🍁 Chapter 30 ( Finale )🍁

By Chidimma Mirabel βœπŸ»πŸ“š

** Six hours later **

Angela opened her eyes again, she slept off for the third time on the floor. She never ate for the whole of yesterday and right now she’s feeling it. Even the strength to stand up isn’t there.

“Why must all this happen to me?” She said to herself. She badly wanted to cry but it looked like the strength to cry wasn’t there too.

The door opened again. No need to look up for the knew already who it was.

“Love, what are you doing on the floor.” William said and picked her up. She didn’t resist for there was no strength left.

He placed her on the bed and slowly fed her.

“I told you to ear but still you prove stubborn right. Now look, you know starving yourself isn’t good for the baby” William nagged.

As hr finished feeding her, he helped her drink water before disposing of the plates.

“So I gave you six hours instead of two to decide. Which side to you choose” William asked.

Angela looked away with a heavy heart.

“I choose my baby” She said.

“Good, exactly what I wanted to hear. Come with me I have something to show you” He said and held her hand, he guided her out of the room.

He opened the door and they walked in. The room was dark.

William switched on the light and Angela gasped at what she saw.

Jackson was tied up in chains, with bl.ood everywhere in his body. He looked like he was dead, if not for his breathing you would think he’s dead.

Tears gathered in Angela’s eyes. This was too much for her to bear. She looked away.

“Angel?” Jackson called slowly while looking up at her. One side of his eye was swollen so he could she with one.

“Jack..” Angela called in tears.

She made to run and hug him but William held her hand and gave her a warning look. She stayed back.

“Now Jackson, I promise you something today right well guess what? I’m with your surprise. Today your gonna die.” William said and picked up a gun that was placed on the table.

His phone suddenly rang.


“Boss, Mindy surrendered to the police, what do we do?” One of his men said.

“Find a way to kidnap her and bring her here to me alive. I’ll feed her to the dog, I really mean it” He said and hung up then looked at Jackson.

“So where was I…Oh I remember, today you’re gonna die…I was thinking of killing you but I won’t, I will let your wife do the honor for me.” He said.

“What?” Angela exclaimed.

“Yeah, here take this and shoot him” He said, handing the gun to her.

Angela stared at the gun and looked at him in tears. This man in front of her was so cruel.

She stared back at the gun, not wanting to take it.

“Remember our deal” William said.

Angela touched her stomach, thinking of her baby. After some seconds, she took the gun and aimed it at Jackson.

Jackson looked at her and smiled as tears escaped his eyes.

“Why? I trusted you Angel. Why did you do this to me?” He said hurtfully.

Angela stared at him. Now she remembers where she first saw Jackson. In her dreams…So her dreams came to pass.

No, it wasn’t a dream..It was a nightmare, upon all the men it could be it had to be the love of her life.

She aimed at Jackson with a heavy heart.

“I’m sorry Jackson” She said and pulled the trigger.




Roxanna and the rest where all driving, following the car who took Mindy. Of course it was all a setup to lure one of his men.

The car drove out of town and continued driving. After close to 10 minutes, it stopped in front of a house with a gate.

Roxanna and the rest parked at a safe distance.

“That place there is where our victim are held captive. We need to get them out of there alive” Hazel said to the troops.

They were around 30 of them.

“Yes!!” They all chorused.

“Good, let’s go” She said and wore her mask.

The rest wore theirs too and removed their gun. They all dispersed and surrounded the house.

Olivia succeeded in tying a rope on the wall. She climbed it and looked down, two men were patrolling down.

*I have no option then* She thought and jumped down.

“Hey who are you?* One of the men said.

She bent down and move the sand with her foot, it created a smoke of dust. She swiftly removed her gun and shot them. They both fell down dead.

By that time the others were alarmed that they’re intruders in the house.

All the guards present in the house came out and began fighting them.

Roxanna and Yvonne were backing each other as they shot down the men who can at them.

Hazel discreetly invaded the house and began searching for Angela and Jackson.



Angela knees gave up and she knelt down in tears.

“I can’t do it” She said.

Jackson opened his eyes and was surprised that he was still alive.

Actually, Angela shot the chains which set him free.

Jackson quickly removed the chains that was holding him and staggered to Angela. He kept down too and engulfed her in his arm.

“I can’t do it William, I love him so much” Angela said in Jackson arms.

William stared at them in anger.

*That was my place, I was the one supposed to be in her arms. I was the one whom she was supposed to love* He thought.

“Boss, here’s your wife” His men said while dragging Mindy into the room.

He looked at her with a gaze that expresses all the anger he has for her.

He was so angry that his hands were trembling.

Mindy stood there surprised. Where is she? What’s she doing here? What is Kaila and his husband doing here?

She began assembling the puzzles and her eyes widened as she realized that she was duped.

*William will finish me* She thought while trembling in fear.

William was just there glaring at Mindy. All this was because of her, it is because of her that he’s turn to this monster.

Because of her envy, she decided to kill her sister.

