Episode 3

“What are you doing here?” Adams asked

“Is that the proper way of welcoming me after traveling for months?” The lady at the door asked

“And is it proper for a lady to walk into a guy’s house at night?” Adams asked

“You haven’t changed at all. For goodness sake I’m your fiancee”

Adams scoffed

“Says who?”

She sighed and walked into the room with her heels making it’s own music on the floor. Her eyes met with that of Richard. She gave him a fake smile and waved

“Hi Richard”

“Hi Charlotte” The way he replied her showed he doesn’t like her oh well,the feeling was mutual. She hates him too

Adams closed the door and walked over to them.

“I’ll be in the other room” Richard stood up and went upstairs.

The house was Adams own but Richard and Gideon who was also their childhood friends stayed there. The boys decided to live under same roof and they’ve been doing well. Gideon went for an appointment and will be back the following day.

Charlotte sat down on the couch and crossed her legs. This irritated Adams. He never liked this lady in the first place but his parents wants him to marry her.

“How was your trip?” She asked


She stood up and walked towards him cupping his cheeks with her hands.

“Oh Adams,you have no idea how much I missed you” She wanted to kss him but he pushed her away

“How are your parents?” He changed the topic

She sighed and sat down. This guy doesn’t even have any feelings for her but she isn’t gonna let him go. She is Charlotte Vegas daughter of Mr. Eben Vegas. She doesn’t give up.

“They’re fine” She replied

Adams walked over to an opposite couch and sat down.

“When will you be leaving?” He asked

“Hey I just got here”

“I know”

“You didn’t offer me a drink and you’re already asking when I’ll be leaving?”

“Do I look like your maid or house boy? I have a book and maids in this house and you know that. Why didn’t you call any of them to get you a drink?”

“It’s fine. I’m not thirsty”

“So when are you leaving?”



“Nothing just wanna spend some time with you”

“Charlotte its late. Go home”

“I’m your fiancee and I’m going nowhere”

“Soothe yourself then”He walked upstairs to his room




Annabel opened the gate and walked to the verandah. Lisa and her dad were playing chess when she entered. Both were surprised to see her.

“Did you take your bath in mud today?” Lisa asked suppressing the laughter that threatened to escape her mouth

“Very funny” Annabel said sarcastically

“Lisa,that’s not a nice way to welcome your sister” Mr. Williams said

“Sorry”Lisa apologized covering her mouth

“What happened to you dear?” Her father asked with concern written all over his face

“It’s nothing serious dad. I got splashed with mud but I’m fine” She smiled

“And the coat?” He asked

“Oh someone gave it to me to cover the mud”

“Alright. Make sure you return it to the owner tomorrow okay?”

Annabel nodded

“I’ll be in my room” She left them for her room and Lisa followed her.



“I know there is more to the explanation you gave daddy” Lisa said lying on the bed

“What makes you think so?” Annabel asked removing the coat and tossing it to the bed

“Cause you’re my sister and I know you like the back of my hand. Enough with the pretence,tell me what really happened…she took the coat and sniffed it…who gave you this coat? It smells nice” She sniffs again

Annabel snatches it from her

“Stop that’s weird”

“Really?…As I was saying,tell me the person that pissed and I’ll pay them a visit tomorrow”

Annabel sighed and told Lisa everything.

“What!!! I’m so mad at you” Lisa fumed

Annabel was confused


“You should have taken the money and even ask for more. Even if you’re not gonna use it,you would have given it to me”

“Not everybody is like you Lisa” Annabel removed the muddy clothes and tied a towel from her chest down to her knees

“What about the nice boy? Is he cute”Lisa asked blinking

“Yes he’s really cute but unfortunately the grumpy one is cuter” Annabel said

“Wow can I follow you when you go to return the coat please? I would like to see them”

“You’ll see only Richard. I don’t think he and Adams are staying together”

“Adams….is that his name?”

“I guess. Seriously,why are you asking alot of questions? Hope it isn’t what I’m thinking”

“Let me see them first”

“Oh Lisa”

“Hey Annie”

They laughed before Annabel walked into the bathroom. Lisa rolled on the bed and sighed.

