Written by Authoress Rejoice

Episode 4

Adams looked at her and said

“Hello Ms. Grumpy”

Annabel replied

“Hi Mr. Sassy pants”

Richard and Gideon burst into laughter while Lisa struggled to control hers.

Adams shot them a glare and they kept quiet. He faced Annabel

“What are you doing here?”

“I came to return Richard’s coat. Do you have a problem with that?”

“Of course I do. This is my house and not Richard’s”

“Oh really?” She asked rolling her eyes


“And you couldn’t welcome me properly. Is that how you attend to visitors? Open the door then leave them standing outside? Some gentleman you are”

Lisa was really enjoying these. She knew her sister had a sharp tongue but she hasn’t seen her made use of it like this before.

Adams was vexed. What wrong did he do in his former life that God sent this woman into this one to punish him.

“Watch the way you talk to me young lady. Besides I don’t even know you,why should I welcome you into my house?” He asked

“Whether you know someone or not isn’t the issue but courtesy demands that you welcome visitors with a sweet smile and not “Hello
Ms. Grumpy” She said imitating him.

Adams couldn’t say anything again

“Can I come in now?” She asked

“Whatever” He rolled his eyes and made his way to the couch.

Annabel and Lisa walked in and her mouth dropped open. Was this heaven? The living room was spacious and the interior designs were out of this world. They had admired the house from outside but inside was cooler. It was a 6 bedroom flat with toilet in each rooms and a big kitchen. All in all it was breathtaking.

And the couch was WOW. It had silver hands and was color Red-Annabel’s favorite color. Both were drifted from their trance by Richard’s voice.

“Good evening ladies” He said smiling

“Evening Sir” Lisa replied returning the smile

“How are you today Richard?” Annabel asked smiling

Adams sat on the chair and wondered why she doesn’t smile at him like that

“Fine. Who is this cute baby girl with you?” He asked pointing Lisa and she blushed

“Oh she’s Lisa my junior sister”

“You’re welcome. Have a seat” He gestured to a seat facing Adams and the girls went and sat down. Adams looked at Annabel she was even more beautiful than when he saw her that night. She is a troublemaker and he was going to change that.

Annabel looked at Adams. He was so cute but bossy and rude. She was going to change that.

Gideon stood up from where he was seated and went to Annabel and Lisa.

“Hi I’m Gideon”

“Annabel” She replied

Adams smirked….so that’s her name.

“Oh my gosh Annie you’re really beautiful” Gideon the complete flirt was drooling.

Gideon was the youngest amongst the three friends. Adams was 23,Richard 25 and Gideon was 20 years old. He was from a rich family too. The trio met at summer camp and has been friends since then.

Gideon was a nice guy,jovial and always full of energy. He doesn’t act his age and to top it all,he was a flirt but isn’t a playboy though many girls fall for his charm and good looks.

“Thanks” Annabel smiled

He went over to Lisa whose head was already lowered and held her hands.

“Hi Lisa” He said

Lisa’s heart raced and her cheeks turned red.

“Hi” She muttered

“You are really beautiful. How old are you?” He asked

“I’m 17” She answered avoiding eye contact

Annabel watched the two in admiration. Wait…is her sister blushing? No way!

“Stop you flirt,you’re making the girl uncomfortable” Richard spoke out

“Fine” He said and went back to where he was seated before

“What would you ladies like to eat?” Richard asked facing them

“Nothing. I just came to give you back your coat” She handed the coat to him and he took it.

“Thanks but you must take something before leaving”

“There’s no need”

“I insist”

Annabel had no choice but to concur

“Fine” She said and he smiled

Richard clapped his hands and two maids rushed out immediately.

“Serve this beautiful ladies some delicacies” He ordered

“Yes sir” They replied in unison

“And bring some for me too” Adams who was quiet all along spoke out

They bowed and rushed to the kitchen

Adams wanted to see her table manners then use it against her. He was sure she didn’t have any.

“What’s he up to?” Gideon whispered to Richard

“We’ll soon find out” he answered



The two maids were carrying out their duties simultaneously until Maya who was the chief maid spoke up

“Did you see that lady Rose?”

“Yeah. She is really beautiful” Rose replied

“I noticed the way young master Adams was looking at her. I think he likes her” Maya said putting some meat into a plate

“She seems nice and I prefer her to Charlotte”

“Me too. I also saw what happened when she came into the house”

“I did too. Do you think she can make him a better person?”

“Let’s wait and see” Maya said and they hurried with the food to the dinning room.

When everything was set they went to the living room and informed them.

Annabel wondered how they finished so fast. It is good to be rich sometimes



Richard escorted the ladies to the dinning room and it was another beauty itself. Annabel marvelled at the beautiful settings. She looked at the mouth watering dishes the maids had prepared.

Richard pulled out the chair for her and she sat down. Gideon did same for Lisa. The maids served them and everyone including Adams started eating. Adams observed Annabel for some time. She ate the food gently and didn’t rush the food and the way she handled the fork and knife amazed him. He was wrong,she had table manners. Now his next plan was to piss her off as she’s eating.

Richard whispered something to Gideon and both stood up to go to the verandah leaving Annabel,Lisa and Adams at the table.



“So you’re saying that you’re gonna set them up with each other?”Gideon asked

“Yes” Richard replied

Richard was the most gentle but he was good at scheming on people.

“Do you think it’ll work? Adams really good at hiding his feelings”

“Of course it’ll work. If he isn’t interested in her,he wouldn’t have let her go scot free for challenging him yesterday” Richard pointed out

“I guess you’re right”



Adams was still thinking of what to do then and idea dawned on him. He stretched out his hand and took Annabel’s meat from her plate

Annabel looked at him

“Drop my meat now” She glared at him

Lisa was surprised. Does this guy know who he’s dealing with? Annabel doesn’t joke with her meat

“Why?” He asked waving if in front of her

“I’m gonna count to three…one…two…she looked at him but he didn’t give her…three…give it to me”

“Come get it” He threw the meat into his mouth,chewed and swallowed it

Lisa opened her mouth


Richard and Gideon were still in the verandah when they heard Adams shout. They rushed to the dinning room and saw Adams holding his head and Annabel pouting while Lisa was laughing

“What happened?”


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