🍁 Chapter 24🍁

By Chidimma Mirabel βœπŸ»πŸ“š

Angela parked her car infront of William mansion. She looked out of the car then breathed loudly before coming out of the car.

She walked up to the entrance and rang the bell. A maid came and opened and gasped at her beauty.

“Excuse me, can I see Mrs Madeline?” Angela asked with a smile.

“Sure” The maid replied and let her in.

She walked in and was guided to the living room where she sat down with her eyes scanning round the area.

*If all this didn’t happened, I could have been here. I couldn’t have met my heartbeat* Angela thought.

Minutes after someone walked in the living room.

Angela looked up and smiled…

“Madeline” She exclaimed.

Mindy looked at her suspiciously.

“What are you doing here?” Mindy asked.

“Nothing just decided to drop by, we’re friends remember?” Angela said.

Mindy smiled pretentiously and nodded.

“Let’s take a walk” Mindy said.

“Thanks Madeline” Angela said and stood up.

“You can call me Mindy, we’re friends” Mindy said.

“Yeah” Angela said and rolled her eyes…

They began walking round the house with Mindy boasting about all the company her husband had and also how she was aware the most prettiest of the year.

Angela yawned silently as her eyes scanned round the area. She wasn’t here to hear all her literature…She was here to look for her dad.

“Mindy, can I meet your family. Want to know who’s the parents of such a beauty like you” Angela said.

Mindy tugged her hair behind, happy with the compliment.

*Maybe she’s not kaila* Mindy thought.

“Okay, let me present to you my mom and dad” Mindy said and led the way.

A maid called for Paulina and another wheeled Evaristo into the room. They both entered and as they saw Angela face, they both froze…

“Wow she really looks so much like Kaila” Paulina thought.

*Angela!!…How come?!* Evaristo thought.

As soon as her gaze landed on that of Evaristo, Angela wanted to burst into tears and hugs him tightly but refrained herself.

“Angela, here’s my mom Paulina Morgan and my dad Evaristo Morgan” Mindy said.

“Cool you look just like them” Angela said.

“Thanks” Mindy said.

“Can I hug you guys” Angela said.

They both nodded…

Angela walked up to Paulina and hugged her. Paulina quickly broke the hug as if she felt the hatred emanating from Angela.

Angela then hugged Evaristo she hugged him tightly. Evaristo hugged her back too…

She discreetly slipped a paper in his hand and then broke the hug.

Evaristo looked at her confusedly…

“I think I’ll have to go now, see you tomorrow” Angela said and walked to the exit.

She made to open the door but someone opened it, she bumped into the person.

Luckily the person caught her by the waist before she could fall. She looked up and gasped as she saw William and their faces where just inches apart.

William stared at her pretty face and his gaze landed on her lips. He was tempted to kss her but he restrained himself.

He quickly released her and took one step back.

“Uh sorry” Angela said awkwardly.

“No problem” He replied.

“I’ll be leaving now” Angela said.

She smiled shortly and walked out of the house to her car.

She boarded her car and drive off. She left her phone in the car, she remembered it and stopped the car then put it on…

Her eyes almost popped open as she saw 25 missed calls, 12 messages from Jackson.

She looked at the time and it was 11pm…

“I’m so dead” She muttered and continued her drive home…

The gate opened for her. She drove in and parked at the garage

She came out of the car and walked in the house….

The house was already dark with no noise. She slowly walked to their room since she wasn’t hungry. She opened the door and met Jackson sleeping on the bed. His phone was in his hands, probably waiting for when Angela will call.

She walked up to her wardrobe and changed into her nightie before walking back to the bed.

She stared at Jackson face and smiled

“I’m sorry I made you worry this much” She whispered.

She made to pat his hair but Jackson caught her hand midway. He opened his eyes and looked at her…

“Where were you?” He asked.

“Uhm I went to Mindy’s house” Angela said

Jackson sat up on the bed.

“What? Do you realize how dangerous it was?” Jackson scolded her

“I know, I just wanted to see my dad besides there’s something I needed to know” Angela said.

“What was it?”

“I don’t know, I guess I’ll know tomorrow” Angela said.

“So I’m I forgiven?” Angela asked making her best puppy face.

Jackson smirked and shook his head negatively.

“Nope, do you realize how worried I was for you? I almost grew white hairs out of worry” Jackson said.

Angela sat down on his laps and and caressed his chest while biting her lips sxily.

“I’m sorry okay? I promise I’ll tell you next time” She said while staring in his eyes…

He wrapped his hand round her waist and pulled her down on bed.

“It’s okay, you know I can never stay mad at you for long. Come on let’s sleep, it’s late” He said and kssed her forehead.

“But I’m not feeling sleepy” Angela said and she snuggled with his chest.

Jackson smirked and came on top of her. He pinned her hands on the bed.

“Alright, then we’ll stay awake all night long” He said and claimed her lips


** Next morning **

Mindy was in the kitchen, brewing herself some coffee to drink when someone walked in the kitchen.

She didn’t bother to turn back as she knew it was already William.

Suddenly she felt a presence really close to her…

“I don’t know if my son has ever told you this but you’re really beautiful” He whispered in her ears.

Mindy caught the goosebumps as she knew already who it was.

“What are you trying to say?” Mindy asked.

“I mean just one night with me and I’ll make you feel what my son has never made you feel” Jordan said.

Mindy quickly picked a knife that was close to her and turned to him. She aimed at his face but luckily he dodged making the knife to grasp through his jaw.

“Who do you think you are? Don’t you have any shame. I’m warning you, stay away from me if you want me to still see you like a father in law. I love my husband very much” Mindy said and walked out of the kitchen.

Yes, the marriage was all a trick to get rich but in the long run she fell deeply in love with William…

Jordan smiled and touched the blood that was on his jaw.

“She’s quiet feisty. I love that!!” He said to himself and walked out of the kitchen too.


( 09:00 am )

Angela was standing at the park waiting for someone, it’s her father of course. She wrote on the paper she gave him that he should meet up with her here.

A car stopped in front of her. A guard came out of the car and opened the passenger seat. He carried Evaristo out of the car and placed him on his wheelchair.

Evaristo wheeled up to her with a curious look….

“Who are you? Why did you ask us to meet” Evaristo said.

Angela smiled as she let out the tears of joy she held last night.

“Its me dad, Kaila” She said with a smile and tears on her face.

Evaristo froze…

“Kaila?” He stuttered.

Angela nodded she told him everything. About the bracelet, how she was sold, how she died and ressurected into Angela’s body, how she met and got married to Jackson…everything!!!

By that time Evaristo was in tears…

“I’m sorry Kaila, it’s all my fault. I’m the one to be blamed.” He cried.

Angela kneeled in front of him and held his hand.

“It’s okay dad. I need to know why I am in this body and will the real Angela come back?” Angela asked.

“I don’t know but there’s something you need to know” Evaristo said and looked down.

“What is it dad?” Angela asked curiously.

“You and the real Angela…are…sisters”

Angela froze.


What?? I’m sure some of you didn’t see that coming.


© Chidimma M.✍🏻

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