WOUNDED : Episode 1-10



The faint smell of cigarette wandered around the room as I opened my eyes to decipher where I am and who I was with.
I slowly sat up from the bed I was lying and placed the blanket over my naked body,
I sighed when I realized where I am. I moved back my braided hair to see the door opening and a man walking inside.
“I’ve transferred the money into your account, you can confirm It right here, right now”. The man’s thick voice said covering the whole room.
I grabbed my phone to confirm his statement and I nodded when I saw an alert notification on my phone screen.
“A hundred and fifty thousand?” I scoffed.
“Are you joking with me right now?” I added sending him death glares. “Didn’t we agree on two hundred? What is this?” I asked, rolling my eyes.
“Two hundred yes, but I was so drunk last night I barely recalled the so called pleasure we both had” The man glowered at me.
“I don’t care you were the one who got drunk, look business means business, so transfer the remaining fifty and I’ll let this slide quietly” I said through gritted teeth and he laughed.
“Are you threatening me right now young lady?” The man barked thinking I would flinch, but little did he know that I was more than I looked.
“Look Miss Igraine, I’ve sent you the one hundred and fifty thousand, either you take it or leave it, I don’t care”.
I stood up still with the blanket over my body and walked into the room’s bathroom, my clothes were lying on the bathroom floor and I picked them up and put it on immediately, I walked out of the bathroom to see the annoying man on the bed lighting up a cigarette.
I walked closer to the bed and grabbed my phone, after opening my contact; I walked in front of the man and placed my phone in front of his face.
“This number right here belongs to your wife doesn’t it?” I smirked, carefully watching his expression.
“What are you trying to pull? it doesn’t belong to my wife!” The man yelled, he was a bit nervous and I could tell, but he was still trying to cover it up.
“Okay it doesn’t belong to your wife but what if I call her right here and right now to confirm if it really belongs to your wife” I gave a smile.
“Look, if it’s the fifty thousand that’s making you act like this, then fine, I’ll send it to you right here, right now, leave my wife out of this.” The man said angrily. And immediately he did another transfer of cash into my account.
I smiled seeing the alert, “now that’s more like it”. Customers like this are easy to deal with. That really wasn’t his wife phone number; he was too dumb to realize.
I left the hotel room feeling like my whole world is about to burst with happiness.
Finally, I am financially stable to venture myself out in university.

My name is Bridget, A twenty year old girl who lost her parents in a fire accident five years ago, and after my parents died I was forced to live with my auntie , who didn’t seem to like me one bit. Anywhere I went to, I was known to be pretty ,very pretty, anywhere I went to, I was known to be pretty and nice too. Well you have to be nice if you’re pretty that’s what people thinks. Anywhere I went people just stare at me like I just walked out of a cave full of diamonds, their stares were pretty much uncomfortable but I’ve gotten pretty used to it. You could say my auntie hated that I was pretty, she always warned me not to let the thought of being pretty get into my head. That beauty isn’t everything.
But how she’s so wrong!
Beauty is everything.!
As my aunt maltreated me, I realised it wasn’t fair for me to be treated this way and I know I had to leave or else I’ll die one day in her hands. I’ve got so many scars from her on my body, she’s ruining me and I know I had to leave.
I didn’t where to start from until one day, It was my last day in highschool and after finishing with the school exams, my friends and I decided to go out, to have fun since some of us paths might end at high school. So there’s friend of my Joy who said her aunt owned a bar and we should all head there, and that’s where my life changed. I met her aunt Mabel who said she’d like to talk to me privately immediately she saw me.

I went with her to a private room inside the bar and immediately she started complimenting me of my beauty is imppecable, natural and standard, I know my aunt said I shouldn’t let the thought of being pretty get into my head, but with the kind of society we live in, it kind of got into my head.
Believe me I was swayed by the compliments joy’s aunt Mabel said to me and she told me that I shouldn’t waste such a beauty and should use it to earn for myself.
At first I didn’t know what she meant, do people earn with a pretty face? I was so eager to know how I had to earn with a pretty face, I was determined and I had just one goal, if I earn enough I would be set free my my aunt’s home and will live by myself and recieve scars no more. My inquisitiveness and determination pressed me hard that I asked how to earn immediately.
Before telling me aunt Mabel told me not to tell any of my friends including joy and one night she called me out and I had to sneak out of the house when my aunt was fast asleep. Mabel took me to a nearby store that sells dress, bought me a new one and we both went to a party. I thought that was it. Attending party, being pretty and earning.
But then at the party, a man looking like he was in his late thirties walked up to us and smiled at Mabel.
“She sure is worth it” Was what the man said before grabbing my hand.
I didn’t know what was happening I looked at Mabel with shock in my eyes.
“It’s going to be okay now Faith” Mabel had said to me. What was going to be okay, why did she call me faith? What was going on? I was so scared as the man smiled and told me to stand up.
I stood up and Mabel told him to go wait that I’ll be there soon.
I’ll be where soon? I was so scared I wanted to cry, I was just turned eighteen. What was going on!
Mabel told me to breathe that my name was going to be Faith that night and I’ll have to entertain the man that night. I didn’t know her version of entertain and my version were completely different.

