WHEN LOVE IS GONE: Chapter 1 – 10

WHEN LOVE IS GONE: Chapter 1 – 10

Chapter 1

Written by: Racheal Dennis.

Jasmine’s pov 👙

May 3rd, 2021 (Las Vegas)

*… has yet again, broken another girl’s heart…*

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I tuned off whatever the reporter is saying… and focused on the dough I’m making.

“These reporters have no life!” Adele grumbled.

She huffed angrily, slammed her bowl of popcorn on the table and I can picture her rolling her eyeballs.

“As if those girls ever complained about it!” She said.

I ignored her and continue with my work, I’m making breakfast for my son and I.. today’s school resumption day.

Davis (my son) would be resuming school, he’s in grade one and a very smart kid.

“He’s a heart-throb, what do you expect from him.. like, I would do any to get my heart broken by him” she said.

This statement made me turned to face her, she’s giggling and staring at the TV dreamily.

“Adele, I have told you to stop watching news about that bast…”

I stopped myself from finishing that word, when I saw Davis sitting next to her.. innocently staring at the TV too.

Adele raised an eyebrow, daring me to speak any foul words.

“… I have told you to stop watching news about that man in my house!” I said.

My eyes moved to the TV, I glared at the man’s picture boldly showing with so much hate.

“Come on, you can not deny the fact that the guy is super hot.. like, he’s a demi god of our time!” She fawned.

“Demi god?” I growled under my breath.

My hatred increasing every second as I stared at the TV, I quickly looked away from it and focused on my dough.

Transferring all my aggression onto the dough.

“Eish! You don’t have to be so mean to that poor dough” she said.

I guess she turned off the TV or changed it to a cartoon channel for Davis.

Hearing PJ masks’ theme song play, confirmed that she changed the channel for Davis.

“I have changed the channel, my lady. You should spare the dough now” she said.

She pulled out a stool and sat next to me, leaning on the counter.

“You seem to hate my idol so much..” she paused and sighed.

Who wouldn’t hate him?! He’s a liar.. a cheater.. a coward!

If only she knows how wicked he is, she wouldn’t continue idolizing him so much.

“.. every time I ask you why you hate him, you don’t say anything. I wonder if I’m even your best friend!” She said.

“I don’t hate him, seeing his arrogant face just makes me sick!” I gave her the same reply I always give her.

“That’s what you’ve been telling me for three years now”

She got up and walked to my small fridge, she opened it and came back to her stool with two pears.

“I have known you for three years now, three good years.. I’m your first and only friend here…”

Ok! I know where this is going.

“.. in fact, I’m your best friend, but you still treat me like a stranger”

“I don’t treat you like a stranger”

She scoffed.

“Then answer me truthfully, where are you from?”

Adele is trying to get me to open up to her but I can’t, at least not now.. I’m not ready to face my past.

“From a small village in San Francisco” I answered.

“What happened to you? Why did you come to Las Vegas? What about Davis father? You still haven’t told me who he is? Or why you left him?”

I laughed mentally. If only she knew she was fawning over his father a few minutes ago.

Why I left him?! He left me! He abandoned me! He left without a warning!

“If you don’t treat me like stranger, I’d know these things” she said.

My mind flashed back to the reason I left San Francisco, the reason I came all the way here to Las Vegas.

WHEN LOVE IS GONE: Chapter 1 – 10


December_20th_2018 (San Francisco)

Davis just managed to fall asleep, I reached out and felt his temperature with my palm.. his fever has died down.

I sighed deeply and threw my head back onto the chair.

“Jas, quite being stubborn and let me assist you” Arthur said.

My eyes landed on his credit card resting on my small table, even the cheque he wrote me..a cheque of $2,000,000.

“For how long are you gonna assist me? Forever?” I asked.

“I don’t mind assisting you forever” his eyes moved to Davis. “He already calls me dad, I can take the responsibility.. I can be his father if you let me”

It’s true that Arthur has being a father figure in Davis life, he’s the father Davis knows.. but the fact remains that, he’s not Davis father.

“Don’t reject my help, I… ”

“Arthur” I called his name quietly.

He stared at me pleadingly, I can clearly see his love for me in his eyes.. but I don’t need it.

Arthur is like a brother to me and that’s all he’ll ever be to me… A brother.

