(I didn’t know until I lost it)

Episode 3

✨ Katelyn’s pov ✨

I laughed hard and tapped my laps with my hand course I couldn’t control the laughter anymore…

“Seriously Katty it’s true” Becky said while laughing too.

“Oh my gosh…” I almost yelled and wiped my eyes,,I was literally tearing up…


“How is that even possible girl it’s not possible Becky” I replied and laughed again.

I really love her been around… I’m so glad she’s always with me through this though time

She never seeze to make my day.
Expecially when am sad.
She brings up jokes and I’ll end up laughing.

Becky and I have been friends since school days and we still kept in touch with each other… we’re more like sisters now…

She’s funny…fun to be with and she talks way too much and I love her that way

Since I’m not the talking type….she does all the talking while I laugh at the funny talks and wowed at the unbelievable ones.

It’s a pain that she’s an introvert.
Am the only one she talks to.

She kept on bringing up more gist making me laugh…and suddenly I heard my phone ring
It was an unknown number…

I stare at the screen for a while before picking up.


🌞 Dylan’s Pov 🌞

I turned back and there I saw a little girl.
Who’s she?

She had a smooth fair skin and a pretty little face …her hair was packed in two,,the front part of it covered her brows and she had a bag pack and a lunch box with her.

She looked really cute like a little angel and I couldn’t help but admire her..

But wait!

Does she know me before? or…..

“Good day sir” she greeted in her tiny voice….
“Can I ask for a favor? 🥺” She asked so sweetly and gave me the puppy eyes

Awwn she’s so cute.

I couldn’t help but smile
I knelt down with just one knee and held her hands..

Oh! is she alone??

I looked around and yeah she wasn’t with anyone

I turned to her and she smiled at.
I had to smile back

“Hi” I said and she kept smiling…
She has a really cute smile

“Who are you with?? Where’s your mum? Or dad?”

“I’m not with anyone sir”

“I’ve been walking for a long time now and I don’t know if you can help me…..can you do me a favor sir?”

She replied

“What favor is that dear?”
I asked and held her little hands again.

“My school is on closing hours now and I don’t know if my mum lost track of time…so please sir can I have your sell phone so I can call her? Please?” She asked sweetly and I giggled…

She speaks like an adult and uses the magic words in everything she says.

“Is that it?? That’s why you had to keep say many pleases and sir??” I asked and we both laughed alittle

“Okay you can have it..” I brought out my phone and gave it to her

“Oh thank you sir” she said and took the phone…

She quickly typed her mum’s digits and put a call through to her…

I watched her as she talked to her mom like a teenage girl…

Okay! Whattt?

“📲 mummy??…where are you??📲

📲I can’t believe you lost tract of time mum📲
📲oh goodness mum did you forget that you need to pick me up from school??📲

📲How could you forget that I do come home by 3pm everyday mum?”📲

📲No…No ..a kind Mister lent his phone to me …yes..yes mum I’m outside but 8 meters away from the school compound📲

📲 I’ll be waiting for you mum… I’m giving you just 3 mins”

📲 I’ll sue you if you extend my 3 mins📲

📲Yes yes… hurry okay.. I’ll wait don’t worry📲

📲I know I know..I’m not leaving this spot Mrs Kris📲

📲 Alright mum… love you… bye📲

She hanged up and I couldn’t help but laugh..

“Thank you so much sir here’s your phone…”
She said and gave the phone back to me…

“You’re welcome ☺️” I replied and took back the phone…

she’s always smiling…

“Is that how you’ve always talked you your mum?”

“Hmm no sir I was just joking with her so she’ll be here quick… you’ll see she’ll be here in no time”

She replied and I laughed.

I knelt to her level again and bushed the front part of her hair.

“How old are you Angel?” I asked and she licked her pink tiny lips.

“I’m 5years old sir”

She speaks like she was 12

“That’s cool…but why do you keep calling me sir?? It’s Dylan okay?” I said and she smiled.

“Uhm my mum said I should always add Sir or Mister to anyone’s name…. mostly the ones that are older than me….like you.

“Besides you didn’t tell me your name before but now I know… I’ll call you Sir Dylan” she replied and my mouth dropped open…

Holy christ!
Who’s the owner of this child??

Isn’t she just too smart for her age??


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