🍁 Chapter 26🍁

By Chidimma MirabelβœπŸ»πŸ“š

Angela drove back to the company, feeling so happy. Her phone began ringing.

She came out of the car and smiled as she saw who it was.

πŸ“± Nina!!!! How have you been doing bestie?

πŸ“± Geez Ela, my ears! I’m great honey, I’m currently at our honey moon. I and Theodore got married last week.

πŸ“± That’s so cool. Too bad I missed it.

πŸ“± I understand you Ela, you had something to settle down.

πŸ“± How’s that baby? I’m sure Theo won’t let you lift a finger.

πŸ“± You bet he doesn’t, he literally carries me everywhere I go. The baby is fine, it’s already a month old.

πŸ“± Wow so fast. I gat to go now. We’ll talk some other time.

πŸ“± Sure later Angie, muaah!!

Angela hung up and smiled.

*I really miss Denmark* She thought.

She kept back her phone and walked in her company.



Mindy was in her room getting dressed for work. As she made to wear her blouse, the door swung open and Jordan walked in with a smile.

She quickly covered herself with her hands.

“Are you stupid, don’t you know how to knock?” Mindy screamed

“Relax beauty, it’s just the two of us in this mansion. William left for work some minutes ago” Jordan said staring at some parts of her body.

“And so? Get out!! Now!!” Mindy yelled.

Jordan chuckled.

“Alright I’ll go. But remember my offer still stands” Jordan said and walked out of her room.

Mindy breathed out and buttoned up. She walked to a drawer and opened it. She then removed a gun from it and stared at it.

She kssed it and looked at the door where Jordan left.

“I guess I’ll have no other choice than to use this” She said.

She kept back the gun and stood up to go and apply her makeup.



Angela was working on her computer when the door swung open.

She looked up and smiled.

“Jackson!!” She said and stood up.

She walked up to him and pulled him to her level as she kssed him .

“What was that for?” Jackson asked breathing heavily.

“I missed you” Angela said radiantly.

Jackson tugged her hair behind her ear.

“Jackson, promise me that no matter what happens, you’ll never forget me” Angela said looking intently into his eyes.

Jackson smiled and kissed her nose.

“Never, never.” He said.

Angela hugged him tightly. Jackson hugged her back too feeling somehow suspicious.

*Why is she acting this way* Jackson thought.

*I have a very bad feeling* Angela thought as she snuggled with Jackson’s chest.

They broke the hug and Angela held her head. Jackson looked worriedly at her.

“Anything wrong?” He asked feeling her temperature which was normal.

“I’m just feeling a little bit dizzy” She said.

“You see, I told you not to over work. It’ll stress you” Jackson said.

Angela smiled seeing this caring side of him. She pecked his cheek.

“Don’t worry, I’m perfectly fine.” She said.

“Okay if you say so, I believe you” Jackson replied.

They discussed for sometime before it was now time for Jackson to leave he had to attend to a meeting.

He bade her goodbye and left, not without kissing her.

*He’s so sweet* Angela thought as she resumed work.


“Kaila…Angela….Kaila….Angela” He said as he continued fking her imagining the bch to be Kaila/ Angela

He continued like that until the woman couldn’t take it any longer.

“Stop…Ahh…please” She pleaded at the same time.

He gave a deaf ear to her and continued his administration.

After some minutes, the lady passed out. He stopped and began dressing with a whole new look on his face.

“I swear I’ll make you mine no matter what it takes, I lost Kaila…I’m not willing and ready to loose you Angela” He said with an evil smile on his face.

He finished dressing and walked out of the room, closing the door behind.



“No, this can’t be. We’re at the verge of bankruptcy” Mindy said staring at the files they gave her.

She ruffled her hair furiously and picked up her bag then stormed out of the company.

She boarded her car and drove carelessly to Angel’s design. She parked her car and marched in before the security could stop her.

She walked all the way to a big door and on it was written “CEO” On it. She opened it and walked in

Angela looked up from the files she had in hand and ached a brow as she saw Mindy standing in front of her.

“How may I help you Mrs Perry” Angela asked.

“Stop this, I know it’s you. Please stop all this” Mindy yelled like a mad person.

Angela kept the files and stood up. She walked and stood in front of her with a confused expression.

“What do you mean” Angela asked.

“Stop acting dumb. I know you’re the one behind my company going bankrupt. I’m telling you to stop it…Who knows maybe you offered a one night…”

Angela slapped her before she could finish her statement.

“Don’t even dare finish that statement…I’m not cheap thing like you” Angela said.

Mindy held her jaw and looked at Angela confused and angrily

“What do you mean by that?” Mindy asked.

Angela chuckled dryly and brushed her hair to the back with her hand.

“You know very well what I’m saying. Don’t act innocent Mrs destiny snatcher” Angela said.

Mindy looked at her. She’s beginning to feel scared.

“Who are you?” She stuttered

With a smirk Angela lifted up her wrist and showed it to Mindy. The wrist where the bracelet was.

Mindy eyes widened. Only one person could have this kind of bracelet.

“Ka…Kaila?” She said.

“Bingo!!” Angela said.

