WOUNDED: Episode 11-20


“If you like being nosy in everyone’s business, I’m not Everyone.” I gave Kingsley a glare and he laughed.
“Honestly Bridget, I’m lowkey scared of you, you don’t intimidating, you look really friendly and nice but your voice is what frighten me the most, it’s sharp and at the same time fades so quickly, so don’t worry I’m just going to sit here and watch you two work on your data basement homework” Kingsley said.
“It’s called database and it’s a project” Samuel corrected.
“Do I look like a stupid computer science student to you?” Kingsley asked and Samuel looked away ignoring him.
Minutes passes and Samuel and I got into talking more on the project and after concluding what we’ll be doing and splitting the work on our group mates. That was it, we will just have to fill Aisha and Paul on what with discussed today, and if Paul ditches the group meeting again, he’s out. He should clearly know I’m the group leader not Samuel.
I stood up and grabbed my bag…
“You’re leaving already.?” Samuel asked.
“Yes we’re done for the day!” I shrugged.
“But… Why do you want to leave so soon. It’s like you just got here” Samuel stated…
“Why do you want her to stay so bad.” Kingsley suddenly chimed in. “So you’ll be able….
“Shut up” I said.
“Yes ma’am” Kingsley stated.
“Okay, well I’ll stay, class doesn’t start until 3pm, so I have tons of time, but the problem is that my stomach doesn’t have much time. I’m super hungry and until you guys get me something to eat then I’ll stay” I expound sitting down and dropping my bag.
Samuel stood up. “I actually prepared spaghetti this morning, ill heat it up for you” he said.
“Great” I threw at him and he walked away.

Kinglsey was staring at me, I sighed and turned to him, and he smiled.
“What?” I asked.
“I think Samuel likes you” he stated.
“You think, or he’s just being the nice freak he is”. I shrugged.
He… We should not jump into conclusions.
“Well kind of… Cause he treats Cynthia the same way, but Cynthia’s like his kid sister, but you, a girl he met last week and look at where you are now.” Kingsley grinned.
“Where I am now, I came here to talk about our project, don’t jump into conclusions or say useless things, if Samuel was here with you saying that, he might have vomited, and Samuel can’t like someone like me” I scoffed.
“What’s wrong with someone like you?” Kingsley raised his brows at him
“You know we’re like words and opposite. He needs someone as calm and nice as his league is, someone as nice and calm and friendly as he is” I stated.
“So you’re indirectly saying you’re not nice” Kingsley smiled.
“I’m not indirectly, I’m actually saying it” I nodded.
“Samuel doesn’t need another dumb ass person in his life.”
“Why are you pushing two of us so much, it’s annoying stop it” I glowered at him.
“It’s fun” he chuckled.
“It’s annoying” I repeated and he nodded.
Samuel came back into the living room with a plate of spaghetti and boiled eggs. And suddenly my stomach starts to sing rejoicefully.
“Thank… You” I stated as I grabbed the food from Samuel.
“It’s nothing” he replied.
“Of course it’s nothing, but something when it’s me” Kingsley muttered.
“Can you not act like a child… Please!” I stated.
“Ouch? That was an insult and I wasn’t acting like a child, I was just proving how Samuel has been biased lately.” Kingsley stated and I gave him a look.
“You know what, I’ll just go to bed” Kingsley said. Stood up and was about to go but paused.
“Did you guys hear about the Wednesday party?”.
“Is partying an everyday something here?” I asked.
“Of course it is, we can’t just study all the time, all work and no play equals to Sammy. And no I don’t want to be like Sammy.!” Kingsley stated.
“I think the correct line is all work and no play makes Kingsley a dull boy”. I fired.
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, is the correct one I think” Kingsley laughed.
“You shouldn’t have used Sammy as an example first” I snarled.
“Anyways, it’s on Wednesday night and not in this life, I am missing a party, are you guys going?” Kingsley asked.
I glanced at Samuel and then Turned to Kingsley.
“Are you going?” he asked me again.
Well I’ve already adapted to this place already. Let’s see how their party is anyways, I am a party popper after all.
“I’ll stay home.” Samuel suddenly stated.
“Expected that from you!” Kingsley scoffed.
“I’ll go” I shrug.
“Really?” Kingsley eyes widen.
“Yeah” I nodded.
“What? I thought you’re not a party person. You didn’t go to the first party” Samuel turned to me.
“I didn’t go to the first party because I was too stressed out last week and wasn’t really feeling this place, but now I am willing to attend and who said I’m not a party person?” I smiled. Dropping my empty plate.
Wow. I cleared all that spaghetti in one goal. I must have been really hungry.
“Heard that Sam?, she’s a party person, she’s a total opposite of you, don’t worry you can stay home and we’ll both attend the party and tell you all about it when we get back” Kingsley smiled.
I watched as Samuel’s eyes moved from the table and to my face. I raised my brows at him and he looked away.
“Anyways” I stood up. “I have to go home now” I said.
“Want me to escort you out?” kinsgley asked.
“It’s okay!” I stated.
“Okay, just don’t change your mind about the party…” he said and I laughed. “I won’t… I love parties.”
“That’s sweet to hear.” Kingsley nodded.
“Okay then…” I said and turned to Samuel.
“Samuel, I’ll see you in our next class” I stated and he nodded not looking at me.
I walked out of the boys room with hearing kingsley say “come again.”
As I made it through the hallway, I saw someone coming, it was just the silhouette of the person, until we got close and I noticed it was Cynthia, she clearly glared at me briefly and walked passed me.
I just ignored her actions and kept walking.

