(I didn’t know until I lost it)

Episode 4

🌞 Dylan’s pov 🌞

I laughed as she finished her story

Seriously she’s the smartest kid I’ve ever seen.
And really beautiful too.
Her parents must be a god and a godness

Now we’re sitting inside my car and she’s been gisting me about how her day went at school and I must say she’s fun to chill with…

She’s small but mighty…
Most of the time she talks about her mom
I think they are pretty close…

I tried dropping her off at her house but she said her mum wants her to wait and not to move an inch

I must say my day isn’t so bad after all…

“Sir Dylan? Don’t you have to go somewhere?? You’ve been here for long now…I’m I keeping you here?” She asked and oh!!

That was when I remember I had to be at the office!!!!

Oh no!
“You should get going” she said again..

“Yes I should but wait…I can’t leave you here dear I’ll have to wait till your mum comes around to pick you..okay?”

“That’ll be nice sir but…you must have something important you wanna do…don’t worry I’ve called my mum she’ll be here soon maybe there’s traffic on the road….

“You can get going sir I’ll wait😊” she said and tried going out of the car..

“No no..it’s not right for you to be out here alone dear I’ll wait for your mum to come pick you up okay…

“It’s dangerous to be out here alone” I insisted

“Mr Dylan… I’m serious..it’s fine you can go I’ll be fine…don’t worry I’m not gonna get kidnapped ..

“No one can kidnap me you know?.. I’m quite tough” she said and showed me are arm
I laughed hard.

Oh God
This kid…

“But I’m serious sir…you should get to where you’re going I’ll be fine” she smiled and came down from the car…

I went out too and walked up to her..
“You’re sure you’ll be fine?” I asked and she nodded…

I smiled and went to give her a little hug

I don’t really know why I did but…I just felt like doing so…

“Stay safe Angel”

“You too Sir” she said and we disengaged from the hug and smiled at each other.


✨ Katelyn’s pov ✨

Oh my goodness!!

How could I forget something like this huh??

This is the second time I’m doing this and it’s not cool…

Oh sht!!
My Daughter!

I hope she’s okay??
I hope nothing bad has happened to her oh God!

I hope she’s still standing at the point she told me she was?!!

“Uhmm okay…you can stop here sir please..thank you” I told the cab man and he stopped

I gave him his money and he went off…

Becky couldn’t drop me off course she also had a call from the office…

I hurried off to where sylvia said she was standing…
It wasn’t too far from her school though…

I panicked as I didn’t see her around…
Where’s my daughter!!

I ran for a little while and just then I saw her sitting on the garg way blocks…

Oh thank God!
I placed my head on my chest and blew out air.

“Sylvia?” I called and she turned to look at me ..
Her eyes beamed and her sad face changed when she saw me

She smiled and ran to hug me
“Mum! What took you so long??” She asked as she hugged me..

“I’m sorry baby…there was a little traffic on the way come here..

“Have you been waiting for long?” I asked and she disengage from the hug…

“No mummy I’m happy you’re here now..” she smiled and I smiled back and touched her cheeks

“Let’s get going mum I’m starving”
I laughed…

“Come on let’s go”…

She held my hand and we walked towards the road to get a gab…

“Awwn mum it’s a pity you didn’t see the kind Mister that helped me earlier….he was so nice and handsome too”

“He was?” I asked and she nodded.

“He even sent his greetings from him to you… he’s so nice and I pray you see him again…” She said and I just smiled…

Oh thank God there’s still good people in this world!

Where ever he is …
All thanks to him for keeping my daughter safe

“I want a box of chocolate first mum”

“Okay I’ll get it for you on our way home okay?” I told her and she brushed her hair backwards.

Just then a cab stopped infront of us and we went in…. heading home.


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