I walked into the room the man was in to see him dressed in only his boxers, and thats when I understood what was going on. I tried to escape the room but the man caught me and as his strong arms gripped my tiny body, his voice echoed into my ear. “I know it’s your first time, and believe me I know you’re scared, but I’m willing to pay triple for a pretty girl like you, don’t be scared and you’ll enjoy it”.
My body felt like jelly at that moment and my legs felt weak and I fell to the ground, that night was so awful I hate recalling it and the next moment I was on the bed crying. My vrginity taken from me like it was nothing. I was completely forced.
Mabel tried to comfort me saying it will get better and it did when I Mabel asked if I would like my money given to me right away. I was surprised I asked how much and she said it was about seventy thousand. I made so much money in just one night. I was sad about what happened but the earns got me so bubbly relieved I forgot that my priciest possession was taken from me like it was nothing.
I accepted the money from Mabel but I had to take it little by little from her not to let my aunt got suspicious but she did anyway, and I had no choice but to run away, Mabel offered me her home and I started living with her and it was like a home of freedom, I got more into my new found business and I just loved it. Every client I had never seized to tell me how pretty I was and I knew that…
I earned more than I could ever imagine and at the end of that year over seven hundred thousand naira was in my account. I couldn’t be more proud.
Mabel supported me in every way she can and well I just brought the money and she just happened to be a mother. A very young one who understands the age of youth
Two years passed and I didn’t ever for once forget about my university and I started to save up for it. I wrote the exams and not to seem to magniloquent but I am pretty smart. I was ranked first in all of my school papers.
Two years passed with me enjoying my job and saving up for school and everything and finally admission in one of the best university I chose…
And now walking out of this hotel in Broad day light and dealing with fraudsters like this man, I feel like my savings for school has been completed.

The city of Lagos looked even more colourful as I booked for an Uber driver in the busy road, Lagos is always so busy on Fridays, after waiting for almost five minutes, the Uber car showed up and I got into the car.
I got home that morning and went to take a warm bath.
With the towel around body I walked into the small living room to see Mabel with two suitcases..

“How was work today” Mabel asked.
“The dumb man tried to outsmart me but I was smarter” I smiled sitting down.
“Now that’s why you’re Bridget” Mabel stated and I smiled.
“So what’s with the suitcase?” I asked.
“How can you be so forgetful. You’re leaving for school on Monday remember?” Mabel raised a brow at me.
“Yes I know, but isn’t one suitcase enough, why two?” I shook my head.
“This one is for your normal clothes and this one is for work?” Mabel explained.
“Work? I can’t work while I’m in school!” I scoffed.
“Look Bridget, I know a lot of clients around there, they’re very rich and wouldn’t want to miss out on someone like you, you can’t miss out on an opportunity like this” Mabel bat her lashes at me.
I sighed. “fine”
“great” she smiled.
“You can and go rest you’ve done enough you must be tired, I’ll help you pack.” Mabel smiled.
“Thanks Mabel” I said and walked into my room to change and fall asleep.

I was super nervous and excited as I got into an Uber that Monday with my bag and suitcases at the back of the car.
Mabel waved so hard that It made Me laugh.
The drive from my house to school was like a thousand miles away. And finally when I got to the hostel I was to be staying which was like eight blocks away from school I was relieved.
So I was supposed to be living alone cause I didn’t want to share the room with anyone and cause any trouble but the landlord begged me saying students needs to help out each other and that’s how I ended up having to stay with my new roommate, not like I didn’t have enough money to rent the whole place, I was being nice. And she’s been staying here for like a week now. I rented it a week ago and will start living in today.

I got into the building after paying the Uber driver and as I dragged my two suitcase on the titled floor, I finally got to my room. The door was locked and it seemed like it was from the inside so I had to knock.
The door opened and I saw my roommate. And this is actually my first time seeing her. We’ve only talked on social media where she begged me to let us be roommates.
“HI… Bridget, you’re here” she smiled happily. Her lips looked plumped and her clothes were rough and so was her hair.
“Yes and you’re Tochi right?” I smiled and she nodded.
She seemed a bit nervous as I walked in the room and why wouldn’t she be, cause I saw a boy on her bed putting on his shirt.
Well that’s school for me. Well I’m here now let’s focus on my course.
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