SCARLETS SEASON 2: Episode 1-10

🎻🎶SCARLETS🎶🎻 (Surely you can’t be mine) ©PROMISE DAVIS MAUREEN (Secret place) Season Two Episode One 💎 Aurora’s POV💎 It has been a week and I hardly see Dian and Mabel in school. I just miss him, I wanted to see him so badly. What is going on? He is not in school, same thing with … Read more


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SCARLETS : Episode 31 – 40

SCARLETS (Life of a fan girl) ©PROMISE MAUREEN DAVIS (What’s that bl00d?) Episode 31 Aurora’s POV Oh sht! How can this happen here? “What the fk is this bl00d? Bobby asked and I shivered. “Hum, can we just go back please. Before the boys come here.” I begged and he nodded. He led me back … Read more

IT’S OKAY TO CRY: Episode 21-30

IT’S OKAY TO CRY Episode 21. Anastasia left to meet Bobby and informed him about what Mpho said, “do you think they suspect something? She asked he smiled. “Do they have any proof? I understand why you’re scared because you’re guilty, but then don’t be foolish, Bobby replied. “You’re right, even if am the suspect, … Read more

SCARLETS : Episode 21 – 30

🎻🎶SCARLETS🎶🎻 (Life of a fan girl) ©PROMISE DAVIS MAUREEN (You want another?) 🌲Episode 21🌲 💎Mabel’s POV💎 I was so enraged,I just want to kill him right there but Dian have to show up at this point when I think of nothing else but to strangle him. “Babe he…he sl@pped me.” I said crying. He stood … Read more

SCARLETS : Episode 11 – 20

🎻🎶SCARLETS🎶🎻 (Life of a fan girl) ©PROMISE DAVIS MAUREEN (Scandal queen) 🌲Episode 11🌲 💎Min ho’s POV💎 Okay I absolutely didn’t mean to do this this way. I look at the boy and his eyes were red already,his kneels were bruised. “Please Sir don’t fire me,I promise to be more diligent please give me another chance” … Read more


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IT’S OKAY TO CRY: Episode 1-10

IT’S OKAY TO CRY Story by Miriam Edem (Miriam Eyen Efik) Episode 1. Door opens and Mpho walks in with a shopping bag. His 4 daughters ran and hugged him which he happily received them and went to his heavily pregnant wife kissing her. “Welcome darling, Anastasia said. “Thanks darling, I got some stuffs for … Read more