🍁 Epilogue 🍁

By Chidimma Mirabel βœπŸ»πŸ“š

Angela and Roxanna arrived at the hospital with Hazel. The nurses carried her away to the emergency room.

They sat down on chairs while waiting patiently for the doctor’s information.

After some minutes, a man ran towards them breathing heavily.

He ran to the nurse.

“Miss where’s Mrs Hazel Morgan? Please I need to see her” He said in tears.

“Calm down sir, she’s in the emergency room. The doctors are doing everything to save her” The nurse said.

He walked up Angela and Roxanna and then sat down beside them.

Angela stared at him. He looked so much like her plus he’s also wearing the same bracelet as hers.

“Uh sir” Angela said.

Raymond looked at her and quickly wiped off his tears.


“Um can I know who you’re here for?” Angela asked.

“Oh its my wife, her name is Hazel” He replied.

*Hazel?* Angela thought.

“Oh I’m Angela, Hazel friend. I’m sorry, I was the reason why she is here” Angela said and looked down.

“That’s okay. I’m just worried about her, my name is Raymond Morgan by the way” He replied.

Angela made to talk but the doctor came out of the ward with grave expression on their faces.

Angela and Raymond rushed to them…

“How is my wife?” Raymond asked.

“She’s okay. The bullet was extracted from her body. I must admit she narrowly escaped dead,,Luckily the baby and her are safe” The doctor said.

Raymond froze.


“Yeah,,,she’s a month pregnant” The doctor said.

Raymond felt so much happiness and at the same time relieved.

“I’m gonna be a father” Raymond said happily.

Angela placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Congratulations, I’m happy for you two” She said with a smile.

“Thanks, you look so much like my mother by the way” Raymond said.

“Really? Thanks” Angela replied suspiciously.

Roxanna stood up from her seat.

“Well my job is done here, I have to get going. Goodbye” She said with a smile.

“Bye Roxanna” Angela said.

Roxanna nodded with a smile. Immediately her phone began ringing.


“Yeah I’m fine stop worrying I’m on my way. See you in the next two hours”

“Sure, love you more Nate?” She said and hung up.

She looked at the rest and nodded before walking away.


** 20 minutes later **

“Here, your wounds are fully treated” The nurse said to Jackson.

“Thanks” He replied.

The nurse smiled and walked out of the room.

Jackson exhaled tiredly and laid down, staring at the ceiling.

*Can’t believe that William is really gone* He thought.

The door opened and he could hear someone walk in. He didn’t bother to look for it must be the nurse.


He sprang up and stared at who it was.

“Angel?” He called.

Angela smiled and walked closer to him. He pulled her in for a hug. She rested her head on his chest inhaling his scent.

“Thank God you’re safe. Sorry you went through all these, it’s because of me” Angela said.

They broke the hug.

“I’m ready to take everything upon me just to keep you safe Angel” Jackson replied.

“You and our baby” He added.

Angela smiled as he rubbed her belly…

He brought his face closer to her and teased her lips with his.

“I love you Angel” Jackson said.

“Same here, and I’ll love you forever” Angela replied with her eyes closed.


** Two days later **

They were all at the burial ground except Hazel and Raymond who were at the hospital.

William was buried in the local graveyard. Mindy was brought there under the supervision of the police.

Angela hugged Jackson and he rested his head on her head.

Evaristo was seated on his wheelchair, still shocked by all what happened recently.

William was buried successfully and they all went their separate ways.

“Come on let’s go visit Hazel” Angela said.

“Okay, Mr Evaristo will you like to come?” Jackson asked.

Evaristo smiled.

“Sure I will. Also, you can call me dad” Evaristo said with a smile.

They all entered the car and drove to the hospital.


** At the hospital **

They entered Hazel ward and saw her sitting on the bed while discussing with Raymond.

“Hey Hazel, Raymond” Angela said which made the couple turn to them.

Evaristo froze as he saw Raymond’s face.

“Hey Angela. How are you doing?” Hazel asked.

“I’m great. Jackson is really spoiling me” Angela replied and Jackson pecked her cheek.

“Son?” Evaristo said.

They all turned to him.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” Angela asked.

He ignored her and wheeled himself to Raymond. Tears escaped his eyes as he stared at him.