“Thank you for all you’ve done for Davis and I, but I think, I should go down the rest of this road alone”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“I’ll forever be grateful to you for your help, but I can’t let you be Davis father… ”

I cut myself off when I saw his expression changed, he looked as though he’s gonna burst into tears.. his eyes are red.

“Why? Are you still waiting for Thanatos?”

I didn’t speak because I don’t know how to answer him. Am I still waiting for him? I don’t even know anymore.

“Isn’t it obvious that he’s not coming back? It’s being two years now.. why haven’t he find you and Davis yet?”

At his question, I felt my eyes becoming glassy as tears threatened to fall.. but I blinked them away.

“You know what happened to you after you gave birth to Davis, it was a miracle you…”

“Don’t say it” I interrupted him.

He kept quiet, I got up and walked towards the window.. I wrapped my arms around myself.

I heard his footsteps coming to me, he stood next to me.

“I wanna move from here” I said.

“You wanna move from here?” I nod. “Move from this apartment or move from San Francisco?”

“Move from San Francisco” I replied.

“Why? Don’t you like it here? Isn’t peaceful here?”

I simply stared out of the window in silence.

“Your dad don’t know you’re here” he said.

“I’m not moving because of him, I just want a change of scenario”

“Why then?” He asked.

“San Francisco.. it holds too much of my sad memories”


“I suffered so much for my baby, I experienced what pain really is here, I experienced life and death here… I want to move away from all that”

“I don’t get what you mean”

I smiled at him, a smile that doesn’t reach my eyes.

“I can’t start afresh, when everything I and do here reminds me of my sad and lonely days.. everything here just seems to remind me of my past.. I wanna move away from all of it.. I wanna start a new life for me and my son!”

He nodded thoughtfully at my words, I held his hand.

“Just help me again, please”

“I’d help you without your pleading” he sighed. “Just tell me where you wanna go”

I smiled, Arthur is such a nice guy and if I want he’d be a great dad to Davis.. but I will never make the same mistake twice.

Don’t ever trust a guy! That’s what I’ve learnt from Thanatos leaving me behind.

“Las Vegas” I said.

“Las Vegas?”

I nodded.

“Yes, I wanna go to Las Vegas!”

“Ok. I’ll search for a good apartment for you” he replied.

3rd_may_2021 (back to present day)

And that’s how I moved to Las Vegas three years ago.. but I can’t tell Adele that.

I ran away because I couldn’t face, I don’t think I’m ready to face it now!

“Hey! Jasmine!” Adele snapped her fingers across my eyes.

“I’m sorry, Adele, I will tell you another time.. I’m just not ready”

She smiled and nodded, she rubbed my shoulder in a comforting manner.

“I know, I was just teasing you” she said.

“You wanna kss?”

I narrowed my eyes, we both snapped our heads and frowned at the small figure that asked that question.

I quickly washed my hands and carried him on a stool, I caressed his cheek.

“Davis, where did you learn about people kssing?” I asked him calmly.

“Uncle Arthur told me” he replied.

My eyes closed as I inhaled deeply to control my anger in front of Davis..

Arthur, how dare he teach my five years old son about kssing?!

“Arthur is really a very good impact on this boy, I guess you’ll be a mother-in-law soon” Adele said and burst into laughter.

I passed her a stern look and she sobers up quickly, she coughed slightly.

“Davis, kssing is bad, ok?”

“But uncle Arthur said it’s good” he argued.

Arthur!! You’re so dead! Just pray I don’t see you today!

From the corner of my eye, I can see Adele trying so hard to control herself.

“Uncle Arthur said I can kiss girls” Davis said innocently.

Adele couldn’t hold it in any more, she burst into laughter.. holding her stomach as she laughed hard.

“Sure, with this handsome face of yours.. you’ll kss a lot of girls” she said amidst laughter.

I smacked her head and glared at her, she shuts up immediately. I turned back to Davis with a gentle smile.

“No, baby, you can’t kiss girls”


“Because you’ll get cooties from kssing girls” I said.

He frowned and stared at me doubtfully, as if I’m lying to him.. which I’m actually doing for his own good.

“What is cooties?” He asked.

“Cooties is a disease that you get from kssing girls, it’ll make your tummy swell…”

His hands moved to his stomach and he stared at me in h©rror, I smirked mentally.. I guess this would work.

“.. it’ll make you have bleeding nose..”

His hands flew to his nose, as if covering it would stop the disease.. I almost laugh.