“Hmm it seems my big Sis is attracted to one of those guys and I’m gonna find out tomorrow” She laughs





The halls were flooded with students who were preparing for auditions for the spot of contesting for the new king/queen of the school Lisa included.

Star models high school was one of the best schools for training students who are aspiring to be models. Lisa is in the school on scholarship due to her marvelous performance at the teen models competition.

The spot for the king/queen of models were eyed by almost everyone in the school. It has great privileges including winning the sum of 300 thousand dollars for the first runner up plus free VIP lunch in the school. Everybody is busy.

Lisa and her best friend Marla were working on their poses when Sarah and her companion Emma came to look for trouble.

Sarah was the most popular girl in school,from a rich home and also beautiful and proud. She felt Lisa was a threat and is doing her best to make Lisa back out of the competition.

“What’s up Lisa” She faked a smile

Lisa looked at her

“Are you here to look for trouble cause if you are,you’re not gonna find it today. I’m busy” Lisa said

“You’re busy preparing to loose in the competition? You won’t even get picked to contest with that pale skin of yours” Sarah said and Emma added

“I’m sure she won’t even afford the money for the audition gown”

Marla was about to talk but Lisa stopped her

“Let it go Marla. Don’t let this potatoe for a brain get to you”

“Lisa repeat that statement”

“Why? Are you deaf? Cause a reasonable and sensible person should have heard and understood what I mean” Lisa said

Sarah got angry and tried to slap her when someone held her hand. It was Dylan,the guy that Lisa had planned to beat up recently before Annabel stopped her.

“Get your filthy hands off me Dylan” She said and he smirked

“I will but let me warn you first. Don’t ever I repeat ever raise this skinny hand of yours to slap Lisa again else you won’t like my bad side” he said and let go of her hand

“Why are you even defending her? She isn’t your class” Sarah snapped

“Neither are you” he replied and Lisa jeered

Sarah stomped her feet in anger then pushed Lisa out of her way and left.

“Thanks for standing up for me”Lisa said

“You’re welcome and keep practicing you’re gonna win”

Lisa smiled and nodded.




Annabel was done with her shift and was about to live the restaurant when Sam who was the cook stopped her. He was a 25 year old guy and had brown hair. He was also good looking.

“Annabel hope all is well?” He asked

“Yeah. What made you ask?”

“I saw you arguing with a guy yesterday”

“Oh that one…the guy doesn’t have manners so I wanted to teach him some”

“Do you know who that guy is?” He ashes with fear

“He does look familiar but I couldn’t figure out where I’ve seen him before”

“That guy is Adams the CEO of Adams building and architectural design company”

She thinks for a while

“Oh i remember him now. My bestie showed me his pic yesterday”

“Yes he is not someone you should mess with. He is rude and merciless and won’t spare you if you mess with him”

“Oh really”

“Yeah. You never want to enter his bad books” Sam said shuddering

“I think I have” Annabel said and Sam gasped

“You’re lucky he didn’t send you to jail”

“For what actually? For standing up to him?”

“You never can tell”

Just then Lisa walked in

“My sister is here. I have to go now”

“Okay bye and Goodnight”


She walked up to Lisa

“Are we good to go?” She asked

“Yes the coat is in my bag” Lisa said and hung the bag on one shoulder.

They made their way to Adams apartment using the address Richard gave Annabel. They got there soon enough.



They were ushered into the house by the body guards after Annabel showed them the card Richard had given her. They called him on phone and he gave them permission to let her in.

The guys were in the living room having a hearty discussion since Gideon the conversation starter was back. Suddenly the door bell rang

The show was about to start

“Adams can you please check who’s at the door?” Richard asked

“Why? You’re closer to the door”Adams complained

“Stop grumbling and do as you’re told” Gideon said. Richard had already told him everything and he was dying to see that pretty lady that stood up to Adams rendering him speechless.

“Fine” Adams stood up and went to the door

Richard looked at Gideon and both smiled

The fun was about to begin

Adams opened the door and the smile on his face disappeared when he saw Annabel. What was she doing in his house?

Annabel on the other hand was shocked to see him. What was he doing in Richard’s house?

Trouble started knocking

Adams looked her and said

“Hello Ms. Grumpy”

Annabel replied

“Hi Mr. Sassy pants”


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