“Son? Is it really you?” Evaristo said back again

“What are you talking about?” Raymond asked with an eye brow raised.

Evaristo held his hand in tears.

“Raymond, my son. You look so handsome, even in the night I’ll recognize you…I’m sorry for abandoning you, it wasn’t intentionally…Not a single day passed that I don’t think about you” Evaristo said and kissed his hand.

Angela stared at them shocked. If Evaristo, who is her father is calling Raymond his son, then that means..

“Raymond is my brother” Angela said out loud.

“You’re my father?” Raymond said in disbelief.

“Yes, you can carry on the test if you believe me. I know you must be very upset for having such a useless father like me” Evaristo said.

Tears fell out of Raymond’s eyes as he stared at Evaristo.

“You’re really my dad” Raymond asked.

Evaristo nodded. He told him everything, how he had a forbidden love, how his lover gave birth to them. How he took Kaila and left Angela and him in the orphanage. And lastly Kaila’s story.

“So that’s why Angela looked so much like mother, I saw one of her photos in my things. From that day I took it everywhere I go” Raymond said and brought out an old photo from his pocket. He handed it to Evaristo.

“Leah” Evaristo said as he looked at the photo. He smiled at all the memories they shared came back.

Raymond suddenly hugged him in tears.

“Thank you dad, you saved out lives. If you didn’t abandon us in the orphanage, we wouldn’t be here. You saved our lives, I’m sad I wouldn’t be able to meet Angela” He said.

“You are not a disgrace dad. In fact you’re a hero, it takes a real man to do what you just did.” Raymond said with a smile on his face.

Evaristo smiled and hugged him.

“Thanks son” He said.

They broke the hug and Raymond finally looked at Angela who was wiping off her tears.

“Kaila” He said and walked toward her before engulfing her in a hug.

Angela hugged him back with a smile on her face. Finally she knows how a brother’s love feel like…

They broke the hug and Angela ruffled Raymond’s hair playfully. He chuckled at that.

Raymond walked to Jackson and also hugged him…

“You take care of my sister okay?” Raymond said.

“Sure bro” Jackson replied.

Angela hugged Hazel too.

“I’m proud of having a courageous woman as sister in law” Angela said as they disengaged from the hug.

They all discussed that they didn’t see the time pass.

“Alright Angela time for us to go” Jackson said.

“Okay. Good bye dad, bye Hazel, bye brother” Angela said with a smile.

“Bye” They all said.

Angela and Jackson walked out of the room but stopped as they came face to face with Kaila James.

Angela face hardened…

“What do you want?” Angela said coldly.

Kaila James went to her knees.

“I know it’s you kaila, Mindy told me everything when I visited her to prison. Please Kaila find it in your heart to forgive me. I’m sorry for all what I did” Kaila James said in tears.

Angela looked at her and sighed.

“Stand up” She said.

She stood up immediately.

“What you did to me really hurt my feelings you know. But I forgive you” Angela said with a smile.


“Yeah, I forgive you”

Kaila James quickly hugged her. She knows that she has lost a great friend because no matter how much she asks for forgiveness, it will never mend their broken friendship. Still she’s happy that she’s learn to forgive her.

“Thanks so much Kaila” Kaila James said.

“Sure namesake” Angela replied.

“Alright I need to go see you around” Angela said and waved at her before walking out with Jackson.

Jackson crossed his arm on her shoulder and pecked her cheek.

“You’re really one of a kind” He said with a smile.

Angela looked at him and smiled. He used that opportunity to peck her lips which made her chuckle.

They both walked out of the hospital and drove home.


** Next day **

Angela and Jackson both walked in the police station, you can guess what they came there to do.

“Will you be okay on your own?” Jackson asked.

“Yeah, I want to speak to her alone” Angela replied.

“Okay, I’ll be here if you need me” Jackson said.

Angela nodded and walked in. She was guided to a room where she sat down.

After some minutes, a police dragged Mindy in. Mindy immediately looked down in shame as she saw Angela face.

Well Mindy was condemned with 15 years imprisonment….

She was made to sit down opposite Angela.

They stayed like that for some minutes, no one speaking…

“Mindy” Angela called.

