15 DAYS WITH MR ARROGANT: Episode 21-30

? 15 Days With
Mr Arrogant ??
(In love with Mr Grumpy?)

Episode 21

Theodora’s POV
She should have told me she has a lover

Why did she played with my heart?

Why did she took my love for granted?


I guess all girls are just the same”

I cried the tears in my eyes as I drove home

I can’t believe I cried!

Yes I cried because I love her!!

I really do!

Desha why?

Is that why she looked disturbed in the morning?

But wait! She slapped the boy and pushed him off

Does that mean??

No Theo

Don’t be deceived

She’s after your money

She doesn’t love me!!!!

Why do I feel so hurt!!

Frank’s POV

Another glass please!!I waved at the waitress as she smiled

I gulped down all most 7bottles of hot beer in 5minutes

And thats because am hurt!!

Thank”I said to the waitress as she placed the bottle in my front

Welcome”she replied walking out

I loved you Desha from the very day I saw you

I didnt hide my feelings from you!

I told you but you keep turning me down!!

Am I destined not to be in love??

Desha was the second girl I fall in love but she didnt wait me

My life is just useless!!

She left me because am not rich!!

She left me for Theodora!! That rich arrogant fr.eak!!


I won’t give up on you”

I know you love me but is afraid of what Theo will do but I promise you we will be together

Because we are destined to be!!

Desha’s POV

Tears couldnt cease running down my cheeks

Am destroying my relationship with my own hands.

I should have told him first

I won’t forgive my self if Theo didnt forgive me

I wipe the tears in my eyes as I continued driving

I have lost sight of Theo’s car

I understand he’s hurt
He has every reason to be mad at me

I drove into the compound and parked the car

His own car was there meaning he’s home

Guilt was all I feel

I did some silent prayer and then got down walking toward the door

I hope he won’t shut me up

I opened the door and meet him walking upstairs

Theo? I called slowly and he stopped

I looked up and he was staring at me

Am sorry”

To be continued

Frank leave my baby??
Theo forgive my baby??
Desha stay with my king naa??

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