🍁 Chapter 25🍁

By Chidimma Mirabel βœπŸ»πŸ“š

“We’re sisters!!” Angela exclaimed loudly…

Evaristo sighed and looked up at her. He took her hand and gently rubbed it…

“It was 25 years ago. I got married to Paulina, of course it was an arranged marriage between our family. I never loved her, the woman I loved was Leah, your mother. Our family were strongly against our love, they did everything to keep us away from each other but our love still prevailed. We escaped and traveled to Denmark. By that time I was already married to Paulina. We lived our love life there….We gave birth to cute triplets, a boy and two girls. Raymond, Angela and you Kaila. Leah died while giving birth to you three. I took it all on me and raised you three. After some two months or three, my family suddenly came to Denmark and kidnapped Raymond, they sent him to another country in which I don’t know. They threatened me to come back and resume my marriage with Paulina or they’ll kill my son…I pleaded on them and they told me to bring one out of you two. With a heavy and pained heart, I took Angela to the orphanage, and then I went back to the US with you. And that’s were my miserable life began” Evaristo narrated and wiped off his tears. It pained his heart to remember all those things that happened to him.

Angela wiped off her tears too. She didn’t know what to feel. Whether its sadness, joy, happiness or anger…

“I’m sorry Kaila, it wasn’t my intention to abandon Angela, I didn’t have a choice back then” Evaristo said in tears.

Angela hugged him tightly.

“It’s okay dad, it’s not your fault. You had no choice” Angela said.

“Can I ask you a favor?” Evaristo said.

“What is it dad?” Angela said.

“Can I see Angela for one last time?” Evaristo asked pleadingly.

Angela stared at him confusedly. She didn’t know how to make Angela take possession of her body.

She stared at the bracelet on her wrist and then removed it. She closed her eyes and meditated.

Her head began spinning and sge felt her soul leave the body.

Angela opened back her eyes and stared at the environment. She was surprised to see that she’s back again in her body.

She looked at the man in front of him and smiled as tears welled up her eyes.

“Father?” Angela called.

“Yes, it’s me. Your father” Evaristo said and hugged her tightly. The joy he felt at that time was so much.

Meeting his two daughters at the same day was so overwhelming. The only thing missing was his son.

“Dad, how long I’ve wished to call someone that. I forgive you for everything” Angela said as they hugged each other.

“Thanks so much” Evaristo said as they broke the hug.

Angela head began aching and her head began spinning.

“Dad, I have to leave you right now. Don’t worry about me I’m fine where I am. I’ll always be with you and Kaila till the end…We’re gonna fight for what is rightfully ours. I love you dad, don’t worry I’ll stay with mom forever. Goodbye” Angela said and her head went down.

After some minutes Angela gasped and opened her eyes.

She looked back at her father..

“Did you two get to talk?” Angela asked as she wore her bracelet back.

“Yeah she says she wants to stay back with your mother, in the other world” Evaristo said with a smile.

“Does that mean she won’t come back on her body?” Angela asked.

“Yeah, I think so” Evaristo said.

Angela sighed a sigh of relief and also guilt. She felt happy that she won’t get to leave Jackson behind and she felt guilty coz she’s enjoying all what Angela was supposed to enjoy.

“Dad, I need to go to work. Don’t worry I’ll do everything possible to find out missing brother” Angela said.

“Okay, I’ll also help you with your revenge. It’s time I act like a man. I’ll be your eyes and ears at that mansion” Evaristo said.

“Thanks dad, be careful. I love you bye” She said and kissed his forehead before entering the car, she drove to her company.

As she parked her car, she received a call from Hazel.


“Mrs Peterson, the brothel has been successfully tracked” Hazel said.

“Good, give me two hours. I’ll be on my way there, we’ll burn that place down. Just like what they did to me” Angela said and hung up.

She kept her phone in her bag and came out of her car then walked to her office while smiling at those who greeted her…Her company is slowly progressing.



“What!!! What do you mean that our company is slowly dieing down” Mindy yelled as she was in her office.

“That’s the repost we got ma’am” Kaila James said with her head down.

“Sht, that stupid company is stealing all our prominent clients!! Fk!!” She yelled and threw the papers at Kaila James face.

Kaila James picked it up and walked out of the office fighting back her tears. Just because of money, she betrayed her best friend now look where it landed her…She’s been treated like a dog.



“Is the job well done?” Jackson asked through the phone

“Yeah, her company is slowly dieing down.” Someone said through the phone.

“Good, that’ll teach her a lesson not to mess with my angel” Jackson said and hung up.

He smiled as he successfully achieved what he wanted.

Yeah…he’s the one behind Mindy’s company going bankrupt. He decided to help his baby out.



Angela sat down on her seat while working. She suddenly felt dizzy but ignored the feeling.

Two hours suceesfully passed without problem. It was time for her break, that’ll be enough to do what she plans to do.

She stood up and walked out of her office and out of her company.

Hazel was already outside with some men around 7. Looks like they come from same company with Hazel.

