WINNING THE BOSS’ HEART: Episode 11 – 20

WINNING THE BOSS’ HEART: Episode 11 – 20

Written by Authoress Rejoice

Episode 11

“May I have this dance?” Adams asked stretching his hand for her to take

Annabel looked at him and placed her hand in his.

They made for the dance floor and the DJ put on a slow music

Adams put his right hand on her waist and she placed hers on his shoulder then they started moving with the rhythm

WINNING THE BOSS’ HEART: Episode 11 – 20.

“Ms. Annabel,where did you learn to waltz like this?” Adams asked

“I’ve been practicing” was her reply

She didn’t look up but stared at their moving feet. She didn’t want to look at him else she would lost herself

Silence reigned for a minute before Adams cleared his throat

“So which school are you attending?” He asked

“Emerald University. I’m in my final year”

“Really? You look a little too young”

“I know. I earned extra credits so I was double promoted”

“Wow!!! You must be very smart then”

“Of course I am”

Adams smiled

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Adams knew he shouldn’t have asked but he was curious

Annabel stopped

Why was he asking her that question? Could what Alexa told her be true? She observed him and didn’t notice anything like that. She concluded maybe he was just curious

“No I don’t” She replied

He wanted to say something when one of his guards came to inform him that his mum was there to see him

He excused himself and left while Annabel went back to her seat. She met Lisa and Alexa having a hearty discussion

“Hey” She smiled and collected Lisa’s glass of wine

“Give me that” Lisa dragged it back

“Shame on you Annabel. Why would you collect the birthday girls drink” Alexa laughed

“Don’t you know hers taste better?” Annabel poured and they laugh

“So how was the dance with Adams?” Alexa asked


“Just cool? Nothing else attached?” Alexa winked

“Don’t start”

“Annie likes him but she doesn’t wanna admit it” Lisa pointed out

“No I don’t. How can you say that?” She denied

“You can’t deny it babe. It’s obvious” Alexa said

“I agree” Lisa said

“You girls are nuts” She stood up and went to the other side of the table while Lisa and Alexa laugh


WINNING THE BOSS’ HEART: Episode 11 – 20

Adams was led to where his mum was and hugged her as he got there

“Good evening mum” He smiled

It was obvious he had a better relationship with his mum than his dad. It was simple,his mum loved and cared for him but his dad only cares about business

“Evening cutie. How was your day?” She smiled

“It was fine mum. How was work at the hospital today?”

“Great. What’s going on?” She asked pointing her slender fingers on where the party was going on

“Oh,Gideon organized a birthday party for one of his friends and we attended”

“Okay. Who was that beautiful lady I saw you dancing with?” She winked at him and he smiled

She grabbed it right away. Natasha was very smart and knew what was going on already

“She’s a friend”

His mum rolled her eyes

“Really? A friend?”

“Mum I know what you’re thinking and it’s not like that”

“I gave birth to you Adams so don’t try to deceive me. I wasn’t born yesterday you know” She folded her hands

Adams sighed

“Okay I’ve heard you mum”

“Can I see her?” She asked

“No you can’t”

She pouted

“Alright you’ll see her but not today”


“I’ll figure it out”

“Don’t keep me waiting” She waved her hands and her maids came

“You didn’t tell me why you came mum”

“I wanted to see my beloved son. Is anything wrong with that?” She asked

“No. I love you mum”

“Love you more. Come visit soon. Emily says she will be coming to stay with you for some time”


Before he could utter another word,his mum rushed to the car and drove off.

Adams frowned

Emily was his niece. She recently clocked 16 years and is very troublesome. He can’t believe he will have to put up with her behavior soon.

He turned and headed back to the party.


WINNING THE BOSS’ HEART: Episode 11 – 20

Still at the party,Annabel was looking around when she bumped into a guy with short black hair. He was cute though.

“Oh I’m so sorry”She apologized

“No I’m sorry”

“Okay we are both sorry” She said

“Yeah but I’m sorry more”

She laughs and that was when Adams entered

He saw her talking to the guy and anger built up in him

What was she talking to another guy?

She is even laughing

She never laughs like that when he talks to her

Richard noticed it and walked up to him

“If seeing her with another guy angers you so much,why don’t you tell her how you feel?” Richard said

“What are you talking about?” Adams asked

“Quit the pretence Adams. You love this lady. Why won’t you admit it?”

“I don’t love her”



Gideon chimed in

“Stop lying. It’s obvious. You’re just to arrogant to admit it”

“Gideon is it too late to tear that mouth of yours into shreds?” Adams gritted his teeth

Gideon moved back

“Don’t even think about it”

Adams grinned and walked away

“What am I gonna do with him?” Richard asked

“Don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll come around”Gideon said and they walked back to the party

The guy made Annabel laughed all through while Adams watched them while taming his anger. Annabel later got to know the guy’s name as George.

The party lasted for awhile before everyone headed back to their destination

Gideon and the rest dropped the girls off at Annabel’s house

They thanked him and went inside.

Adams grinned,he finally knew where she lives.


WINNING THE BOSS’ HEART: Episode 11 – 20

The girls entered the house and took off their shoes.

Mr. Williams was in the living room watching a TV program

Lisa threw herself on his body

“Hey daddy,you didn’t come for my party”

The rest greeted him

“I’m sorry starlight. I was busy setting up a surprise for you” He said and her face lit up immediately

“Really? What is it?”

