Friday night, Denise shared some news that she hoped
would excite us as much as her.
“It’s a kind of an exchange program,” she said.


“Students from another school will come to our school and a
couple of our students will come to theirs, for two weeks.”

Chaise rolled his eyes, showing us that he didn’t share
Denise’s enthusiasm.

Denise saw this and stuck a tongue out at him before
turning to me.

“Anyway, you are looking at the chairman of the first ever Interschool Immersion Program!” she said cheerfully.

The look that she gave me actually made me nervous. It
was one of those looks that said ‘No’ is not on the options
list. “Wh-what help would you need from me?”

“Well, you need to help me organize the activities. I’ve
already got a lot of ideas listed down but I would need your opinion on them.

These kids will be attending our classes but we need to organize some activities for at least two weekends.

We want to make sure they get to experience the best of Leighton High.”

I rolled my eyes at her. “Excuse me? I think your spiel
should be delivered to that table over there.”

I pointed at
the table where Chelsea and the rest of her squad were.

“Oh please! They’re a disgrace not just to this school
but to the rest of humanity.”

This time it was her turn to roll her eyes. “Anyway, as I was saying, I have been tasked to organize some activities to make them feel welcome here.”
Chaise smirked.

“What, genius?” Denise asked, raising a brow at him.

“Come on, Denise. Who are we kidding? I’ve been here
for months and I still didn’t feel welcome,” he replied.

I smiled at Denise sympathetically. “Sorry to side with Chaise on that one. I feel exactly the same way.”

Denise sighed. “I guess you’re right. If we didn’t feel
welcome here, how could we make them fit right in?”

She was thoughtful for a while and then as if she decided she
wasn’t gonna let anything dampen her enthusiasm for her
project, she said, “Well, I’m not aiming to impress them.

I’m aiming to impress our principal.

I will not fail the first project she entrusted to me.

She expects a grand event on the final weekend and maybe a bonfire by the beach. Anyway, we’ll discuss them all later.”

Denise beamed. “I can’t wait for next week!”

“Wait, what? Next week? As in they are going to be here
next week?” I asked, almost in shock.

Denise nodded. “Yep. And you are going to help me tour
them around.”

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