Written by Authoress Rejoice

Episode 10

After Annabel left with Alexa,Bella looked at Charlotte

“What are we going to do now?”

“Bella leave me alone I need to think”

“Think? You better do something and fast cause I got I insulted because of you”

Charlotte sighed

“I really underestimated Annabel. That lady is something else” Charlotte said

“So now you get it” Bella hissed and Charlotte faced her

“Stop making a fuss out of this. I got insulted too you know. It’s a big stain on my reputation”

“You never had a good reputation Charlotte”

“Is that an insult?”

“No it’s the truth”

“Bella what has come over you?”

“Nothing okay nothing. I’m sorry. I just got angry”

“It’s alright. I don’t know what to do now” Charlotte scratched her head

“Perhaps I can help you” A tall and beautiful fair skinned girl said coming to them

“Who are you?” Charlotte asked

“My name is Hailey” The girl replied

“Okay Hailey,how are you gonna help us?” Charlotte asked

“Well I know one thing that can really hurt Annabel”

“What?” Bella asked

“Aside her family members the next one is failing an examination”

“So how?”

“Well you can go to the schools registrar. All the engineering students papers pass through him. You can ask him for Annabel’s results and he will give it to you on a condition” Hailey said

“What condition is that?” Bella asked

“You’re gonna spend a night with him”

Bella gasped

“Charlotte are you-”

“I’ll do it” Charlotte said

Bella tapped her to reconsider but she ignored her

Hailey smiled

“Alright. Exams will be ending next week so you need to see him tomorrow”

“Okay Hailey but if I may ask,why are you helping me?” Charlotte asked

“I hate Annabel that’s all”

Charlotte nodded and gave her some money. She bid them farewell and left

“Charlotte why? Are you out of your mind?” Bella asked

“I can do anything to get back at Annabel Bella”

“Isn’t this too much?”

“I’m the one doing it so let me worry about that”

Charlotte walked away and Bella sighed following her.



On their way back,Alexa was going on and on of what happened earlier

“Annabel you have to teach me to stand up like that”

“Really?” She rolled her eyes

“Yeah. I never knew you were this brave”

“Honestly I’m scared Alexa”

Alexa halted

“Scared? Of what?”

“What if she tries to get back at me and go after my family? I love my dad and Lisa so much. I won’t be able to forgive myself if something happens to them”

Lisa put her hand on her shoulders

“Come on babe,forget about that. She can’t come after your family okay?”

“You don’t understand. Charlotte is heartless. She cares about no one but herself”

“Trust me okay. I’m with you on this. Don’t worry I’m gonna hire secret bodyguards for them that way,Charlotte won’t be able to lay a finger on them”

“Really?” Annabel’s face lit up immediately


Annabel hugged her

“Thank you so much”

“That’s what friends are for. Let’s keep going. You need to get Lisa ready for her birthday tomorrow”

“Yeah. We’ll go style her hair tomorrow afternoon. Care to join us?”

“You bet I will”

They laugh and held hands.




Annabel got home and met Lisa trying on dresses while her father judges them.

She cleared her throat thus drawing their attention

“Hey Annie you’re back” Lisa said

“Yeah. Good afternoon daddy” She pecked his cheek

“Afternoon my sunshine. How was school today?”

“It was fine. You’re home early what’s going on?”

“Lisa called and told me Gideon took her shopping for clothes,shoes and bags. She forced me to come home and see them” Her father explained


“Come over here Annie he bought some for you too” Lisa pulled Annie to where she put the clothes

Annabel looked at the clothes and smiled

“They’re beautiful” She said

“Won’t you go in and rest for a while? You look tired” Her father examined her

“No I have to go to work. I only came to check on you guys” Annabel said and turned to leave but Lisa held her back

“You’re not going to work today. For goodness sake give yourself rest please. I know you’re supporting our family but you need to rest,have fun. Just look at how skinny you’ve become” Lisa complained

“She’s right sunshine…he stands up and cupped her cheeks with his hands…I love you Annie and I’m happy you took the role of your mother but please I don’t want you to overwork yourself. Please rest for today”

Annabel nodded

“Thanks dad”

“Come help me pick a birthday dress for tomorrow” Lisa dragged Annabel to the clothes

They tried on many clothes and with little help from their dad went for a red floral off shoulder gown.

