Written by Authoress Rejoice

Episode 5

“What happened?” Richard asked immediately

Annabel and Adams looked at themselves

“Is no one going to talk?” He asked

“Come on Adams,tell Richard what happened” Annabel said

“You’re a very wicked person Annabel” Adams said pouting like a wronged puppy

“Look at the kettle calling pot black”Annabel said

“Someone please tell us what transpired between the cat and the dog” Gideon said

“Who are you calling a cat?” Adams asked

“You of course” Annabel answered

“I’ll tell you guys what happened”Lisa spoke up and all eyes were on her immediately

“Okay. We’re all ears” Richard said

“Adams took my sister’s meat”

Gideon and Richard looked at Adams and shook their heads

“What? It’s just a piece of meat” Adams snapped

“But you have yours,why take hers?” Richard said

“Cause she doesn’t deserve to eat meat” He answered

“Dude that’s unreasonable” Richard said

“So can you tell us the reason behind your scream?” Gideon asked

Adams looked at Annabel scornfully and she stuck out her tongue for him

“You won’t believe what Annabel did to him” Lisa said laughing

“What did she do?” Richard was anxious to know

“Annabel pulled his over to the other side of the table and knocked his head real hard. The knock was a resounding one” Lisa said sipping her wine

Richard and Gideon burst into laughter and Adams stood up and started walking away

“Where are you going?” Richard asked still laughing

“To my room. Away from that demon” He said pointing Annabel

She hissed

When the laughter died down,Richard applauded Annabel

“Well done. He needs someone to teach him a lesson sometimes” He said

“Yeah. Finally Adams has met his match”Gideon said

“Thanks guys…her phone rings. It was her dad…Hello daddy…We are coming now…No need to come pick us…Alright…I love you too…She ends the call…We’ll be on our way now. Thanks for having us”

“No problem”Gideon said

“We’ll drop you ladies off” Richard said

“No don’t stress yourself. Lisa get up let’s go”

Lisa stood up and waved them bye

“Thanks once more” She said and they left.

“I like them already. They’re very funny” Gideon said after they left

“Yeah. Annabel is the best person to put Adams where he belongs” Richard smirked

“What is going on in that scheming head of yours?”

“You’ll see Gideon you’ll see” He said and went upstairs while the maids hurried to clean up the dinning room.




Immediately Annabel and Lisa entered the house,the first greeting she got from her dad was a poke in the head

“Ouch daddy?” She said pouting

“Where have you girls been? Do you have any idea about how worried I was? I almost had an heart attack” He poked her forehead again

“Ow I’m sorry. We got carried away” Annabel tried to explain

“Speak for yourself”Lisa said smiling thinking her dad had forgotten about her

He walked over to her and gave her a knock

“Ouch!” She exclaimed

“That’s for not telling your sister to bring you home” He said

“That’s not fair” Lisa said

“Now both of you,go to your rooms,take your bath and go to bed and don’t worry about me,I’ve eaten” He said pointing to their rooms

“It’s too early”Lisa complained

“A word from you and you’ll go to bed 5pm tomorrow” He threatened

Lisa shut up immediately and went to her room while Annabel entered hers.

Mr. Williams sighed and plunged down on the couch. These two trouble makers won’t kill him one day. Just to return a coat and they spent eternity there. If not that he trust them,he would have thought that they were doing something else there.

He really misses his wife. If Clara was still alive raising the kids would have been a piece of cake.





Alexa and Annabel were in their usual spot after lectures ended for the day. Both were studying same course which is Civil Engineering and were in same hall. That was how they became best friends although Alexa was a year older than Annabel and richer too.

Annabel was gisting her about her experience with Adams.

“OMG!!! Babe are you telling me that you knocked Adams the Adams I know of the CEO of one of the prestigious building companies in New York City,this city” Alexa was finding it hard to believe

“Yes”Annabel said

“And he let you go scot free?”

“What other choice does he have?”

“You must be very lucky then…she paused to think for a while…Or?”

“Or what?”