Strangely all the hatred she felt for her was gone. Angela was now at peace…

Mindy still looked down, unable to look at her in face. The guilt she felt was too much.

Angela chuckled seeing her like that.

“Mindy, I know deep down in you you feel sorry. And I want to say to you that I forgive you Mindy. We’re sisters and sisters have to stick to each other, in hard times and in bad times. I’m not gonna leave you Mindy, despite all what you did to me, there is still a place for you in my heart…Tomorrow I’m leaving the country, I’m going back to Denmark with dad. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I’m abandoning you…I’ll wait till you’ll serve your sentence. I’ll come back for you.

That’s all I wanted to tell you Mindy, despite all that happened,,, I still love you sis. Just know that. Goodbye for now” Angela said and stood up then turned to the door but stopped as she felt someone hug her…

“Sorry Kaila, sorry I’m so sorry. Please forgive me sis, please.”Mindy said as stream of tears came out of her eyes.

She hugged Angela tightly…

Angela turned to her and wiped off her tears.

“Shh!! Don’t cry, it’s okay. I forgive you, you were just a girl who followed her mother’s footsteps. I don’t blame you okay?” Angela said and caressed her hair like a big sister.

Mindy sniffed in tears and nodded…

“Your time is over” A police said.

Angela looked back at Mindy.

“Goodbye sis, don’t worry I’ll come back for you” Angela said.

Mindy nodded.

“And I’ll wait for you. I love you too, sorry I didn’t say it earlier” Mindy said.

Angela chuckled and kssed her cheek before walking out of the room.

She met Jackson and quickly hugged him…

“How did it go?” Jackson asked.

“Better than I expected” She replied.

“That’s nice, come on let’s go and prepare. Tomorrow we’re leaving” Jackson said.

They walked to the car and drove off…


** Next day **

Angela and Jackson came out of the car and smiled as they saw all their friends in US waiting for them.

The guards helped Evaristo into the plain..

Angela hugged Hazel, Kaila James, Liam, and finally Raymond.

Jackson did the same too.

They climbed the steps to the plane while waving goodbye at the others.

Kaila James hugged Liam who kssed her on the lips.

“Who thought we’ll get to see our best friend again” Liam said.

“You’re right live” Kaila James replied as they watched the plane kick off.

After five to six hours, the plane landed safely in Denmark.

The couples came out of the plane and was surprised to see a crowd waiting for them and in front of the crowd was the family.

They climbed down the stairs with smiles on their faces.

“Best friend!!!” Nina screamed as she ran to Angela.

“Careful you’re pregnant” Theodore said.

The two friends hugged each other while jumping happily.

“Come here baby brother” Theodore said and hugged Jackson.

“I missed you so much” Jackson said.

“Uncle Jackie!!” A small voice spoke.

The brothers broke the hug and Jackson carried Richard in his arm then kssed his cheek.

“Wow you’ve gained some weight Richie” Jackson said.

“Of course, I’m growing. I’m glad nothing happened to you” Richard said.

That’s when Jackson realized that Richard predicted what would happen to them.

He smiled and ruffled his head.

“Sure, thanks for your advice” Jackson said.

“Anytime uncle” Richard said and winked at Jackson. Jackson winked back.

He dropped him down and he ran to Angela then hugged her.

King Ethan finally came into view.

He walked up to Evaristo and his eyes widened.

“Risto?” Ethan called.

“Ethan?” Evaristo called too, also surprised.

Ethan walked up to him and hugged him tightly.

“Man where have you been?” Ethan asked.

“Long story, just know that Angela is my daughter” Evaristo said.

“Wow, you’re lucky”

“Dad, do you know him” Theodore asked.

“Yeah, we knew each other long ago. He suddenly disappeared and I never knew why. We were really good friends” Ethan said.

“My baby!!” Queen Stella exclaimed and hugged Jackson

“Mom, stop calling me baby” jackson said in embarrassment.

Stella checked him out from head to toe.

“Thank goodness nothing happened to you. I saw the news that you had an accident, I was so worried about you” She said.

“I’m fine mom” Jackson replied with a smile.

Stella released him and then hugged Angela.

“Wow, you look more beautiful Angela” Stella said.

“Thanks mom” Angela replied.