“.. it’ll make you lose your teeth and go bald”

“I promise, momma, I didn’t peck any girls, I didn’t peck any girls, I didn’t peck any girls” he cried in panic.

“Good boy, you’re a good boy right?” He nodded. “Good boys don’t kss girls, ok?”

He nodded again, I smiled.

“Now promise me you won’t peck girls”

He raised his tiny hand up and pulled out three fingers.

“I promise I won’t ”

I nodded and ruffles his hair, I leaned forward and pecked his forehead.. but he pushed me away and wiped his forehead.

He glared at me.

“Momma, cooties!” He said.

I exchange looks with Adele and she burst into another fits of laughter.. is my lie turning against me?

“No, no, baby, momma’s kiss don’t give cooties”

He frowned. “Sure?”


He stayed silent and stared at me a few more minutes.

“Pinky swear?”

“Pinky swear” I said.

He nodded, then leaned forward and pecked my cheek this time.

“Now go back and watch TV, breakfast will be ready soon and we’ll be ready for school in no time” I told him.

“Ok, momma” he said and ran back to the living room.

I sighed deeply and narrowed my eyes.

“I swear, I’m not leaving my son under Arthur’s care ever again!” I said.

“But he’s teaching him the ways of men… ”

She shut up when she saw my malicious glare, I grabbed a spatula and get onto business.

Right at that moment, I heard the doorbell ring.

“Continue, I’ll go get it” Adele said.

She rushed to the living room, to go get the door. Soon, I heard Arthur’s voice.. I bite my lower lip.



That ba$tard! He dared to show up after trying to corrupt my son!

“Who’s ready for school?”

“Meee!” Davis yelled.

With my spatula in my hand, I turned to face them.

“Arthur!! What did you teach my son?!” I asked storming towards him.

Arthur slowly dropped Davis, he released a nervous laugh and waved me.

“Hi, g-good morning, Miss Reinle”

“This morning is so not good, you want to corrupt my son.. that’s your intention, right?!” I growled.

He leaned down and pecked Davis forehead, he grabbed the door handle.

“I just remembered, I’m very late for the office.. see you later!” He said in a hurry and rushed out.

I know he’s getting away from my wrath, I laughed evilly.. I’ll still see him in the evening.

“Right, Arthur just reminded me.. hurry up we’ll be late for work too” Adele said.

My eyes locate the wall clock and I gasped loudly.

“Darn! We’re so freaking late!” I exclaim.

Using words like *darn* in place of *dmn* and *freaking* in place of *f**king* because of Davis.

WHEN LOVE IS GONE: Chapter 1 – 10

Writer’s pov 👙

O’Briens groups LTD. (Chicago)

“Good morning, Mr O’Briens!”

Workers greeted Thanatos as he walked into his company, he nodded in acknowledgement and headed straight for the elevator.

“Good morning, Mr O’Briens” his assistant greeted him.

“Hmm” he simply hummed.

“What’s my schedule for today?” Thanatos asked.

He reached the elevator and pushed the open button, the doors opened and he stepped in.

His assistant followed and pushed the 54th button, leading to his floor.

“You have meeting with this board this morning by 9am.. you have lunch with Mr Joy from hot springs hotel by 1pm…”

The elevator stopped and the doors opened, they both stepped out.

Thanatos took long strides towards his office, while his assistant rushed after him.. even though she’s wearing heels.

“…and at 2:30pm you have interview with daily mirrors”

“Cancel the lunch with Mr Joy, I have another appointment then”

“Yes, sir” she replied and quickly scribbled something on her note.

Thanatos stopped in front of his office, he grabbed the handle and turned to his assistant.

“Make an appointment with Mike’s kitchen to negotiate the acquisition tomorrow.. tell them their restaurant is only worth $5,000,000.. not a dime more!”

“Yes, sir”

Thanatos nodded. “Tell Patrick to see me when he arrives!”

“Yes, sir”

“That’s it, you can leave” Thanatos said and stepped into his office.

He walked straight to his chair, he sat down and tossed his briefcase on the table.

“Where’s Patrick?” He heard a very familiar voice asked.

He opened his briefcase and pulled out his laptop, he placed it on the table and turned it on.. totally ignoring the question.

“He didn’t drive you to? You drove yourself?”

“Clark, you should be working in your department.. what are you doing here?” Thanatos asked.