Mindy took a step back. By that time Angela face changed, from the caring one to the one full of hatred and anger. It even scared Mindy.

“How…How did you survive?” She asked.

Angela grabbed her hair and pulled her closer to her face. Mindy tried freeing herself but it was just too painful. It felt like Angela will pull out her hair from her skull.

“You’re asking me how I survived? I think you should better ask me how you’ll leave this office alive” Angela said.

Her words sent cold shivers down Mindy spine. For the first time in her life, she was scared. This wasn’t the Kaila she knew.

“Kaila, please spare my life. It isn’t my fault, it’s mom’s fault” Mindy said.

“You’re so full of yourself that you are willing to sacrifice your own mother just to save yourself. Don’t worry, Paulina case is special…I’ll make sure she gets what she deserves” Angela said.

She release her grip from Mindy and pushed her away.

“You know what? I’m not going to kill you today. I still consider the fact that we’re sister so for that, I’m giving you a day to run, run away from me. Run like your life depended on it…For if I catch you, I swear I’ll make your life so painful that you’ll beg me to kill you” Angela said, smiling wickedly.

Mindy slowly walked to door still looking at Angela.

“Go on run my dear sister. Flee for your life” Angela said amd Mindy opened the door then began running to the exit without looking behind.

Angela smiled as she stood by her door post watching her run.



Mindy ran out of the company and boarded her car. She roared the engine back to life and drove off at a crazy speed heading to her house.

“Kaila is alive, she’s back for me. She’ll kill me if she catches me. I don’t want to die, please” Mindy said as drove to the mansion in tears.

She parked her car and ran into the mansion heading to her room. She began parking her things inside her suitcase.

“I need to get out of this country, she’ll kill me if she catches me” Mindy said.

She kept packing her things…

Jordan came and stood by her door, watching her run around parking her things…

He walked in and walked up to her the. stood behind her as she watched her rummage through her drawer.

He slapped her butt and she gasped. She looked back at him with an eyes.

Jordan was smiling while licking his lips.

Mindy turned back to the drawer and removed something. She turned back to Jordan and with a swift movement a bullet landed on Jordan stomach.

He fell down, groaning in pain.

“I warned you didn’t I? I warned you to stay away from me. Die!!!” She said and shot him on the head.

He stopped moving instantly.

She looked at the gun and kept it in her suitcase. She closed her suitcase and carried it out of the mansion. She loaded it on her car and drove off.

She went to a bank and removed all thr money in her account before driving to the airport.

She removed her suitcase and pulled it to the receptionist.

“Excuse me miss can I buy a ticket for the next flight to Germany?” Mindy asked.

The receptionist typed and looked up at her.

“I’m sorry ma’am, all airport has been blocked till further notice” The receptionist said.

Mindy froze. She knew already who did it.



“Thanks for the favor Tristan” Angela said through the phone.

“It’s just a piece of cake, I know the president of this country and with his help I blocked all airport. Beside I said I owed you one right” Tristan said through the phone as he was having dinner with Gianna.

“Alright, greet Gianna for me” Angela said and hung up.

She concentrated back on her work when suddenly the door flew open. She looked up and was surprised to see it was William.

Something was really different about him. Angela stood up and walked to him. She offered a handshake.

“Good evening Mr William, what brings you here” She said.

“You” He replied without taking her handshake.


“I came here because of you”

Before Angela could say something, he grabbed her hand and pulled her closer as he slammed his lips on hers.

Angela struggled to push him but he was too strong. She bit his lips and he broke the kss still not letting her go

“Are you crazy, let me go!! I’m married!!” Angela yelled breathlessly.

“Yeah I’m crazy, crazily in love with you. I love you, I don’t care if you’re married…I’m tired of sacrificing my own happiness for others” William said.

He pushed her on top of the desk and came on top of her he kissed and sucked on her neck as his hands were unbuttoning her shirt.

“Help!! Security!! Security!!” Angela screamed.

William looked at her and laughed dryly.

“Don’t waste your breath my love, I killed all your securities with the help of my Father’s men. We’re the only one in this building. You’re mine whether you like it or not” He said.

Suddenly Angela felt a weight was lifted off her body. She opened her eyes and gasped as she saw Jackson beating the living hell in William.

“How dare you try to rappe my wife. I trusted you, you ba$tard!!” Jackson yelled as he punched him countlessly.

He just came to pick up his wife. He received the shock of his life as he saw all the security lying on the ground dead. Without thinking he ran up to here and met his best friend,,,no his ex best friend trying to rappe his Angel.

Angela stood up and hugged him while crying. Jackson felt her presence and stopped

He turned to her and hugged her tightly. He released her and removed his coat then covered her body with it.

“From today henceforth I don’t want to see you near me or my wife. Or else I promise I’ll kill you with my own hands.” Jackson said.

He turned to Angela and wiped off her tears.

“Hush love, it’s okay I’m here now” He said and Angela nodded.

He picked her up in a bridal style and walked out of the office.

William laughed loudly where he lying.

“You should have killed me when you had the change, now I’m alive I’ll make your life a living hell Jackson. And you Angela you’ll be mine” He said with a smile.


Things are getting outta hand here. Wow!!


© Chidimma M.✍🏻

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