I gave Justin a confused look “No.”

Justin pleaded “Please.”

I scoffed “Never…!”

“Justin!!” Mia yelled as she walked in angrily.

I groaned loudly “I thought you’re gone.”

“Quiet, you dumb lying waitress, Kayla said that I’m allowed to pick my stuffs which is you Justin.” She said.

“Can you go, please. I’m busy with something.” Justin said, still starring at Gigi.

“Mommy, who are those people?” Gigi asked.


“Wait, Did she just call you mommy? You have a kid?” Mia asked.

I rolled my eyes with a sigh “Guys, just leave please.”

”You didn’t even tell me? Your darling sister?” Mia pouted.

I glared at Mia “Shut up.”

“Mommy, you have a sister?” Gigi asked.

“Yes baby, and which means I’m your Aunt, so call me aunt Mia.” She said proudly.


“I can’t believe you didn’t tell your daughter about me. Is it because you ran away from your family and business?” Mia scoffed.

“What?” Gigi exclaimed.

“Sweetie that’s not true, they kicked me out.” I protested.

Mia scoffed again “Yeah right, why would I lie about something you actually did?

You even didn’t tell your daughter anything about your family, how heartless are you? I bet you even lied to her about her dad.”

I dropped Gigi and grabbed Mia’s shirt collar angrily “Get out.”

“Guys this stupid waitress is hurting me.” Mia yelled and I released her immediately.

She smirked “You think you can sabotage my vacation? I’m way better. So watch out.” she warned as she grabbed Justin’s hand and stormed out.

I shook my head and bent “Gigi, I…”

“You even know about daddy! I hate you! You’re a bad mommy!!” Gigi yelled and ran inside.

I burst into tears feeling hurt by what she said. My daughter h.ates me?

I noticed people were starring at me, I stood up and wiped my tears, then stood at the counter.

I can’t believe Mia would just tell a little girl about my sad life story and still lied about it.

I don’t want to see her again or else I would do what I’m not supposed to do. I swear on my life.




Trevor walked in glaring at me “What did you want?”

I called him for the bead bracelet “Can I have the bracelet back?” I asked.

“Why? You already sold it to me.” He said.

“And it caused you a lot of trouble. Just bring it, I’ll give you back the money.” I said and he gave me the bead bracelet.

I smirked as I stared at the bracelet and the small bead with oreo logo I removed from it.

“Thanks, here’s your money.” I gave him the money and walked away.

I know how I’ll get Monica back without Mia having any idea.

I don’t know why Teddy even closed the restaurant but I like it.



“Thank you, come again.” I said to the customer leaving.

I noticed Gigi’s glaring at me. I smiled, knowing she’s doesn’t hate me, she’s only mad at me.

I’ll have to tell her everything, even though she’s too young but too smart.

Teddy walked in with a smirk “Hey babe.” He said to me as he sat down at a booth.

I rolled my eyes “Teddy, don’t call me that.” I scoffed as I sat beside him.

He grabbed my hand “Let’s get out of here.” he pulled me out of the restaurant.

“Teddy, where are we going?” I asked.

“You’ll see.” He said.

He pulled me to the hotel and we entered his Lotus Emira car and he drove off.

He didn’t even say a word to me as he’s totally focused on the wheels.

After 30 minutes driving, he parked his car at an old parking lot. We came out of the car and saw where we are. Which I don’t know.

Everywhere is full of abandoned unpainted tall buildings decorated with graffiti paintings, like it’s vandalized.

I frowned “Teddy, where are we?” I asked.

He smiled “You’ll see, follow me.”

I gulped as I followed him to the back of a building and I gasped in surprise as I set my eyes on the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life.

A large garden full of beautiful flowers and trees, and clean shiny lake with lily flowers surrounded by the colourful flowers. Butterflies flying around them and birds singing beautifully.

I scoffed as Teddy hugged me from behind “Do you like it?”

“Like it? I love this place! It’s beautiful, how did you know this place?” I asked.

Teddy shrugged “I come here a lot of times whenever I’m sad, this place always cheers me up.”

“Wait, how long have you been in Florida?” I asked.

“Since last year, I was looking for you but I couldn’t find you, then I did found you.” He said as he kssed my head.

I blushed as he kssed my lips. We pulled away and sat on the floor, admiring the beautiful view.

There was an awkward silence between us but I decided to break the silence.

“So, about what happened last night…” I said nervously.

“What about last night? We almost had sx.”

“Did you really mean that word ‘I love you’?” I asked.

“A lot, look I’ve been in love with you since high school, I don’t know how to admit it because of Justin.” Teddy said feeling nervous inside.

“So now you didn’t just gather the courage, also seduced me to sleep with you last night.” I said, feeling a little annoyed inside.

“Look, I’m sorry okay? It’s just I’ve never felt like this before in my life.”

He sat up right “I really love you but I didn’t know how to admit it. I was advised to do what comes into my mind so I did.”

I smiled “I love you too.”

Teddy frowned in shock “Really? You’re joking right?”

“Does it look like I’m joking?” I asked.

Teddy shook his head “No, I just…” he hugged me tightly.

He disengaged and held my hands “Will you be my girlfriend?”

My smile fade away “Uhh yes.”

He grinned happily as he hugged me tightly and kssed my cheek.



We went back to the hotel, I was working at the counter, serving customers, smiling uncontrollably.

Teddy asked me to be his girlfriend, I’ve not tell anyone. Gigi is with Bianca.

I gotta admit it but I really love Teddy, not because of last night but because he’s so sweet, kind, and he has vibes and I don’t know why I still like him.

But I don’t know if it’s just me but why do I feel like Teddy has changed.

Before he was a sweet playful innocent nerdy guy but now, he’s stylish, arrogant sometimes, naughty and cuter.

Why do I feel what Justin was telling me is true?

“Monica!” Mrs Greg yelled at me feeling worried.

“Yes Mrs Greg?”

“Something happened to my restaurant.” She said.

I frowned “What happened…?”

I gasped as she showed me the picture of the Big Burger restaurant demolished on her phone.

“What the…?” China gasped as she saw the picture.

“How did it happen?” I asked.

“I don’t know, some of Mr Griffin’s employees were saying it’s Teddy’s idea.” Mrs Greg said.

I frowned trying not to believe. Why would Teddy do such a thing? What’s wrong with him? Trying to ruin my business?


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