A HOWL IN THE NIGHT: Chapter 26-30

🐲🐉A Howl In The Night🐲🐉 🌹She’s mine🌹 🌼From Novel R0mance 🌼 🍀Chapter 26🍀 🙈😋Puppy Love😋🙈 My b.ed is soft, but not nearly as warm as I wish it to be. I shiver underneath the thick covers, tossing and turning furiously. I struggle to get warm, yet only the cold embraces me. The desire for a … Read more


The health and beauty benefits of avocado seeds are so numerous that you’ll have to think twice before throwing them away again Avocados are a superfood that many people love to eat. However, most of us throw away the large seed, not realizing that it is edible and offers many health benefits. In fact, the … Read more