I can’t believe he’s the one. No, maybe it’s just a coincidence, right?

“Nika!” China snapped me out of my thoughts. “What are you thinking about that made you paced out like that?”

“That bracelet, that bracelet Trevor’s wearing.” I said pointing to him.

“Yeah, what about him?” She asked.

“You know I told you that the rappist has a white bead bracelet just like that?” I said.

China nodded “Yeah, what’s that suppose to mean?”

I gave her a look, maybe she didn’t get what I’m saying.

China gasped “Nika, I don’t think Trevor would do such a thing. You mean to tell me that Trevor was in Maine then he came here.

He told me that he has never been to Maine…. Let’s confirm.” She said as she pulled my hand and walked out of the canteen.

“Where are we going?” I asked.



Hurt and play with my feelings, fine.

Have a girlfriend behind me, fine. But I’ll never allow any motherfker to hurt my best friend.

I stormed towards Trevor angrily “Hey bvllsht!” I yelled as I pvshed him into the pool.

“Argh! Help!! Help!! I can’t swim!!” He cried trying to swim, drowning in the 5 feet pool.

I burst into loud laughter till tears was coming out of my eyes. Monica wasn’t even smiling, she looks worried.

“Help me!!!” Trevor cried as people are trying to help him.

“Trevor!!!” Amanda ran out and cried and I gave her a contempt look.

They finally brought Trevor out of the pool, covered him with blanket, sitting on the floor.

He’s shivering and glaring at me as his girlfriend is taking care of him.

I rolled my eyes and still waiting for people to leave him so that I ask him questions.

“Trevy, are you okay?” Amanda asked.

I noticed Monica is still worried, feeling anxious, shedding tears. I hugged get trying to comfort her.

“What’s going on here?” Teddy came, looking worried.

“Hey guys, can you give us a moment? Thanks.” He said as everyone left except his blondie girlfriend.

He stood up and both of them were glaring at me.

“What happened?” Teddy asked.

“That stupid insolent waitress pushed Trevor into the pool and he was drowning!” Amanda yelled.

“Insolent?! You and your stupid boyfriend is insolent!!! And guess what babe? He cheated on you with me.

He kssed me on the lips few days ago!” I yelled, wanted to f!ght Amanda but Monica held me.

“What?!” Amanda exclaimed.

“Yeah, and I think he’s the one that rapped me 5 years ago.” Monica cried bitterly.

“What?!” Trevor and Amanda exclaimed simultaneously.

“Yeah, What? When?” Teddy exclaimed too.

“He ruined my life!!”

“Look girl, I don’t even know you!” Trevor said “I’ve only slept with one girl once in my whole life and I don’t know why I just said that!”

I scoffed not believing what he said “Who? Amanda?”

He cringed “Ew! No! I can’t sIeep with my cousin.”

I frowned “Wait what?”

“Trevor and I aren’t dating, we’re cousins. He just came back from college few weeks ago and I just see him today.

We didn’t even have any guestroom at my house that’s why he’s even in this hotel.” Amanda explained.

“As for you Monica, ever since you saved me from those rappist, I thought you’re a very nice and kindhearted person but I was wrong. You accused my cousin…”

“Oh shut up Amanda, He’s wearing the vintage bead bracelet he wore five years ago while ruining my life.” Monica said bitterly.

I’m so so so fired today. I mean we’re so fired today.



“This bead bracelet?” He showed me the bracelet.

I nodded “Yes! Wait…”

I looked at the bracelet properly, there was a very weird looking logo on the one the rappist was wearing but this doesn’t have the logo.

“Where’s the logo on it?” I asked.

Trevor scoffed “I just bought this bracelet yesterday, and it doesn’t even belongs to me. It belongs to…”

“What’s going on here?” Justin joined in.

“It’s none of your business, Justin.” I said.

“But since everyone’s watching, and you are my ex-girlfriend, why can’t I join in??” He smirked.

I noticed everyone’s actually starring at us and I became embarrassed.

I gulped nervously “So you’re not the rap…?”

“No!” Trevor exclaimed.

“Really? Then where did you see that bracelet?” Justin asked.

“I said I just bought it yesterday and she even said the bracelet is fake.” Trevor said.

“Are you sure you bought it yesterday or didn’t even remove the logo from the bracelet?” Justin suggested.

“Oh my God, you people!” Trevor exclaimed.

“I think we should call the police over him, because this guy can’t be trusted.” Justin suggested.

“Enough of this, Justin!” I yelled.


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