on a tree branch.

“I’m the one supposed to ask you that what are you doing up there. Aren’t you old enough to be climbing on trees” Angela asked.

He jumped down the tree and walked to her.

“Too old I’m a year older than my brother and beside there’s never a particular age to stop having fun. When I’m free I use to come here” He said with a smile.

“It’s so beautiful in here” She said looking round the garden with a smile on her lips.

“Just like you” He said

“Thanks” She replied still looking round the area.

Theodore stared at her and then at her lips. He shook his head as he shrugged his thought away.

“Do you do archery?” He asked.

Angela looked back at him and shook her head.

“Come with me” He said and held her hand as he pulled her further in the garden. They walked till they stopped at a location. They were bows and arrows and on the other corner was a target.

Theodore released her hand and then picked the bow and arrow then fixed it and aimed at the target. He released the bow and it shot the bull eyes.

“Wow cool, I want to try it” Angela said.

She picked up a bow and arrow and then tried to put it in it’s correct position but she wasn’t able to do it.

Theodore chuckled seeing her struggle. He walked behind her and held her hand then fixed it for her.

“Now close an eye and concentrate on your target” He said pointing at the target.

He unknowingly inhaled her body scent which made his heart flutter.

Angela concentrated on her target and released the bow it shot perfectly.

“I did it yeah!!” She screamed and turned to Theodore.

He smiled at her…

“Congratulations” He replied.

“Thanks” She replied with a smile.


Hmm it has started😏


© Chidimma M.✍🏻

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