“Follow me to your room” He stood up and Lisa,Alexa and Annabel followed him

When they got to Lisa’s room,their mouths dropped open.

Lisa had asked him the other day to paint her room pink and he refused. She was not happy about it not knowing her dad was trying to surprise her as a birthday gift

She shrieked in happiness and hugged him before running into the room

It was very beautiful and glittery. There was a huge pink teddy bear on her bed with a happy birthday written on the tummy.

“Thank you daddy” She pecked his cheeks

“You’re welcome starlight” he hugged her

Annabel went to her room and came back later with two items wrapped in a gift wrap

She gave it to Lisa

“This is a birthday gift from I and Alexa to you”

Lisa collected it and gently unwraps the first one

It was an ipad

“Wow I’ve always wanted an IPad. Thanks guys”

“You’re welcome. Now open the second one” Alexa said

Lisa unwrapped it and screamed

“OMG it’s a laptop with my name engraved on it”

They nodded

She ran and hugged them

“Thank you so much. This is the best birthday ever”

“I’m glad you’re happy Lisa” Mr.Williams said and they all hugged.


WINNING THE BOSS’ HEART: Episode 11 – 20



Lisa was outside practicing with Marla. The audition was fast approaching and they had to step up their game

Marla was the first to do hers as Lisa kept showing her how to do it

“Heads up…Chin up…You gotta look proud…Move with elegancy…Yeah you’re doing it…Now pose…show them that you know what you’re doing…Good job Marla” Lisa clapped as Marla ended her catwalk.

“Thanks Lisa” Marla said

“For what?”

“For believing in me”

“No need for that Marla. I’m certain you’re gonna make it to the competition okay?”

Marla nodded

Suddenly,Sarah and her minion Emma came to them

“So you refused to heed to my advice. You prefer getting yourself disgraced at the audition right?” Sarah said

“The only person getting disgraced that day is you Sarah. Do you think that because you’re rich,you’ll win? I’ve seen you,I’ve watched you and I’ve discovered you don’t know what to do. You’re not good at it. Even if the school let you go for the competition Sarah,you won’t even make it to the semi-finals” Lisa snapped

“Is it me you’re talking to like that?” Sarah asked in anger

“Are you seeing anyone else around here apart from you and that one following you up and down?” She said pointing her index finger at Emma

“Stop this already Lisa. Just admit you have no chance against Sarah” Emma blunted out

“Emma,sometimes I wonder if you’re sensible. You keep going after Sarah same way flies go after sht and you haven’t sat down and thought about how you are going to perform in the competition” Lisa said and Marla added

“Don’t mind her. You’re being used and you don’t even know it”

Emma was quiet as if she was contemplating on what they said

“Don’t believe them Emma. They’re lying” Sarah said

Emma walked away

“Ughhh look at what you’ve caused you blabbermouth” Sarah boiled with rage

“Next time Sarah,think before coming to look for my trouble” Lisa said

“You’ll regret this” Sarah said and walked away

Marla laughed

“Serves her right”

Lisa nodded

“I’ll give you your birthday gift when we get to class” Marla said

“KK no problem”

They continued their practice

Dylan came over to where they were and they exchanged pleasantries

“Here Lisa…Happy birthday. Sorry it came late. I would have brought it to your house but I don’t know your place” he said

“Okay thank you”

She stretched her hand to collect the box from him when a fair skinned girl with brown curly hair and nice features push her away

“What are you doing with him?” She snapped at Lisa

Lisa was shocked

For Christ sake,this guy is her friend although he looks for her trouble sometimes and she planned on beating him before Annabel stopped her but he is still here friend and is giving her a birthday gift so what is it?

“Elena what are you doing here?” Dylan asked

“So you broke up with me because of this low-life” Elena said pointing Lisa

“What did you say?” Lisa was vexed

“If not a low life then what are you?”

“A human being. You better watch the kind of words you say to me else I’ll beat the living daylight out of you” Lisa warned

“Come on shut up. What can you do?”

“Elena leave here. I’ve told you I want nothing to do with you. You’re not the kind of person I like” Dylan said

“What about her?” Elena asked choking on her own words

“She’s my friend and that’s all”

“Dylan you’re lying. She isn’t your friend. You dumped me for her”

Elena rushed over to Lisa and tried to slap her but Lisa held her hands

“If you ever in your miserable life as a rich kid raise that filthy hands to touch me again,you’ll regret the day you were born. I have an audition coming up and can’t afford to ruin my skin with this dirty thing you call a hand. I need to look beautiful unlike the ugly cow that you are” Lisa said and threw the girls hand away

Elena looked at Lisa in shock

“Repeat your last statement again?” Elena said gritting her teeth

“I’m sure you’re not deaf”

“Dylan do something. How can you stand here and watch this good for nothing insult me” Elena yelled

Dylan shrugged

“You were the one that looked for her trouble first so it’s your business and not mine” Dylan replied

She hissed and gave him the finger

“Now I know why he broke up with you. You’re not his type. I don’t even know why he made you his girlfriend in the first place. Look at your big mouth and flat butt. Your chest is as dry as a dessert. I’m even beginning to doubt if you’re a girl cause I don’t see anything” Lisa said and Marla laughed


“Me what? Please take your masculine body and get outta here. People like you don’t deserve to be pitied”

Elena stood there speechless,she had just received the most embarrassing insult of her life

She couldn’t do anything and walked away while Lisa hissed and left with Marla after collecting her gift from Dylan.

WINNING THE BOSS’ HEART: Episode 11 – 20

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