๐Ÿ Chapter 22๐Ÿ

By Chidimma Mirabel โœ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ“š

Angela scanned her from head to toe with a scrutinizing look.

“Hazel Cristobal you say?” She asked with a frown.

“Yeah I’m a good friend of Jackson. We went to the same school” She replied.

“How close are you two?” Angela asked.

Hazel chuckled when she now understood were Hazel was going to.

“You anything nothing to worry Mrs Peterson. We’re just good friend, I know Jackson very well and I know he will never cheat on you. Beside I’m married” She said.

“Okay if you say so please take a seat” Angela said.

She sat down and crossed her legs before bringing out a tablet from her handbag.

“So Jackson already told me everything and I went online and searched for all the possible persons named Mike, you just have to look and point out the person” She said, handing the tablet to Angela

Angela took it and began scrolling down looking at the different faces. She stopped on a particular photo and handed the tablet back to Hazel.

“That’s the one I’m talking about” Angela said.

Hazel took it and typed some things in it before smiling.

“Mike Kendall, age 50, profession none, family yes” Hazel read.

She stood up and kept the tablet in her bag.

“Don’t worry Mrs Peterson, I’ll do everything possible to find him and extract the number from him.” Hazel said.

She shook hands with Angela and walked out of the office…

Angela faced back the work in front of her. Someone knocked on the door and her personal assistant, Lucia walked in.

“Sorry to bother you but there’s a very important business man. He just traveled into our country and he’s having thoughts between signing with our of company or ‘Chixx collection’.” Lucia said.

‘Chixx collection is the fashion industry owned by Mindy.

*I can’t let this opportunity slip away from me* Angela thought.

“Book me a meeting with him” She said.

“Okay ma’am” Lucia replied and walked out of the office.



Hazel walked in to a club dressed in a very sxy way. All eyes were on her as the men lust on her…

She walked up to a seat and sat down.

“One glass of vodka please?” She said to thr bartender.

She was served. She then began sipping on her drink slowly with her eyes on her phone.

“Hey beautiful, anyone told you that you’re the most beautiful lady in this club” Someone said.

She looked up and smiled seductively at the man who was non other than Mike.

“Thanks” She replied.

He sat down beside her and then began rubbing her thigh with his hands. Hazel didn’t reacted, she just let him do what he wanted.

Mike took that as a good ahead…

“Mind coming with me, let’s get to know each other better” He said and winked.

Hazel looked at him and smiled.

“Sure pretty boy” She replied.

They stood up and went to a particular corridor. He opened the door to a room and they walked in.

Immediately they walked in, he kssed her hungrily.

“Tell me who is Flora and what do you know about her?” She said with a cold expression with a gun aimed on his neck.

Mike stared at the gun in shock…

“Flora,,,I’ve never heard about that name” He said.

Hazel smiled and her face hardened.

“Do you think I’m here to play with you. Where’s Flora or I’m blowing this your useless brain” Hazel said calmly but anyone could know that she’s dmn serious.

Mike tried to grab the gun from her but she hit his member and then his head hard with the gun, he passed out.

She pushed him away from her. She sat down on a chair and lighted her cigarette as she began smoking it slowly.

“I really hate men like you, who thinks they can do whatever thing they want with women. You deserve to be punished, how can I punish you such that it will be excruciating” She said to no one in particular as she smoked in her cigarette.

( At a cafeteria – 12:00 )

Angela was seated at a seat in the cafeteria waiting for her prominent client.

A man walked in the cafeteria, he was dressed in a black suit with his brown hair styled to the side…Was looking hot but had this cold expression on his face.

He spotted Angela and walked up to her seat then sat down opposite Angela.

“Good morning Miss, I’m Tristan Kurt” He said with a serious look on his face.

“Angela Peterson” Angela replied and shook hands with him.

He open his suitcase and brought out his tablet.

“I’m sorry to say this but my time is running down, I have only ten minutes to spend with you and in those ten minutes I’m not convinced then I’m leaving” He said with his eyes glued on the screen of his tablet.

Angela began explaining her ideal to him while he simply scrolled through his tablet, looking completely disinterested.

At one point he even yawned like it was some boring story to him. He finally looked up and Angela.

“Your ten minutes is down, I’m sorry but our deal with not exist” He said and stood up to go.

Angela took a glimpse of the screen of his tablet and her eyes widened.

“Excuse me sir, that girl on your wallpaper. Who’s she?” She asked.

He looked at his screen and smiled fondly.

“She’s my fiance, my wife to be. But unfortunately life took her away from me, she’s dead” He replied

“Her name is Gianna right?” Angela asked.

Tristan looked up at her, shocked.

“How do you know her name?” He asked.

“That doesn’t matter. Listen, if I bring her to you will our deal be concluded?” Angela asked.

Tristan laughed dryly…

“Well if you succeed in bringing her to me, our deal is final plus I’ll help your company for the next three months” He said mockingly, there’s no way she’s going to bring a dead person to the land of the living.