“He likes you”

“Likes me? Have you gone nuts? That guy hates me to the bones” Annabel countered

“Come on baby girl,I might not be as smart as you are but I ain’t dumb. If he doesn’t like you or if he isn’t interested in you,why would he let you go in the first place? The Adams or rather the CEO I know is merciless,rude and doesn’t take No for an answer. Take it from me Annie he is interested in you”Alexa pointed out

Annabel was finding it hard to digest what her bestie just told her. That can’t be true. He can’t possibly be interested in a middle class lady like her. Maybe he was only pitying her or he is waiting for the right time and opportunity to deal with her.

She shouldn’t be bothered right? He doesn’t like her

“I’ve heard you Ms. Seer” she said

“You can think whatever you feel like thinking but when all these comes to pass,I’ll definitely be available to say I told you so” Alexa said and she laughs

“It’s past 4pm I need to be at work now. The manager said we have a special guest coming for dinner today”

“Let’s go then. I’ll drive”Alexa stood up and pulled her up as well

“Alexa don’t bother. You don’t have to drive me around”

“There you go again. Annie you’re the best person I know. I love you and our status shouldn’t be a hindrance to our friendship. No matter what happens dear,let’s put aside our differences and have fun okay?”

Annabel nodded

They got into the car and Alexa dropped her off before heading to her own house.



Annabel was cleaning the VIP area for the special guest they were expecting. After she was through,Mr. Larry who was the manager called the three waitresses on duty including her so as to instruct them on how to attend to their guest.

“Bon Soir maidmoselles” He greeted them in French

“Good evening sir” They chorused

“Answer me in French” he said

“Bon soir Monsieur” They said

“Good. You all are aware of the special guest that would be coming today”

“Oui (Yes)”

“She is Charlotte Vegas. I believe you ladies know her”

“Yes sir”

“When she comes,I want you ladies to escort her to her table. Linda help her with her handbag,Esther lead her to where she’ll sit and pull the chair out for her and Annabel you’ll be the one to serve her. Understood?”

“Yes monsieur” they chorused

“She needs to be treated like a princess. Nothing must go wrong else we’re in trouble”

“No problem Monsieur you can trust us” Annabel said and he smiled

Mr. Larry was middle aged man. His parents were from America but he was born and brought up in Paris. He was good looking and Annabel was his best staff. She contributed to the growth of his restaurant through her looks and sociable qualities.

After he was done giving them instructions,he left the restaurant.



The long awaited guest finally arrived. Different brands of jeeps were parked around the restaurant.

Charlotte Vegas stepped down from the biggest and most beautiful jeep with two maids striding beside her. She was wearing a black off shoulder gown that barely touched her knees with cute heels. Her black hair fell in waves and she hung her handbag cat walking into the restaurant.

The waitresses carried out the instructions given to them and when she was seated Annabel walked over to her to ask her what she would like to eat.

“Good evening ma” Annabel curtesied with a sweet smile on her face

No answer

“Good evening ma” Maybe the lady didn’t hear her

Still no answer

Annabel decided to try again oblivious of the warning looks the maids were giving her.


“Give me the damn menu you wretched waitress” Charlotte snapped snatching the menu from her

Annabel was caught off guard. She was shocked and hurt at same time. To greet again na wahala

Charlotte went through the menu and threw it at her after she had gone through it

“Give me the number 7 on the menu but get me an orange juice first and be zippy with it. I’ve got no time to waste”

Number seven was chicken pepper soup.

While Sam was getting it ready,Annabel went over to her table with the juice

“Here’s the juice you asked for ma”

She dropped it on the table and turned to leave

“Stop there…Charlotte ordered and she obeyed…what kind of glass cup is this? Who do you take me for? A pauper? How dare you give me the glass cup you poor people Use?”

Before Annabel could say a word,Charlotte threw the juice all over her body. She gasped cause it was cold

“Get me the pepper soup I asked for” Charlotte commanded her

Annabel was hurt but she walked to the kitchen and brought out the pepper soup

“Don’t you people have a golden plate and spoon here? Are you stupid or what?”

“I’m sorry ma but it’s the VIP plate and spoon” Annabel answered

Charlotte chuckled,stood up and poured the pepper soup on Annabel’s body drenching her from head to toe.

Everybody including the staff were shocked. How can a human treat her fellow human like this?

Annabel felt all the light bulb in her head go off

“Next time you talk when I haven’t asked you to,I’ll do more than this”

Charlotte turned and left the restaurant leaving Annabel in her disheveled state.


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