Written by Faith Nda ✍️

Episode 11

Aurora’s POV

I wonder why Peniel has been avoiding me. What have I done wrong?

WHEN THE FORBIDDEN HAPPENS: Episode 11 – 20. Thingscouplesdo.com

If I’d done something wrong,he ought to tell me rather than snub or give me a cold shoulder.

I already have too much on my plate so he really should stop adding to it.

I’m passing through serious emotional traumas.

I mean,I just lost both parents and the only person who consoles and gives me joy apart from Shawn and Elsa is now avoiding me.

Ook… How fair is that??!!

I was still thinking when I saw him come into the class,I followed him with my eyes as he went to his seat .

I can never stop staring or drooling at his handsome figure. I mean,Peniel drives me crazy!!

I’ve never had the time to ask him about himself.

He caught me staring and threw him face away.

*Hours later*
We were having lectures when Peniel got up suddenly saying he needed to use the restroom.

I felt like following him but I restricted myself.

After half an hour,Peniel came back. I wonder why he took so long to return.

Geez! Aurora! Get a hold of yourself..what’s wrong with you!

Why are you so into this guy??!!

I was trying to get these thoughts off my mind when a guy from college rushed in.

I recognized him immediately to be one of Shawn’s friends.

“Aurora… Shawn!” He called in a heavy voice.

My heart skipped a beat.

Shawn! I hope he’s alright. Oh my goodness!!

I scurried from my seat and overtook the guy,running out of the class to the college building.

I ran all the way to the college building and found my beloved brother,Shawn sprawled across the floor.

Alot of college students were gathered around him.

Tears began pouring from my eyes in quick succession.

“Somebody tell me what happened?” I screamed in tears.

“Calm down Ora” Elsa said patting my back.

It was only then I realised she had ran out of class with me.

“I just heard him scream,and the next thing,he slumped!” A girl said.

Our attention was drifted to the blaring siren that drive into the building towards us.

I was forcefully taken away from Shawn’s body as they carried him into the waiting ambulance,as it quickly drove to the hospital.

We drove behind in Elsa’s car. I cried all the way to the hospital as Elsa tried soothing me all to no avail.

Oh God please keep Shawn for me! I prayed .

We arrived at the hospital and Shawn was rushed into the ICU.

I was pacing up and down the waiting room,praying and hoping that Shawn would be alright.

I gasped loudly when a heavy pain hit my head.

I sat on the waiting chair as I placed my palm on my fore head.

“Are you okay Ora?” Elsa asked as she crouched in front of me.

“My head hurts” I said dryly. My throat was patched from all the crying and screaming.

“It’ll continue hurting if you keep on crying baby,just pray for Shawn okay?

He’s gonna be alright” Elsa tried soothing me though I could sense fear and anxiety in her voice.

“Miss Aurora..” the doctor called coming out as he cleaned sweat off his face.

“Y.. yes.. that’s me” I stuttered with my heart beating rapidly.

“I’m sorry but….”

“But what??” I screamed grabbing the doctor by his coat.

“We lost him!” He said at length.

“No!!!” I screamed as I dragged my hair and ran around like a lunatic.

Shawn why??????



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