“That’s good then, meet me today at 6pm at the Carlin hotel” She said.

“Okay” He accepted with a smirk on his face.

He walked out of the cafeteria. Angela quickly dialed the number Gianna gave her.

“Gianna, quick come to the cafeteria at street 12, I have something to tell you” Angela said and hung up.

After some 15 minutes, Gianna walked in the cafeteria. Her eyes scanned round the cafeteria and she smiled as she saw Angela.

She walked up to her seat and sat down.

“Angie, what’s wrong?” She asked.

“You told me that you had a fiancee right? Why haven’t you tried contacting him?” Angela asked.

Gianna looked down, obviously sad…

“Well I’m ashamed to meet him. I cheated on him with so many men, do you know the number of men who I slept with?” Gianna said in tears.

Angela held her hands…

“Meet me at 6pm at the Carlin hotel” Angela said.

“Why?” She asked.

“It’s a surprise” Angela replied.


( Carlin hotel – 5:57pm )

“Angela, what are we doing in this room?” Gianna asked as she stared round the room.

“A surprise is waiting for you in the next three minutes” She said.

“Okay” She said.

“I need to go take something I’ll be back” Angela said and walked out of the room.

She walked out of the hotel and boarded her car.

“I hope you’ll like my gift Gianna, you deserve to be happy” She said while staring at the hotel.

She roared the engine back to life and drove off. Not long after a car parked where she was and Tristan came out of the car.

He walked into the hotel and the people greeted him without a lot of respect, he could make the hotel crumple down in some seconds that’s why they were careful not to make any wrong move.

He walked up to the receptionist. The receptionist looked up and smiled casually at him.

“Good day Mr Kurt, how may I help you?” The receptionist asked.

“I need to know in which Mrs Peterson is, I have a meeting with her” He said.

She typed on the keyboard and after some seconds she looked up at him again.

“Found it she’s at room 03 sir” She said.

“Okay, thanks” He said and walked away to the indicated room.

He reached there and knocked on it. His heart was beating really fast. He knew that all this was just a joke but deep down he still had hope to find his missing puzzle that’s why he came.

After some minutes, the door opened. Gianna looked up and their eyes met. They both froze as they stared at each other.

*Gianna, it’s really her. She’s in front of me* Tristan thought as he stared at Gianna with pool of tears forming in his eyes.

*Tristan, what’s he doing here? Is he the surprise Angela talked about* Gianna thought staring at him.

Tristan raised his hands and cupped her cheek with trembling hands. He was making sure that it wasn’t a dream and it really wasn’t…

“You’re alive” He said with a smile on his face. For the past three months, this is the first time he’s smiling…

He leaned forward slowly. Their nose touched each other. He caressed her nose with his before slowly kssing her…

Tears fell from Gianna eyes. She quickly pushed him away and walked to the window as she cried loudly while covering her mouth.

Tristan stared at her confused. He walked in and locked the door behind him. He slowly walked closer to her.

“Don’t come closer” She said in tears.

Tristan stood on his spot staring at her confusedly.

“Don’t come any closer, I’m not worth your love. Those mon$ter they abused me, they rapped me, they tยฉrtured me. I’m stained with so much, so much men….I cheated on you, I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough to fight back when they mole$ted me” She said and her knees gave up she sat down on the ground in tears.

Tristan stood on the spot as he stared at her. He was devastated, shocked, hurt and mostly furious, very angry.

He walked up to her and knelt down such that they were at the same level. He held her shoulders and made her look up.

“Anna, I’m sorry. I’m a useless fiance,,,I couldn’t find you…I’m sorry for what they did to you…I swear I’ll hunt down those mon$ters and make sure they suffer till they’ll beg me to kill them. Gianna, I love you, you’re my heart beat, my joy giver…I’ll never give up on you. Come rain, come sunshine I’ll stay by your side. I’ll never leave you now that I’ve found you” He said seriously.

Gianna stared at him with teary eyes. She didn’t know what to say again…The love he feels for her rendered her speechless. She began remembering all the moments they spent together. When she was five and he was eight the time he beat up those boys who bullied her at nursery school.

The time he complimented her she was cute with glasses. Even at their young tender age, he confessed to her his feelings and vowed that he’ll marry her when they grow up.

When she was 16 and him 19 they had their first kss and he introduced her to his parents as her girlfriend. They were against it because she was too young but after they accepted her and also loved her.

On the night she turned 18, they had their first int!macy together. She also remembered on her 25 birthday party when he proposed to her..

Gianna smiled at all those happy moments.

“Thanks for accepting me with my flaws and imperfection. My love for you will never die. I love you Tristan” Gianna said and then kssed him.

“Thanks a bunch Angela, I owe you one” Tristan thought in the kss

And on that night, they had a very passionate night …


This kind love ehh…
Let me laugh at the face Mindy will make when she’ll hear her deal was lost๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ


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