I was dressing Gigi up for school, but for some reason she’s always frowning at me, even right now.

I sighed as I buttoned up her shirt “Are you gonna say something or just keep glaring at me?”

“I’ll always be glaring at you for what you did.” She said.

“What did I do?” I asked.

“When was the last time you see that cute stranger?” Gigi said.

I frowned “Who?”

“You know who, mommy!” She replied.

I sighed “Ginger, you are gonna be late for school.” I said as I took my black long strap purse and was about to leave.

“You know you’re sometimes ungrateful.” Gigi said rudely.

I gave her a shocked look “What did you just say?”

“That cute stranger helped us from being embarrassed. Instead of you to at least thank him, you just shun him like a rotten biscuit.” Gigi said.

I sighed sadly “Look, baby, you have no idea what happened that time because you were not born yet.”

“Does it involve my real daddy?” She asked.

I grabbed her hand “We’re getting late, sweetie.” I said as I walked out of the room.

I met Bianca and China discussing on the couch.

“Good morning.” I greeted.

“Hey Nika.”

“Morning babe.” they replied.

“Let’s go together.” Bianca said as she slowly stand up because of her pregnancy.

“Careful.” I said.

We all left the apartment building to the public garage and entered Bianca’s Range Rover but I drove. You know why.

We dropped Gigi off at her school and drove off and were discussing in the car, while driving.

“Oh em gee, it’s Trevor, stop the car.” China squealed and parked the car.

China unbuckle her seat belt wanted to come out of the car but she was shocked to see a blonde girl hugging Trevor. Wait, is that Amanda?

“Is that Amanda?” I asked.

“Who’s Amanda?” Bianca asked.

“Mrs Randall’s daughter, the girl I saved the other day.” I replied.

So that id!ot has a girlfriend and still fIirt with my best friend?

China looked sad as she buckled up her seatbelt.



“Poor Chinese.” Bianca said softly.

“It’s China.” Monica corrected “I told you, don’t trust any man, they’re pigs.” she said.

I rolled my eyes “Just let’s go to work.” I said sadly.

Monica sighed as she drove off “I’m sorry China.”

I can’t believe that Trevor guy would have a girlfriend and still fIirt with me and he even kssed me when he drop me off.

“Yeah, guys are animals and inconsiderate.” Bianca said.

The way they’re talking about this topic makes me more annoyed and pissed off.

“Yeah, we have to be careful because some can our lives permanently.” Monica added.

“Can we not talk about this please?” I yelled angrily. “I need to drop here.”

“What? China, we’re sorry.” she pleaded.

“We don’t mean to hurt you like this.” Bianca added.

“We just…”

“Just drop me off.” I said bitterly.

Monica sighed as she parked the car.



China came out angrily without saying anything.

“I feel bad.” Bianca whispered.

“Sometimes that’s how she behaves, anytime something annoys her, she doesn’t wants anyone to talk to her or about it. She’ll get over it.” I shrugged.

“But I still feel terrible, that Trevor guy is a j.erk.” Bianca said.

“A big j.erk.” I scoffed “But not like Justin and Mia.” I said bitterly inside.

Bianca scoffed too “Yeah, those two are evil, like what did they even gain in hurting you?”

I shrugged “At least Mia became the most popular girl in high school, the website she took from me made a lot of profits, she became mommy and daddy’s favourite and she and just are getting married.”

“You told you that?” Bianca asked.

“Mia herself.” I replied, feeling confused.

“Well, she’s lying, except for the engagement part, but the rest is a big lie.” Bianca said.

I frowned still driving “Everyone still talks about you, Monica. They didn’t even care about Mia at all.”

I rolled my eyes feeling unbelieve “That’s a lie, everyone hates me.”

“They didn’t hate you. They’re just mad about something you didn’t do and I don’t even want to remind you of it.” Bianca said.

“But what about my ‘Monic’ business she took from me?” I asked.

Bianca scoffed again “Please, the ‘Mimi’ business which used to be ‘Monic’ became a flop in her hands so she deleted the website.

The reason why she wears expensive outfits and jewelries is because she has been spending Justin’s money, even than the way they fk each other.”

My eyes went wide “What? She deleted my website I worked on for the past six years? What about my parents?”

“I don’t know but I have a feeling she ran away from home with Justin.” Bianca said.

I rolled my eyes still driving, I don’t even want to think about them, they didn’t know anything and they disowned me like a trash.

As for Mia, for taking everything away from me, lying to me about her fake success and deleting my website. I know what to do to her.

I smirked ev’lly.


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