“You’re going to rock your birthday with this dress” Annabel said

Lisa turned and cat walked with the gown

“I’m so wearing this for the audition” She continued her catwalk and they laughed





The school was quite empty since students didn’t come today.

The ones lingering around were students that lived on campus.

Charlotte parked here car in the parking lot and went straight to the registrar’s office.

She knocked

“Come in” A voice answered from inside

She opened the door and entered

She took gentle strides to the man’s table and sat down.

She looked at the man who was in his early thirties. She knew from the ID card he was putting on that he was the registrar. He was chubby with pale skin and brown hair.

“Good afternoon Mr. Kelvin” She greeted

“Afternoon pretty lady. How many I help you?”

She watched the way he looked at her and licked his lips but she chose not to be bothered by it.

“I suppose you know Annabel Williams. She is an engineering student”

He smiled

“Yes I know her. She’s the best engineering student we have here. What about her?”

“I need your help with something”


Charlotte explained her plan to him and his eyes widened in shock

“Ms. Charlotte,that’s the hardest thing to do. Everyone knows she’s the best student in the school and failing her would raise suspicion”

“I’m ready to do whatever you want if you do that for me” She said and stood up turning around and acting in a $eductive way

Mr. Kelvin was turned on immediately and stood up

He came to her and smashed his lips on hers.

“Are you doing it or not?” She asked

“Of course I am”

She smiled and he led her to his room in the teachers quarters.

****I won’t tell you guys what happened thereπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚****




Annabel and Alexa took Lisa to a salon and got her hair done. They brought her back home when the sun started going down and a makeup artist came and worked on her.

They led her to her room and dressed her up.

“You girls haven’t told me where you’re taking me” She said putting on her ear rings

“You’ll find out when we get there” Alexa said

“Done. Look at the mirror baby girl” Annabel said holding the standing mirror

Lisa turned and looked at herself

“Is that me?” She asked wide eyed

“You look so beautiful”

“Prettier than a mermaid” Annabel added

A car honked from outside

“The car is here” Alexa exclaimed

“What car?” Lisa asked

They went outside and James who was Gideon’s driver opened the door and led them inside

They girls were looking stunning as the driver drove off

Few minutes later,they arrived at their destination

It was a huge event center. Lisa saw many cars parked around and wondered what they were doing there.

The car stopped and they came down.

“What are we doing here?” Lisa asked

“You’ll see” Annabel said and dragged her into the VIP hall rented my Gideon

When they opened the door,the dimmed lights came on and everyone shouted SURPRISE!!!!!!

Lisa stood dazed at the view in front of her as tears streamed down her cheek

Gideon was dressed in black suit looking really handsome

He walked up to her

“Happy birthday Lisa” He said as balloons kept floating down

“You threw me a surprise party?” She asked


“Oh my I love it!!!” She exclaimed and hugged him

“Thank you”

“You’re welcome”

He led her to the stage where her three layered cake with her favorite flavor was and everyone sang a birthday song for her. She blew out the candles and music started playing

“Wanna dance?” Gideon asked

“Yes” She put her hand in his as he led her to the dance floor

“It’s good to see Lisa so happy like this”Annabel said and Alexa nodded


“Hey pretty lady may I have this dance?” Richard asked Alexa



“Okay” Richard led her to the dance floor


Annabel sat there sipping her wine. She looked to the left and saw Adams talking with two other guys. She wished he would ask her to dance

Nowadays she just wished seeing him. Could it be that she likes him?

No way

She got rid of her thoughts and looked there again but he wasn’t there again

She sighed and lowered her head. Then she heard the cutest voice ever

“May I have this dance?”

She looked up and saw Adams stretching his hands for her to take




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