“Let’s go” Angela said.

“Sure, follow us” Hazel said.

They boarded their respective cars and drove off to the location.

After close to 40 minutes they arrived the location. It was a huge mansion in the middle of an isolated area.

“I called the cops, I’m sure by the time that they’ll arrive here we’ll be done with what we have to do” Hazel said putting back her phone.

“Good, let’s go” Angela said.

The men who came with them just bombarded the gate, it turned to particles.

“What’s going on?”

“Did someone came to save us”

“What’s happening, I’m scared”

“Someone save me”

Those were the words they heard coming from the building

Minutes after some men came out and sutrou the house then aimed the gun at Hazel men. Hazel just smiled and shook her head..

“Who are you to enter my territory without permission?” Flora asked still looking as beautiful as before with her cigarette in her hand.

“Well we’re the ones who’ll lead you to your downfall. You face is pasted all around the country as wanted. If they catch you is life imprisonment so I prefer to kill you on the spot” Hazel said smoking, standing with that usual cold expression on her face.

Flora chuckled..

“You seriously think you could kill me?”

She turned to one of her men…

“Come on shoot her, what are you waiting for?” Flora said.

The man made to pull the trigger but a gunshot was heard. The man who wanted to shoot Hazel fell on the floor as pool of blood began accumulating beneath him.

Flora stared at his dead body, surprised… She looked back at Hazel.

Hazel had a smile on her lips.

“I told you, you’ll die here right? You thought I was joking? My men have surrounded this area, every of your move are in their gaze” Hazel said.

Flora began to feel scared. Her eyes darted round the area but she could see no one.

Suddenly a laughter was heard. Flora was even more confused.

“Well, well, well my dear Flora…You seriously thought you could kill me?” Someone said.

Flora eyes widened as Angela came out of her hiding, looking more beautiful.

“Kaila?” Flora said.

“Good to see you still remember my name. Did you miss me?” Angela asked.

“No, it can’t be. I made sure you were burnt to ashes, how come you’re in front of me?” Flora asked, slightly trembling.

“Not enough for you to know but enough for you to shut up” Angela said.

“Shoot her!” Flora screamed.

Her men began shooting at Hazel men and a shooting session began.

After close to 15 minutes, the shooting died down with only Flora standing up, the rest of her men where all dead

“No,,I can’t loose like this” She said as her knees gave up, she sat down on the ground.

Hazel men went in and evacuated the women who were inside as for some of the men who were also inside like politicians, they were all tied up…waiting for the police to arrest them.

Angela walked in front of Flora and gave her two resounding slaps. She pulled her up by the hair and dragged her into the building.

By that time, the rest of Hazel men where sprinkling petrol round the house.

Angela personally tied Flora up. She slapped her again with tears glistering in her eyes.

“You ruined my life!” Angela said in tears. Being here is greatly reminding her of all what she’s being through…

The match box was handed to her. Flora eyes widened in hΒ©rror…

“Please have mercy, I’m sorry please…Don’t let me die like this, just shoot me” Flora begged…

Angela tightened ger grip on the matchbox.

“No, I cant forgive you…You ruined the lives of so much women, I can’t let you continue like this. Besides I begged you to spare my life but you turned a deaf ear to it…The society doesn’t need mon$ter like you so it’s preferable you die. Die!!” Angela yelled and she lighted up the match. She threw it at Flora and walked out of the house with Hazel and the rest behind.

“No it hurt argh!! It hurt!!” Flora screamed in agony as she was being consumed in the flames…

Angela stared at the building which was burning down. She still remembered vividly all the pains she went through…

She heard the police sirens approaching.

“I’ll leave the rest to you. I don’t want to be seen here, it’ll blow up my cover” Angela said and Hazel nodded.

“Can we be friends?” Hazel suddenly said which took Angela by surprise.

“Sure” Angela replied.

She walkes up to her car and made to enter.

“I hope I’ll meet your husband, he must be lucky to have such a badass like you as wife” Angela said and entered the car

She drove off….



William was seated on a couch in his house deep in thought. Ever since his father arrived, he didn’t say a word to him.

“What’s wrong son?” Jordan said.

He looked up at him and stayed quiet.

“What’s wrong son? I’m asking you for the last time” Jordan said.

William looked at him and sighed.

“There’s this girl I really love. Unfortunately things lead to another and I got married to her sister which is Mindy. After some months, someone who looks exactly like her came back…All the feelings I thought was long forgotten suddenly came back into me. My thoughts are now occupied by her,,,the problem now is she’s married to my best friend” William said sadly.

Jordan laughed and sat down beside him…

“That’s it? Because of a woman you’re ready to die because of over thinking? Like Ariana grande sang…I see it, I like it, I want it, I gat it. If you like her go for her son…You’re not my son for nothing” Jordan said patting his back.

William glanced at him…

“Maybe you’re right dad”


Hmm, that’s how it’s starting. William!!


© Chidimma M.✍🏻

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