I was locked in a white empty wardroom with only bed for weeks because of my psy¢hopath.

Everyone thinks I’m ¢razy, well I am. I just don’t know was to do or how to react.

I sat down, held the bench tightly, kept shivering like I’m freezing but I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

“Ma’am, time for your dinner.” The nurse said as she came in with a tray of food.

I stood up panicking “Where’s Teddy? I need Teddy.”

“Ma’am, you need to calm down.” The nurse said, trying to calm me down but I refused. She put the tray on my bed.

I fell down, started crying like a ¢razy person “Where’s my Teddy?”

“Don’t worry, your Teddy is coming.” The nurse said softly I noticed she’s bringing out another se..dative injection.

Not again, she’ll put me unconscious, I’ll not rest till I see Teddy.

I jumped up “Argh!!!” I screamed scarily , the nurse panicked as she fell down.

I quickly took the injection and pinned it into her bum.

I laughed hilariously as the both of us stood, the nurse was starring at me with shock, till she became dizzy, fell and fainted.

Thank God, there’s no CCTV camera here, just outside the ward room.

I smirked ev’lly as I sat on my bed, took the tray and ate the French fries and biscuits I asked for.

Just because I’m mad doesn’t mean I’m not in my right sence.

I’m ¢razy but not up to that, though I didn’t mean to kill Mia because I became a total psycho when I found out the whole truth.

I was recovering little by little every week but act like a mad mon$ter to other people so that I won’t get arrested for mvrder.

After eating the food, I stood up, carried the nurse, put her on my bed, removed her nurse uniform and wore my dress for her. Then covered her body and face with blanket.

I wore her nurse uniform dress and cap with wore the white nose mask.

I scoffed at the sleeping nurse as I took the tray and medicine as I walked out of the hospital without the doctors and nurses noticing.

I don’t really care if Mia’s dead or not. Everyone made my life a bIoody h’ll. I’ll never forgive those people.

Except Teddy, Evelyn visited and explained everything that happened. I completely understand because she’s good unlike my family.

I stood outside the hospital looking for what to and escape. I sighted a bicycle. I ran there, sat on it and rode off with the bicycle.

I know what I’m about to do is stupid bit I need space but not in the hospital, if I recover, I’ll get arrested.

I arrived at Teddy’s mansion and went to the backyard quietly and managed to climbed the tree behind my daughter’s bedroom window.

I noticed she’s asleep sweetly, I sighed I bent beside her behind watching cute little eyelashes, adorable chubby cheeks, pinkish baby lips, small cute head… I’ll miss her.

I put a letter under her pillow and smiled “Goodbye my Angel.” I whispered as I sneaked out of the window and ran away with the bicycle.



I woke up feeling depressed because I’ve missed Monica so much. I wish she’s beside me.

It’s been few weeks since I set my eyes on her, the doctors didn’t allow me to see her incase she loses her memories. Gigi was totally mad at everyone when she found out everything.

I must say, that girl is smart, just like her mom. Thank God she got over everything now she misses her mom.

I just hope Monica’s fine, because if she recovers she’s going to be sentenced life imprisonment for klling her sister.

I stood up from my bed and went to Gigi’s bedroom.

I sat beside my little angel “Good morning baby.”

Gigi woke up and smiled as she hugged me “Good morning daddy.”

She slept off and I caress her cute little round face, I frowned as I noticed a paper on her bed. I took it and read.

📄Dear Teddy, it’s me, Monica, if you found out I’ve escaped, don’t look for me, I need some space. I’m might not be back for a while and I know it’s irresponsible to leave my daughter but at least she’s with you.

Take good care of her, let her enjoy a fatherly love for a while till we meet again.

By the way, I totally forgive you, in fact I should be thanking you for bringing Gigi into my life, let me know my real dreams.

Being a web designer isn’t really my dream, I just use to dream that I become very successful but not on what I want.

Thank you for helping me realize that. I love you and please take good care of Gigi, don’t let her miss me. Love you. P.S, Monica.📄



What do you think about Monica’s decision?




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