🍁 Chapter 28🍁

By Chidimma MirabelβœπŸ»πŸ“š

“We meet again my queen” William said with a smile on his face.

Angela took a step back still staring at him.

“Will…William?” She stuttered.

“Why are you so surprised. You’re mine, why are you so scared” William said walking closer to her.

“What’s gotten into you William, you’re not the same person I knew” Angela said still talking steps back.

“Oh well I don’t know who told you about me but that person was greatly mistaken about me. Don’t you see this is the real me, this is how I am when I don’t get what I want…I still remember, when I asked Mindy if she was involved in Kaila’s death, she said no. I warned her that if I ever find out that she was involved she’ll pay dearly for it…I’m a very kind and compassionate person, but I go berserk when I find out that you’re abusing of my kindness. Also I hate sharing what’s mine, you’re mine Angela and I won’t share you with any one not even Jackson…oh speaking of Jackson why don’t you watch the news” William said and walked up to the television, he picked up the remote controller and put on the TV. A news popped up.

*Breaking news!! 20 minutes ago, a car was seen by the road side. The car was damaged beyond repair. The driver was the car was rushed to the hospital and he’s right now fighting for his life. The victim is none other than Mr Jackson Peterson, CEO of SWN corporation* The journalist said through the TV.

Angela knees gave up and she sat on the floor still staring at the TV as they showed the different images of the damaged car.

Tears flowed freely from her eyes as she wept bitterly.

“It’s okay Angela, don’t worry you’ll soon forget about him. I’m here for you” William said and crouched to her level as he rubbed her back.

Angela turned and face him and what followed was a resounding slap.

Angela stood up in tears.

“You monster, you’re nothing but a monster. How dare you do this to Jackson, your best friend!!! I hate you, I’ll never love you!! Not in life, not in death…You here me I’ll never love you!!” She yelled at him as more tears cascaded down her eyes.

William face changed. He was now furious…

“Listen you’re gonna love me whether you like it or not, you’re mine!!” He growled.

“Let me go, you’re hurting me!” Angela cried.

“Come here” He said and dragged her to the exit.

Angela marched his foot. He released her hair, she then gave him a kick on his sensitive part before running out of the house.

She ran out of the house heading to the gate. As she arrived there, the gate was locked.

“Oh no!!!” She said as she struggled to open the gate.

“No need to run my love, we’re the only ones in this house. Come out, come out, wherever you are!!” He said as he slowly walked to the gate.

Angela heard his footsteps approaching so she quickly ran and hid in a bush.

She removed her phone from the pocket of her trouser.

“Who should I call?” She thought while panicking

A name popped up in her head, she quickly dialed the number.


“Hazel, please I need your help he’s after me. He wants to harm me, I’m scared” Angela said in a hushed sound while crying.

“Angela who? Where are you?” Hazel said as she picked her jacket walking out of her house.

“It’s Will….

“Found you!!” William exclaimed.

“Ahh!!” Angela screamed.

“Come here” He said and grabbed her hand

“No, help Hazel please!!” Angela screamed before the call disconnected as the phone smashed on the floor.

“Let me go William!! Please?” Angela struggled to get out of his grip.

“Will you stay quiet for some minutes” He said and injected her.

Angela struggled and after some minutes she stopped as she feel limp in his arms.

“Good girl” He said and pecked her lips before carrying her.

He opened the gate and walked out of the house passing all the dead bodies lying on the ground. He poisoned all the guards.

He placed her in his car and drove off.



“Sht!!!” Hazel cur$ed as the call disconnected.

“What’s wrong?” Someone said.

“Huge problems. I don’t know why this girl always have the talent of getting herself into trouble” Hazel said as she rushed to her computer.

She began typing furiously on it…

The man walked up to her and rubbed her back which seemed to calm her down.

“Calm down hunny, we’ll find her” He said and kissed her on the cheek.

Hazel looked at him and smiled.

“Thanks Ray” She replied.

“Anything for you my love” Raymond replied.

“Bingo!” Hazel exclaimed as she was done typing.

A red dot was showing on the computer and it was moving.

“I planted a tracker in her bracelet. It’s a matter of time before the tracker disconnects. We need to act fast” Hazel said.

“I guess you have no other choice right?” Raymond said.