She was the Genesis of all these…

He grabbed her by the neck and pinned her on the wall.

“William, please you’re shocking me” Mindy said while trying to free herself.

“Because of you” William said.

Jackson held Angela hand which made her look at him.

“Let’s go” He said.

Angela nodded and they stood up. She helped Jackson in walking since he was badly hurt

Like that, they slowly walked out of the room.

“I’ll make you experience what it feels when you are been burned in fire. I’ll burn you alive and after I’ll feed your body to the dog” He spatted.

He swiftly looked back and Jackson and Angela weren’t there.

“No they can’t escape” He said and release Mindy’s neck.

He grabbed her by the neck and pulled her out of the room.

“Angela!! Angela!! You know you can’t run away from me” William said while dragging Mindy along who kept crying silently.



“Fk!! My gun’s bullet is finished” Yvonne said. She threw her gun away and cracked her knuckles.

“Guess I’ll use the old fashion” She said.

She caught one of the men by the collar and kneed him before hitting him on the neck with the elbow.

Roxanna was hiding behind a table.

“Hazel might need my help. I have to get in the house” She thought.

She ran out of her hiding while shooting at those who shot at her.

She his again behind a pillow before entering the house…



“Angela, where are you?” Hazel called.

She walked slowly while being at alert.

“Hazel, is it you?”

She quickly hurried to where the voice was coming and saw Angela slowly walking to her.

“Thank God you’re safe…You have…

She didn’t finish her statement as a bullet hit her chest.

“Hazel!!!” Angela screamed

Hazel fell on the floor.

Angela looked behind and saw William standing behind them with his gun aimed at them especially Jackson.

With a determine expression, he released Jackson and faced William.

“You know I’m really tired of your obsession for me. I’m really tired, when will you understand that I DON’T LOVE YOU. In fact let me tell you something I’m Kaila Morgan” Angela yelled.

William froze.

“Kaila” William stuttered.

“Yes it’s me but you know what, that doesn’t matter. I never loved you William, never. In fact I’m so happy that you married Mindy, that gave me the chance to meet Jackson, he’s the live of my life. Him and only him!!! He helped me out in so much way I couldn’t imagine. Meanwhile you, what were you doing? You were busy enjoy your life…If you love me like you claim, why didn’t you look for me. Why did you marry Mindy so easily. You don’t love William you’re just obsessed with me. Now if you want to kill Jackson go on, but if you shoot him, I swear I’ll take away my own life” Angela said ans aimed the gun on her head.

William stood there confused, he didn’t know what to do again.

“I,,,I’m sorry Kaila” He said.

Angela laughed dryly.

“Sorry, you’re sorry. After all what you did to me and Jackson, you think I’ll forgive you. Well you’re hugely mistaken” Roxanna said.

“Angel, please put that gun down” Jackson said and held the gun she was aiming on her head.

“Don’t touch her” He said and pulled the trigger.

“Noo!” Mindy exclaimed.

Jackson quickly covered Angela with his body, it took him by the shoulder.

Out of anger, he took the gun from Angela and swiftly aimed at William. He shot him by the arm.

“Argh!!” William groaned as he released Mindy.

Jackson shot him again, and again, countless times.

William fell on the floor as blood oozed out of his wounds.

Jackson staggered to him and hugged him while crying.

“I’m sorry brother” Jackson said while crying.

“Jack,,,even after all what I’ve done to you. You still love me?” William said.

Jackson nodded.

“True love never dies. You’re like a brother to me” He said in tears.

William smiled weakly.

“I hope you find it in my heart to forgive me. Stupid beans”

Jackson chuckled sadly.

He looked at Angela and stretched his hands to her.

“Forgive me Kaila, I’m sorry” He said and his hands fell on Jackson lap.

Mindy stared at his dead body in tears.

*I married you out of greed but now that I love you, why did you have to leave me* Mindy said inwardly while staring at his dead body.

Jackson hugged him tightly as he cried bitterly.

“I’m sorry” He said.

Angela stared at them with an emotionless look. She looked at Mindy who was crying and then at Hazel.

She quickly rushed to Hazel and checked her vitals.

“Let me help you” Roxanna said.

Roxanna crouched and checked her vitals.

“She’s barely alive”

Roxanna and Angela picked her up. Angela glanced at Jackson and sighed.

*He needs sometime alone* She said inwardly.

They began walking to the exit.

Angela smiled…

*You’re really one of a kind Jackson, even with all this that he did to you, you still consider him as your brother* She thought.

Jackson sniffed in tears as he continued hugging William body. Memories of when they were 10 came in his brain…How it was Jackson birthday party and William played a prank on him by dressing him as a girl.

Jackson smiled as he remembered them.

“No matter what you did to me, I still love you. I’ll keep the good memories of you alive, till we meet again dear brother” He said.

He stood up.

By that time the cops have already arrived. They arrested Mindy and carried William body away.

One of the cops helped him him out of the house. He entered the ambulance that drove him to the hospital…


Finally!! It is over!!


Β© Chidimma M.

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