“I have something to tell you all” Jackson announced and the whole family turned to him.

“In nine months I’ll officially become a father” Jackson said and they all gasped.

“Finally, my two sons are going to give me grand babies” Stella said.

“Come on let’s go home, we have a lot of things to celebrate” Ethan said.

They all walked to their different cars.

Jackson hugged Alex.

“Good seeing you back Alex” Jackson said.

“Thanks” Alejandro replied.

He entered the car and the crowd made way for them as they drove home.


β˜… Nine months later β˜…

Everybody were all out of the hospital room waiting impatiently to hear that baby’s cry.

Jackson sat down on a chair, biting his fingernails nervously.

“Calm down bro, everything will be fine” Theodore said.

Jackson scoffed.

“Look at him talking, I still remember the day Nina was giving birth, you almost went mad” Jackson said and Nina chuckled.

She was sitting on a chair with her cute daughter in her hand, a month old. They name her Ava.

Some minutes later, they heard the baby’s cry. Jackson breathed out in relief.

The doctor came out of the ward.

“Congratulations your majesty, it’s a boy” The doctor said with a smile.

Jackson smiled happily.

“Can I go and see here” He asked

“Sure” He replied.

Jackson went in and saw Angela laying on the bed with a baby in her hands.

“He has a cute nose just like you” Angela said.

“And he has blonde hair just like you” Jackson said.

Angela placed her head on Jackson chest who snaked his hands round her shoulder.

“Thanks for this wonderful gift you gave me Angel, I love you till eternity” Jackson said.

Angela pecked his lips.

“And I love you too” She replied.

They stayed like that staring at the baby…


β˜… A YEAR LATER β˜…

A small boy with blonde hair and brown eyes was seen running towards a direction with a smile on his face that revealed his cute dimples.

He bumped into someone and almost fell but the person caught him.

“Careful Christopher, you might fall” Richard said.

“Thanks Richie” He replied and ran away.

“I told you to stop calling me that I’m older than you” Richard yelled but Christopher was long gone.

He entered into a room and saw Jackson sitting on a chair as his makeup was been done.

“Dad!!” He yelled.

Jackson turned to him and smiled. Christopher ran into his arms.

“Dad, you look more handsome.” Christopher said.

“Thanks Chris, you look too cute too” Jackson said and pinched his nose.

“Of course he looks handsome, it’s his coronation day” Angela said while walking in the room.

“Mom!” Christopher ran and hugged Angela foot.

“How are you doing my boy?” Angela said.

“Great, how is little sister” Christopher asked.

Angela rubbed her protruding belly and smiled.

“She’s great” Angela replied.

Christopher kssed her belly.

“Come out quick little sister, I can’t wait to teach you how to walk and eat and also wear your clothes” Christopher said to the belly.

Angela chuckled.

“Chris!! Aunt Dayanna is looking for us. It’s picture time” Ava called as she ran in the room.

“Coming” Christopher said and walked to Ava. They held hands and ran off…

Angela watched them running away.

She suddenly felt someone wrap his hands round her waist caressing her stomach.

“How are you feeling Angel” Jackson asked and kissed her shoulder.

“I’m always find as long as you stay with me” Angela replied.

“Ready for your day?” Angela asked.

Well today was the day Jackson will become king of Denmark. He has come of age and it’s time Ethan passes the power to him.

“Yes” He replied.

They held hands and walked to the ball room.

Everyone was there awaiting for when king Ethan will declare him king.

The crown was brought in on top of a cushion.

Ethan took it and walked up to Jackson with a smile on his face.

He placed it on Jackson head.

“I’m proud of you son” He said.

“Thanks dad” Jackson replied.

Jackson then turned to the crowd.

“Presenting to you our new king,,,,king Jackson and his wife queen Angela” Ethan declared.

The crowd cheered, clapped and screamed for them.

Angela and jackson help hands as they waved at the crowd with a smile on their face.


Christopher came between them and held their hands. Jackson carried him up I’m his arms and kissed his cheek.

The three, no four of them waved at the crowd with smile on their face. A one big happy family!!

πŸ€ THE END πŸ€

Wow, such a happy ending. Honestly I didn’t want this story to end. Hope you all enjoyed it like I did while typing.

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