“Yeah. I guess I’ll contact the G empire in Korea for help” Hazel said removing her phone.

She dialed a number.

“Agent V, it’s me agent H. I need your help it’s an emergency. The life of an important person is at stake.” Hazel said.

“Alright we’re on our way to the US, just give us one and a half hour. I’ll send the ROSY girls and Shadow to your aid” Victoria said.

“Good thanks boss” Hazel said and hung up..

She turned to Raymond.

“She said they’re on their way. They’ll arrive in the next hour.” Hazel said and sat back down in front of the computer.

*I hope they won’t be late* She thought while staring at the red dot.

She doesn’t know how but she’s grew fond of Angela. Like a sister to her.



Jackson was lying on the hospital bed with tubes all over his body. The doctor was there and he dressed his wound.

“How’s his condition” One of the doctor asked.

“He’s stable right now. Looks like he is in God’s favor, he got minor wounds. Alot of blood loss. I’m sure he’ll be fine” The doctor said as he bandaged his head.

As the doctors were discussing, someone was standing by the door eavesdropping on their conversation.

After the doctors finished discussing, he stylishly walked away.

He remove the nose mask and made a call.

“Hello boss? The target is alive, the.doctor says he’ll be okay” He said discreetly.

“Really? Looks like he has nine lifes” William said with a smile.

“What should I do? Should I poison him?” He asked.

“No, don’t poison him. I will personally kill him, just make sure he doesn’t leave the hospital, kidnap him by sunrise and bring him” William said.


** 30 minutes later **

Angela slowly opened her eyes. She looked round the area with a confused expression.

She sat up and surprisingly, she was in a beautiful room laying on a comfortable bed.

She climbed down the bed and walked to the door but it was locked.

“Where I’m I?” She thought

She then remembered all what happened. Maybe William sedated her and brought her to this place.

She walked to the window but it was locked too.

The door then opened and William walked in smiling happily.

“Good thing you’re awake my princess” William said.

Angela glared at him with anger in her eyes.

“Don’t come near me” She threatened.

William chuckled like it was some joke…

“What will you do huh? Will you kill me? Hate me? Oh please, I’ve already heard all of those. They mean nothing to me” He said while walking towards her.

*I can’t let him find out that I’m carrying Jackson baby, I fear he will harm my baby* Angela though, taking steps back.

He stood in front of her and leaned towards her. He brushed his lips across her ears.

Angela swallowed in disgust.

“Don’t worry, I’m letting you rest for tonight. Tomorrow I’m making you mine whether you like it or not” He said and smiled before walking out of the room, locking the door behind him.

Angela sat down on the floor and cried bitterly….

“I’m scared. Someone save me from this monster” Angela cried.

She rubbed her stomach and a glint of hope shone in her heart.

“I need to protect my baby” She thought.

** An hour later **

“Love, they’ve arrived” Raymond said.

“Good let them in” Hazel said while calculating the exact location of Angela. The red dot stopped moving so it means Angela is at that location.

The door opened and five people walked in four ladies and one man.

“We’re here agent H” Ronald said.

Hazel turned to them.

“Good, the target has stopped moving which means she’s at this location. We need to get there before tomorrow or else it’ll be too late” Hazel said.

“Cool, that means we have enough time to make some plans. I mean this is the song of Jordan Perry we’re talking about. The most dangerous drug lord in US.” Suzy said.

“Yeah you’re right so what’s the plan” Olivia asked.

Roxanna rested her hands on the table.

“I think I have a plan” She said.



“Sht, I’m in some serious mess right now. What do I do mom is dead, I’m on the wanted list and I’m sure William us after me” Mindy said while panicking.

She was currently in a small house that she rented and payed the man handsomely so that he keeps quiet.

After some minutes of thinking she stood up with a determined look on her face.

“I guess I’ll surrender to the police force. I’m tired of all these” She said and wiped off her tears.

“I hope I’ll have the chance to speak to Kaila. I badly need to ask for forgiveness even though I know she’ll never forgive me” She said and dialed a number.

“Hello, I’m Madeline Perry. I plead guilty. I’m responsible for the death of Kaila Morgan and Jordan Perry” She said in tears.


Mindy, I feel sorry for you sha. You’re indirectly going to die.


© Chidimma M.✍🏻

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