I found myself in an empty brown place which foggy and scary, wearing my bloody hospital dress because I’m carrying my newborn baby which our code is still connected.

I begin to cry feeling scared “Hello? Is anyone here? Help us! We’re lost! Where’s my home?”

Justin suddenly appear in a white suit, starring merely at me.

I moved backwards feeling scared because he’s the one that made me a huge mess.

He approached me and smiled at his baby “He’s amazing.”

I glared at him “What did you want? Stay away from me and my baby.”

“Don’t worry, I might leave you forever, or you will even come with me and they’re gonna take our baby away from you.” Justin laughed.

I frowned “What? No! No one is taking me baby away from me.”

Justin burst into more laughter pointing at something, I turned and gasped as I saw a giant hand collecting my baby away from me.

“No, please!” I cried as the big hend took my baby and the cord which connects me and my baby.

I fell on the ground crying loudly “Noooo!!!!”

Justin laughed louder and louder “I guess you’re coming with me!!!”

I stood up feeling furious and shattered “No one is taking the only thing I have, away from me!!!”

“They are!!!” Justin laughed.

I gritted my teeth angrily “Ahhhh!!!!” I screamed angrily.


I sighed, sitting beside the patient, reading my magazine.

The beeping machine begin to beep faster as Mia’s shaking and finally opened her eyes, moving her hands. I became scared as I ran out of the wardrobe.

“Doctor! The patient is waking up!!” I yelled.




“Wake up Monica.” My homegirl speaker alarm says as I woke up “Time to prepare for your flight back to Florida.”

I yawned and stretched my hand as I sat up right, I heard Mickey’s giggling. He’s in the baby cotton beside my bed.

I smiled as I stood up and carried the baby “Good morning Bobby.” I kssed his head and he giggled again.

Stella walked in smiling “Good morning, you should get ready, I’ll take care of Mickey.” She said as collected Mickey from me and left the bedroom.

I sighed as I took my white River to change into it but someone knocked the door.

Stella walked in “Two people are asking for you.” she said and left.

I groaned “Please, don’t be who I think they are.” I whispered as I drop my robe, left the room and headed downstairs and met those clowns again.

I sighed angrily “What did you want?” I asked rudely.

Mom stood up looking sad “Sweetie, I know that you hate us which we don’t know why but…”

“You don’t know why?” I scoffed bitterly.

Dad stood up “Yeah, you and your sister just left home just like that, we miss you. We still don’t know why.”

“Are you kidding me?!” I exclaimed “I got raped and pregnant, when I needed someone to support me, especially my parents, they insulted me, humiliated me, disowned me and threw me out of their house.” I cried.

Mom shedded tears “Sweetie, we’re so…”

“I’m not done Teresa!” I yelled angrily.

Mom frowned shockingly “Did you just call me by my name?”

I shrugged “Yes, you guys disowned me, remember? So which means, you aren’t my parents anymore and I can call you whatever I want.”

Dad sighed “Monica, you’re crossing…”

“Quiet Sean, let me speak.” I said rudely “After you two threats me out of the house and took everything away from me.

I began to suffer like a poor beggar, live in old rotten bus, streets, working as janitor, carrying heavy loads just to survive. I gave birth to my daughter…” I trailed off and laughed.

“You guys didn’t even ask for your grand children because you don’t deserve them at all.” I muttered.

Mom burst into more tears “I’m so sorry, I’m sorry.”

I feel so bad talking to my parents like that. I didn’t mean to disrespect them like this but I’ve suffered because they didn’t support me.

I clenched my fist trying to control myself, I checked the wall clock.

“I’m gonna be late for my flight and I need to get ready so please, you guys should leave.” I said and was about to walk away.

“But Monica!” Dad called “Are you really gonna treat your own parents like that? She gave birth to you, we raised you, we supported your business…”

“No, you guys supported me because you thought it was a good idea, you didn’t even ask whether it makes me happy as long as it makes you happy.” I corrected.

“If you don’t tell me why you want to see me, I’m gonna call the security on you.” I threatened.

Mo m knelt down, I quickly bend and help her up “Mom, don’t, please.”

Mom smiled “You called me mom, does that mean that you’re not mad at me anymore?”

“Of course, I’m still mad. I still didn’t forgive you guys.” I said.

“We’ll tell you why we’re here. But please don’t hate us more.” dad said.

I folded my arms, starring at them to go ahead.

“Ever since we threw you out of the house, the house hasn’t been the same anymore.

Mia began to act like a spoilt child, our co-workers found out we kick our children out of the house and they began to treat us badly.” mom explained.

“Yeah, the government fired us from our jobs, no one wanted to hire us, and Mia ran away from home so we had no one, nothing.

Our landlord chased us out of the house and we started staying in our friend’s house for six years.” Dad explained.

“We sold everything we had to survive and we can’t find suitable jobs. I work as a school cleaner.” mom said.

“I work as a garbage man. We are looking for money to survive…”

“So that’s why you finally remember me after six years.” I said, acting like I don’t care.

“We’re trying our best look for you but we can’t…”

“Whatever I have to hurry up for my flight.” I brought out my iPhone 14 and did some things and they’re small phones beeped “I’ve sent US$200,000 to each of your phones so use them properly, like buy a house, foods, start a job on your own and so on. Bye.” I said wanted to run inside.

Mom held my hand and pulled a hug “But sweetie, thank you, thank you, thank you so much, we love you so much, We’re so proud of you.” Dad joined our group hug.

I hugged them back, shedding tears but I quickly pulled away and wiped my tears “I have to go, I might not see you again but take care of yourselves. Bye.”

“But sweetie, we’re hoping maybe you should come to our family reunion, your grandparents will be….”

“Tell them I said ‘Hi’” I said rushing upstairs.



I sighed sadly because I have a feeling this might be the last time we’ll our daughter.

We’re such a mon$ter, we shouldn’t have treat our daughter like that.

I wish she forgive us totally. I really want to see my grandchildren.

I can’t I’m a grandma and I haven’t seen my grandchildren, because of our wicked act.

I can’t even see both my children, I wonder how Mia’s doing.



I went to my bedroom, bath, wore my black off shoulder flare blouse and white tight skirt that reaches my knee, showing my big curves.

I wore my black sandal heels and golden dangling earrings and I fixed my hair in neat high ponytail.

I wore the baby carrier and put Mickey in it, took my Givenchy handbag and Dior luggage and I left the room.

My parents are already gone.

Stella, Bianca and I with Mickey left the mansion, and went to the airport, entered First Class plane and it departed.

I smiled at myself. Don’t worry Teddy and Gigi, mommy’s coming back home.


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