(I didn’t know until I lost it)

Episode 5

🌞 Dylan’s Pov 🌞

“Alfred mhen I’ve apologized like 15 times already,, I’m sorry okay…I had some other important things to do..I lost track of time”

I told him as we sat at the dining together with our laptops in front of us.

Well yeah…
I couldn’t go back to the office course it was already late…
So we’re at my house now.

“Geez! Mhen the files were quite important at that moment Dylan…Cali is going to kill you tomorrow” He replied and I chuckled

“Well she can’t… I’m her Boss”

He gave me the cold look and I laughed
“I’m sorry okay?” I said admist laughter…

“Where were you anyway?”

“Uhm…I was already coming back to the office but I met this sweet little girl at the long-run and she needed my help”

“A little girl you say?🤨” He frowned his brows

“Yes….she was really pretty you know…I admire her so much and at that moment I wish I had a daughter”

I said and we both bursted into serious laughter 😂

“Are you ¢razy Dylan? You aren’t even married yet mhen…You plan to be a single father?” He said and asked still laughing

“Yeah I know…I just wished that for a second.” I replied and placed my finger on my Chin

“So? You were admiring the little girl that’s why you return with the files late?”

“Oh no no that’s not it”

“Then? What happened?” He asked and I cleared my throat…

“Well she asked if she could use my cell phone to call her mum and I had to help her out because she has been waiting for long and because she was adorable😌”

“Huhmm that’s explained why your phone was busy when I was calling…I see” He said and brushed his her backwards…

“Yes yes….and I had to stay with her while she waited for her mum…that’s why I was late..so there!”

I concluded and he sighed…
“So did you get to see her mum?”

“No….well the little Angel insisted I head back to were I was supposed to be… because she doesn’t want me to think she’s keeping me waiting while I should be attending to important stuff”

“Wow…pretty smart” he said and I nodded in agreement because she was pretty smart…

I hoped her mum came to pick her early… because she must be tired…

Awwn… I couldn’t even ask for her name.

I smiled as I continued with what I was doing.


🌌 Evening….🌌

✨ Katelyn’s pov ✨
I worked on my hair while walking down the stairs…
Been a long day

I got to the living room and… there I met my priceless Jewel working on her assignments.

She was kneeling in front of the center table with three books on it. and her school bag.

She was looking really cute with just her nighties and her hair was freed…

My everything ❣️

“Hi Mum” she said with her head still bent down…still working on her assignments and I wondered how she know I was here??

I walked up to were she was and kssed her hair…

“What’re you doing?” I asked taking a peep at her book…

“Working on a drawing…I was asked to draw anything for the arts tomorrow” she replied without looking at me…

It was the drawing of an ocean while the sun was setting up…

I smiled as I watched her draw…it was really beautiful..and she was damn good at it…
Just like me

“Mum?” She called and this time rised her head to look at me.

“I’m still hungry you know?”

“Oh… okay let me make you something to eat…. I’m coming okay.”

I said and she brushed her hair backwards with a nod.

I rushed to the kitchen and tried making a quick meal for her.
A quick one.
I got carrots and other egetables and started chopping them..
After chopping them I turned on the gas…but it didn’t turn on.

Wait a minute….
Oh no…
Don’t tell me!!

We’re out of gassss!!
Oh No!!!!

What do I do now??
Dmn it
How could I forget!!

I placed my hand on my forehead and rubbed it gently.

Maybe I should call Tyler Huh?

Yes I should…
Since he’s not back yet…
Maybe he can call someone to come help with it…

It’s still 7:30

I rushed upstairs to get my phone…
I dailed his number…

He didn’t pick up.
Must he always avoid my calls??
This is really important…

I tried again and again…still didn’t pick

I decided to try for the fourth time and he picked after the third ring…

“What do you want!!!!”
He yelled at the phone even before I could call his name…

“I…I just wanted to know if…”

“If what??! Look am busy okay!…”

“No wait…the…the gas
“We are out of gas at home so…I just wanted to tell you…if you….you can send someone over to help fill it up so I could make dinner please?” I asked politely.

“What?! So I’m the gas filler now? Huh? Do it yourself woman and stop disturbing me!!” He said rudely

Okay what is wrong with this guy??!

“Please just help me call someone to…..”

*I’m back bae let’s go back to what we were doing*

I heard a female voice from the background and my eyes beamed liked they were gonna pop out

Hope it’s not what am thinking!!

“Is that a lady with you!!!”

I didn’t know when I yelled at him…


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