After I ironed my black tuxedo, hung it and put the red roses flower in the pocket, the rose matches Monica’s red dress.

She told me and Bianca what she’s wearing, I can’t wait to go to the prom party and for her to see me and like me.

I’m so excited, today is the the day I’ll confess my feelings, I already have the note.

“Evelyn, have you seen hair gel?” I yelled but she didn’t reply.

I haven’t heard from her since morning, I wonder why. Maybe she’s in school. I decided to skip school to get prepared.

My phone rang, I checked it and groaned. Stephanie. I picked up the call.

Teddy📞 Heyy babe, what’s up?

Stephanie 📞 Hey baby, I’m waiting outside your mansion.

Teddy📞 What?! -Checked outside the window and saw the slvt standing in front of the entrance door- What are you doing here?

Stephanie📞 Can’t I pay my sweetheart a surprise visit?

Teddy📞 Boys hate that, so stop!

Stephanie📞 I’m sorry, now you’re making me to feel bad.

Teddy📞 -sighs- Why are you here?

Stephanie📞 So that we can go to the party together.

Teddy📞 What party?

Stephanie📞 Hailey’s party Mia invited us to.

Teddy📞 Oh, lemme get ready. -hung up on Stephanie rudely-

I sighed sadly as I wore my white Gucci shirt, my white Levi’s jeans and my blue Louis Vuitton palm slippers.

I left the bedroom and headed straight to the living room. “Evelyn! I’m going to Hailey’s party!” I yelled.

Still no reply.

I shrugged as I left the mansion, met Stephanie looking like a sx worker.

She smiled “Hey babe!” She wanted hug but I pvshed her. “What’s wrong?”

“You want to go to the party or what?” I asked rudely.

Stephanie scoffed “Why are you acting like…?”

I ignored her as we entered my Bentley and drove off.

We arrived at Hailey’s house, we entered house which is noisy, full of people dancing, kssing, some are already having sx.

I feel so uncomfortable in this party especially when I’m with Stephanie.

I ignored the feeling as I danced with her, drank with her and played a lot of games like poker, musical chairs, charades, twister and gift grab and so on.

So it was time for truth and dare, it started with blonde nerd to Stephanie.

The nerd smirked “Truth or dare.”

Stephanie rolled her eyes “Truth.”

“Is it true that you started being a wh’re since 6th grade?” She asked.

“Oh No!” “Fk!” “Good one.” All of us shouted and wooed.

Stephanie became embarrassed “Excuse me? No!”

The nerd smirked ev’lly.

Stephanie scoffed as she looked at Justin “Truth or dare?”

“Dare.” Justin replied.

“I dare you to fk Diane in front of us.” Stephanie said, referring to the nerd.

“Excuse me?” Mia scoffed angrily.

The nerd stood up and ran out of the room. Stephanie stood up to stop her but I held her hand “Stop it Stephanie! Sit down!” I ordered.

Stephanie groaned angrily as she sat.

It was Mia’s turn to ask me. “Truth or dare?” Mia asked.

I shrugged “Dare.”

Mia smirked “Follow me.” She said as she stood up and everyone wooed.

I sighed as I stood up and followed her to an empty bedroom and I held my Taser, a shocking tool in my pocket for protection.

“What?” I asked.

“I dare you to rappe Monica.” She said.

“What?!” I exclaimed and bursted into laughter. “You’re joking.”

“Does it look like I’m joking?” Mia asked, looking serious.

How can I rappe my own best friend? I can’t even confess to her and someone is daring me to rappe her.

My best friend? My childhood friend? Someone who has a great future? Never. I can’t even hurt a fly.

“I’ll pass that. Truth.” I declined.

“Sorry, you’ve already picked dare and you can’t change it.” Mia smirked.

I shook my head “I can’t do that and why are you saying this? Monica is your sister, because of her, you’re going to an expensive school, having a lot of friends…”

“Those friends are using me to get close to her and I don’t care of what ever she has done, I want a good life by ruining her.” Mia said.

“I have no time for this nonsense, I’m gonna tell Monica what type of maniac sister she has.” I said as I wanted to leave the room.

Mia grabbed my hand “You’re not going anywhere till you agree with the dare.”

I gritted my teeth angrily as I pinned the Taser on her neck and it electrified her till she fall.

I don’t care whether she’s a girl, no one messes with my best friend.

I held the door knob to open.



No! Teddy! Whether you like it or not, you’ll ruin your best friend life for me.

I stood up weakly, still feeling shocked, with my phone “Leave that room and you’ll meet your dear sister rapped and d.ead in her bedroom.”

Teddy stopped and turned to me “What did you say?”


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