(I didn’t know until I lost it)
Episode 7

✨ Katelyn’s pov ✨

“Sir Dylan!” Sylvia called and ran to were he was and I just kept watching…

Do they know each other before??
I’m kinda lost…

The young man knelt on one knee and she hugged him
Are they this close??
Maybe he’s one of the teachers in her school…

“Little Angel…how have you been?” He asked her and they departed from the hug

“Been cool sir…it’s a surprise that you’re here again” Sylvia said beaming with smiles…

“Oh…… I was sent here by Becky,, I came here to give this to your mom…” He replied and pointed at the cylinder..

Ohh I see now…
He was the close friend Becky talked about.

“Oh…Aunt Becky is a friend of yours?? It’s really a coincidence that we’re meeting,,I thought I’ll never see you again Sir” Sylvia replied and he chuckled and patted her hair…

Okay he’s not a teacher at her school…..

“Mum?” She called and I turn to look at her…
The gentleman had gotten up to his feet

“This is Sir Dylan and he’s the one that help me with his phone today…that’s why I was able to call you” she said …

He’s the one she’s been talking about since she got back from school
Ohh! I get it now

I smiled and looked at the Mr Dylan

“Thank you so much Sir,,I don’t know what I would’ve done if I hadn’t seen my daughter at the school” I said and he smiled

“You’re welcome ma’am,, it’s no big deal”
He replied and looked at sylvia with a smile and she smiled back.

“Uhm… I’ll help you take the cylinder to your kitchen…I don’t think you can lift it… course it’s heavy” He offered and I laughed a little

“Yeah sure…thanks” I said and he took it into the kitchen…

He even helped on fixing it…

I see he’s kinda nice…

“I’ll get going now” Hee said and dusted his hands as we came back into the living room
I mouthed an “Oh”

“Oh come on Sir Dylan…you just got here …why don’t you stay for dinner?” Sylvia offered and he smiled

“Hmm I’ll love to but I have some work to do… but don’t worry I’ll visit some other time okay?”

“Please Sir Dylan,,you’re just coming here for the first time,, just 5mints will do.. At least have a glass of juice with me🥺” She said and pouted her lips….

Oh boy!!
This girl….

He laughed and scattered her hair playfully.

“Awwn you’re so cute,, Okay fine just one glass” He replied and she clapped…

He’s really nice…

“Oh and….you didn’t get to tell me your name Angel”

He said and sat on the couch
“It’s Sylvia Sir….Sylvia Hathaway 😁”

“Wow! Such a pretty name for a cutie” he said and she giggled….then i went back to the kitchen to prepare something…

Sylvia offered him his glass of juice and they sat together and had a long gist…
Dinner was ready and we all ate together…
Sylvia didn’t want the kind Mr to leave…she almost followed him home

“Do not worry princess I promise I’ll come visit you some other time okay.”

“Alright I’ll believe that…make sure to get me many things while coming next time,, expecially chocolates” She told him and he laughed with a nod.

“Take care Sir” She waved him…

“Bye Sir thanks alot” I added
“No thank you for the meal….it was delicious”
He commented and I smiled
“It’s nothing Sir…it’s a thank you for helping my daughter earlier today”

“No problem…and please it’s Dylan” He corrected and i smiled

“Okay Dylan…” I said and waved at him
Sylvia waved at him too and he finally left…
“Isn’t he nice mummy?” Sylvia asked and I nodded in agreement

Yeah he really is…
He even helped in clearing the plate a while ago.

“Come on dear it’s time to sleep…it’s passed 9… you’ll be going to school tomorrow remember??”

“I know I know …” She said and packed her book while I laughed….

We were about going upstairs when we had a knock on the door.

“Go ahead okay I’ll join you” I told her and she nodded and left.

I went to get the door only for me to see Tyler standing there.

“Good evening” I greeted and left the door
He came in and slam the door behind him.

“Who was that??”
I heard him asked and I stopped walking… And froze for a while…

His he talking about Dylan??
And why does he wanna know who he was??

Shouldn’t he careless about that??

“Did you loose your tongue?” He asked rudely and I sighed…

“He’s a friend of Becky….she sent him here to deliver her cylinder to me since you didn’t bother to care about it” I replied without facing.

“You shouldn’t be backing me while talking!!! Don’t be dump!” He said and I turn to face him.

Oh God
Why’s this guy like this…
He’s too cute to be wicked or Rude…or even cold!!.
He was never like this…
Why’s he taking this too far.

Why did he change so much
Oh God! Please return his normal self to him…
I prayed silently.

“And what did you mean by since I didn’t care??” He roared
“So you brought another guy in here and tried covering up using Becky’s name and a silly a excuse Huh??!”
He yelled and started walking closer to me.

“Tyler please….I don’t want any trouble….I already told you,,he was a friend of Becky”

“What?! I’m a trouble maker now Huh? Me….”
He yelled and slapped me hard on the face.
I fell on the friend and held my cheek.
I felt it bI.eeding…

“Tyler…” I called and he sI.apped me again…

I yelped in pain and held my cheeks…

“Don’t you dare call my name you bch!
“You’re trying to outsmart me?? You brought in another guy and you’re lying about it??”

He said and Grabbed my arm..

“No let me go!! Stop it!! You’re hurting me” I yelled admist tears and freed my arm from his…

“Don’t touch me!!! I should be the one yelling at your face Tyler!….I called you earlier and heard a lady’s voice in the background and what did you do when I asked??…
“You yelled at me and hanged up didn’t you??

I should be the one angry right now! I should be the one seeking for explanations Tyler and not you!…. And how you’re arguing me??” I yelled in anger while crying…

His eyes flashed,,anger was written all over his face…..and I tried walking away but he dragged me back and pushed me to the wall

I wince as my back h!t the wall
Ahh! That hurts!

He sI.apped me the third time and then grabbed my hair roughly

“You must be super stupid Katelyn!! how dare you yell at me Huh!! You have the guts to tell at me?!!!”

“I’ll teach you a lesson that you’ll remember…so In your next life! you won’t think of doing this again!”

He said yelled in my face and kept on dragging my hair roughly…
I cried and whimpered heavily…

“No let go of me Tyler!… please stop it!” I cried and try to free myself from him but his grips were so hard…


We heard a tiny voice yell and I turn to see Sylvia standing behind us,,crying


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