(I didn’t know until I lost it)

Episode 6

🔥 Tyler’s pov🔥

As soon as Lalisa left for the bathroom I had to check my phone and found out who was call…

Why’s she calling now??
What’s wrong with this lady??
Must she always ruin my mood??
What does she want now?

I groaned and picked the call.

“What the fk do you want??” I yelled at her on the phone before she could even call my name…
She sighed and replied…

📲I…I just wanted to know if…📲

“If what?? Look I’m busy okay!” I replied not giving a chance to speak and was about hanging up.

📲No wait…the…the gas…
📲We are out of gas at home so I just wanted to tell you…if you…you can send someone over to help refill it so I could make something for Sylvia please 📲

I brushed my hair backwards…
Oh Geez!!
What in the world this??
Must this dump woman be so frustrating at all times??!
Do I look like someone that refill gas??

“What?! So I’m the gas filler now? Huh?? Do it yourself woman and stop disturbing me!!! ” I replied with gritted teeth…

Jesus christ!!
I’m so gonna kll this bch one day

📲Please just help me call someone to….📲

She was about completing her statement when Lalisa stepped in

“Come on bae let’s go back to what we were doing” She smiled and joined me on the bed.

📲 Tyler?!…..
I heard Katelyn call

📲 Is that a lady with you!!!!📲
She yelled and my eyes beamed in shock…

What the….

Wait did she just…..
Did she just yelled at me?
The nerve she has!

“Hey!!! Are you stupid or something?!! Did you just raise you voice at me?? Have you gone nut?!”

I asked angrily and she didn’t reply I hissed and hung up.

“Was that your wife?? Or should I say… baby mama?” Lalisa said and laughed a little.
I sighed

“Oh call her whatever you want but not my wife okay…”

“But she is…right?”

“Please Lalisa quite your drama”

“Tyler she’ll always mean something to you…. because she has a child for you,,and oh less I forgot….you both are married deal with it.” she continued and I brushed my hair backwards…

I see she’s tryna add more to ruining my day.

“That was a mistake….I never loved her…”

“Are kidding?… Tyler? And you had a child with her?”

“Well that was because of you okay?? You cursed that….and no I’m not kidding?! It’s you I want….”

“No not because of me okay! Because of your parents”

“And so?? Did I ever approve to living with her even when my parents were on my neck??…no right? Untill you asked me to just give in” I replied and brushed my hair again trying so hard not to let this discussion annoy me..

“Well I didn’t want you to get in to a big fight with your parents…..and besides you’ll be divorcing her soon right??”

“What do you mean by divorcing her?? We were never married” I sighed.

“Never married?? There was a church ceremony,,did you forget?? You guys went to the Alter and I had to watch that in pain..”

“You know what? Forget it” I concluded and stood up taking my shirt from the floor….

“Where are you going” she asked and I scoffed

“Going home…since you’ve decided that Katelyn will be the topic of the night”…

“No no…..I was just….Okay fine I’m sorry… don’t go” she replied and took the shirt from me…

“No give me back my shirt I’m going home” I sighed and tried to act like mad at her

“No don’t go I won’t talk about her anymore I promise” she concluded with a smile….

I just shook my head and and smiled back then sat back on the bed and she wrapped her hands around my waist….

$illy girl!


✨ Katelyn’s pov ✨

I sat on the floor with my phone in my hand….
Uncontrollable tears was dropping down my cheeks …

I felt my heart shattered
Could I be mistaken about this….

Could I have heard wrong?
Or is what am thinking true??
Tyler is cheating on me???
I don’t get it….
Has it gotten to the point where I’ll cheat on me??

No this isn’t happening!

No I don’t wanna think about that…
I seriously don’t!
He can’t do it right??

He….he has a daughter!
So he can’t do it…

I was literally lost in thought when my phone rang….

I quickly wiped my tears and checked who it was and oh….it was Becky…

I cleared my throat and spoke lowly…

📲Hi B📲
📲Kate! Hey! are you alright?? How’s sylvia?? Did you later got to the school on time??📲

📲Uhmm yeah I did… she’s… she’s fine..uhm how’re you?📲 I asked and wiped my face
📲Hey wait a minute?? Is something wrong K?? Why are you sounding so low?? Are you sick??📲 She asked and I laughed dryly…

📲No no I’m fine B…
Just having a little headache that’s all…📲
📲 Please just tell me the truth Kate…is it Tyler again??📲 She asked and I froze

Hearing his name just got me hanging.

Should I tell her??
📲No no…it’s not…ummm he’s not even home…he’s still busy…📲 I replied and wiped my face…
The tears couldn’t stop coming down….
She mouthed an “oh”

Should I ask her if she could help with the gas or….no I shouldn’t be bothering her should I??

📲Okay then…uhm do you need anything?? I’m going to be hanging up now…📲

I should ask her… she’s the only one that can help…

📲B?…uhm please do…do me a favor 📲
📲 What is it?? Tell me📲
📲Could you help me send someone over?? Maybe anyone you know that can actually be of help in filling my gas course it finished and I need to make something for Sylvia….📲

📲Oh oh…. don’t tell me Sylvia is still awake and haven’t had dinner yet?! … And Tyler isn’t doing anything about it???!!📲 She charged and I sighed….

📲Okay Kate it’s late now…and I don’t think the refilling station is still open so I’ll just send mine over is that okay??…📲

Oh thank goodness…
📲Yes yes…sure that’s fine…📲
📲Uhmm… another thing… I’m very busy with some work things right now…so a friend of mine will be bringing it over okay???📲

📲Uhmm okay it’s fine B thanks alot! I owe you big time📲 I said and sniffed

📲 Oh please stop Kate what are sisters for?? Just stay put okay…..a friend of mine will bring it to you…but for the main time go and give my baby some snack okay📲 she said and I smiled.

📲Yes boss📲 I replied…she laughed and hung up…

Thank God…what will I do without her??

I dried my face and went downstairs.

“Mum?” Sylvia call as soon as she saw me..I sat close to her on the couch and she looked at me closely

“Are you alright??? Did you cry or something?”

How did she know

“No no… I didn’t dear”
I replied and sniffed alittle
“Then why’s your face and eyes all red hmm?? Who upset you?” She asked and held my hands

I looked at her….
She was look back at me so innocently…

I brushed her hair and smiled
“No one did… I’m fine baby?” I replied but seems she wasn’t okay with it….

“I’m sorry dear but we’re out of gas….don’t worry someone will be bringing another cylinder for us so I’ll prepare your meal…. I’ll get you snack for now okay??”

“No mum” she said and held me back as I was about standing up…

“Don’t stress…. I’ll wait” she said with a smile

I touched her cheeks and patted her front hair….

Then she returned back to her assignments….

She was done with the drawing and now she’s working on some quantitative….

I smiled as I watched her work on it alone….

So smart.
Like her father

At the long-run I offered to help her but she refused
Saying I should just relax,,and save my strength for the cooking.
About 30mints later we heard the door bell and I went to get the door..

I opened and saw a really cute looking guy standing in front of the door with a sweet smile on.

“Oh Hi,,good evening sir” I greeted.

“Hi good evening ma’am” He replied and smiled…

“Please come in” I offered

“Oh thank you ma’am” He replied and all this time he had his smile on.
He look really nice.

He came in with the big cylinder.

Sylvia turn to look at us and her eyes beamed when she stare at the guy.
She stood up with a big smile on her face.

“Oh! little Angel….” The young man call and sylvia ran to hug him.

They know each other??

“Sir Dylan!..”


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