Clark is his best friend, since diapers. Clark pulled a chair and sat down, he leaned on the table.

“I would have been in my department if your mom didn’t call me.. no, if she wasn’t disturbing my phone”

Thanatos hummed and nodded.

“Why did she called you this time?”

“Well, nothing much”

Thanatos lifted his head and arched an eyebrow at Clark, telling him to continue.

“She said you should come home, your wife misses you…”

Thanatos interrupted him with a bang on the table, he frowned.

“She’s not my wife!” He stated firmly.

His eyes drift to the photo frame on his table, he reached for it and caressed it briefly..then turned it to Clark.

“This is the woman I recognize as my wife.. she’ll the Mrs O’Briens I’ll recognize as my wife!”

Clark sighed.

“Thana, I know you still love her, but it’s already five years and still no news about her.. I think you should move on”

“No! I’ll find her!”

“When? When you’re old?”

Thanatos held onto the photo frame tightly, his eyes turned red as he thinks of something.

“She’s hiding from me, she’s mad at me for leaving so suddenly and without letting her know”

“Yes, if I were I would be mad too” Clark said.

He remembered Jasmine’s broken look when he told her Thanatos was gone..

He remembered how she held herself… and tried to convince herself that Thanatos wasn’t gone.. he remembered it very clearly.

“But I left for a good reason”

“Good reason?! You still couldn’t stopped the wedding.. she still ended up being your wife!”

Thanatos nodded.

“My wife?” He scoffed. “She’s not my wife, I didn’t attend the wedding, I didn’t go to the altar with her.. my brother did and that makes her my brother’s wife!”

“No, it doesn’t. Your brother went to the altar with her in your name, she’s legally your wife”

Thanatos mind drifted back to the big argument he had with his father.

“Her name now is Jade Miguel O’Briens.. that’s what makes her your wife!”

“No! She’s not, I have never acknowledge her as one and I will never acknowledge her!”

Clark shook his head, his eyes landed on the lady in the photo frame.

“If she’s hiding from you, then it’ll be very hard to find her”

At that moment, the door opened and someone walked in.

“Mr O’Briens, Mr Evans!” He greeted them with a small bow.

Clark smiled. “Yo! Patrick is here” he said.

Patrick simply nodded and turned his attention to Thanatos.

“Sir, there’s been sightings of her”

Thanatos dropped the photo frame and sat upright at once, he gave Patrick an eager look.

“Where?” He asked.

“Las Vegas, sir!”

Thanatos smiled.

“There’s one more thing, sir”

“What is it?”

“She was seen with a little boy, he looks exactly like you. I don’t know….”

Clark and Thanatos exchange looks, Thanatos wondered if Clark knew anything about her being pregnant then.

As if he knew what Thanatos is thinking, Clark shook his head.

“How old is the boy?” Thanatos asked Patrick.

“About five or six years, sir.. we’re not so sure”

Thanatos banged on the table and broke into a smile.

“He’s my son!” He said.

A sense of great joy suddenly overwhelmed him, he adjusted his suit.

“Get the jet ready”


“We’re going to Las Vegas today!” Thanatos said.

“Yes, sir!” Patrick said and left.

When Patrick is gone, Clark tapped the table to get Thanatos attention.

“Are you not gonna attend the dinner your mom invited you?”

“No! I’m going to get my family!” Thanatos replied with a smile.

“Then what about your family here, you already have a wife here”

The smile wiped off Thanatos face, he glared at the empty chair beside Clark.

“I told you, I don’t acknowledge her!”

Clark laughed.

“I can’t believe a girl has been married for five years… but still don’t know who or what her husband looks like?”

“It’s her fault for not refusing the marriage!”

“But you should at least go home and let her see you once.. she misses you, according to your mom”

Thanatos scoffed.

“You can’t miss someone you haven’t seen once”

“Oh? But she’s seen your pictures”

“Save the crap!”

Clark laughed, he just finds Thanatos situation quite funny..

Thanatos pressed the intercom button and his assistant’s voice came up.

“Yes, Mr O’Briens?”

“Make the appointment with Mike’s kitchen today, we’re going to Las Vegas to negotiate the acquisition!”

“Ok, sir”

Thanatos leaned on his chair and stared at the photo frame with a satisfied smile..

*Finally, I’ll see you after five years!* He thought to himself.

WHEN LOVE IS GONE: Chapter 1 – 10

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