I got home and tochi told me she has seen the money I sent to her and I told her it was for the whole week.
I got on my bed and drifted to sleep. Whenever I’m stomach filled. The sleeps just come anytime.
I woke up a minute past three and I just dash out of my room and to class because I was super late.
I got to class and I quietly got in and sat at the back.
Class was over before I knew it and as I placed my books in my bag I felt a hand on my shoulder.
I turned immediately.
“Oh its you” I said seeing Samuel.
“You sat in the back today?” he said.
I sighed. “Slept off and woke up late, did you put sleeping pills in the spaghetti?!” I joked.
“No I didn’t” he looked like he was ready to defense himself no matter what.

“So while leaving I saw Cynthia coming to meet you guys,” I blurted out as we both walked out of class.
“Oh yeah, she… She came to apologize to me” Samuel stated.
“Apologize… Really? That is surprising… See put her right where she belongs and she won’t treat you wrong anymore.” I expound.
“But she still doesn’t like you” Samuel said lowly.
“I know and I don’t like her too, too bad she’s going to see me all semester and then the next one”. I blurted but Samuel said nothing.
I remained quiet too but he broke the silence.
“I changed my mind.” he said.
“You changed your mind about what?”
“The party!” he replied.
“Wait? You’re going?” my lips crept up into a smile.
“Yes!” he replied.
“That’s great, looks like it won’t be just Kingsley and I anymore.” I smiled.
“No it won’t” he shook his head.
From opposite direction and from far away, you could see Cynthia with an unfamiliar friend.
“Cynthia’s coming.” I announced.
“Uh… I know, I can see her too” Samuel replied.
“I don’t want you to just see her, I want you to acknowledge the fact that she’s coming and do something for me.” I smiled.
Samuel looked down at me. “Do what?”
I slipped down my fingers down his and he flinched.
What the…h’ll. Hasn’t he held a girl’s hand before.
“You can forgive me about this later, if you feel too uncomfortable with this, but I just want to show Cynthia that, I don’t listen, she wants you to stay away from me but no, I’m making her see the opposite of saying away from someone.” I smiled and Samuel just gave me a blank stare.
“Are you trying to make her mad?” Samuel asked.
“Yes that is the point!” I nodded.
“But isn’t that wrong, she already apologized to me.” Samuel stated and I sighed.
“She apologized to you, not me, not like I need her apology and just go with what I’m doing for christ sake!” I huffed.
Cynthia’s getting close…
Damn Samuel….
I held his hand and watched him get all flustered up…
“Haven’t you hold a girl’s hand before?” I asked narrowing my eyes at him.
“I.. I.. Have” he stuttered.
“You’re lying, you look flustered, you’re stuttering and not looking at me in the eyes.” I sighed.
“I’m sorry” he apologized.
He didn’t really have to apologize.

“Come on Samuel, she’s getting really close, okay fine just…
I let go of his hand and quickly grabbed his arm and placed it around my shoulder.
He looked at me against his arm, like his eyes is about to fall off.
“Don’t flake on this Samuel” I gave a warning. “let’s just keep walking” I stated.
Cynthia and her friends got close and I suddenly pretended to be in a conversation with Samuel with me laughing to myself. Samuel still looked in shock and surprise and wasn’t even saying anything.
Cynthia said “hi’ to Samuel but he didn’t reply because he was lost in some kind of reverie.
Sweet. Exactly what I wanted.
Cynthia walked passed us and when she was a bit away from us I took Samuel hands off my shoulder.
“Seriously!” I shut my eyes.
“You just froze when your hand met my shoulder, how are you ever going to get a girlfriend, if you act like this. Even if you do get one, she’s going to get irritated by all this” I laughed.
“I don’t want… A girlfriend… I never said I wanted one” Samuel’s voice was low.
“Well one day, you’ll eventually get one. And what? You’ll pass out if she kisses you one day.” I shook my head.
“No… I just..
“You just what?” I cut him off. “I held your hand, you stuttered, I placed your hand around my shoulder and you got lost” I breathed out a sigh and continued. “Look, I once dated a guy, we didn’t even last for a month, he was pretty obsessed me, demanding to hold hands when we walk on the streets, I didn’t like that back then, but now I think I’ll just choose death if he ever acted like you” I stated and Samuel wore a frown.
“Sorry for saying that, but that’s just how I feel.” I shrugged.
“But it’s okay, you can be yourself, And I’m sorry for using you to make Cynthia jealous just now.”
“Cynthia… Jealous?” Samuel looked at me.
“Why would she be jealous?” Samuel asked.
“obviously because she wants us to stay from each other and because she likes you!” I cross my arms over my chest.
“She… Likes… Me?” Samuel looked surprised.
“Yes… Like… Has feelings for you” I smiled and watched his confused expression.
“I don’t think she does!” Samuel shook his head.
“she does” I snickered.
“i…i… Don’t know.” Samuel looked uncomfortable.
“Why are you always so tense.” I laughed. “It’s starting to get a little annoying” I smiled.
“I’m sorry” he apologized.
“And don’t apologize for everything”.i stated.
“Sorry” he said again and paused.. “Sorry” he apologized for apologizing again.
Oh Samuel.
I laughed. “It’s okay!”
How can someone be so guilble. It’s annoying but cute.
“Anyways, there’s going to be a lot of me using you lately to get Cynthia jealous, so don’t flake out next time” I said watching his reaction.
But he gave a blank expression.
I grabbed his hand and he flinched which caused me to burst out laughing.
“This will never get old.” I shook my head.
“Anyways, I’ll see you later Sam” I stated and starts to walk away after waving at him.
After walking like seven feet away from him, i glanced back at him and I didn’t know if it was my head, or I saw him smiling at his hand.

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