By Marie G

Tags: Billionaire, child, betrayal, love, Pregnancy, laughter, playboy, hatred.

Dean Ambrose, a young billionaire with multi-billion dollar companies

He was what you’d describe as stinky rich— he had it all; Money, the face, charms, manly physique. He was every girl’s dream man but he had no time for love not after how his $lut of a fiance had run away with all his properties, days to their wedding leaving him devastated and dejected.

It took him years before he could finally make it to the top again as a successful billionaire. Then he decided he would never gonna be in a love affair with any Lady. To him, all girls were snakes who were just after his money and wealth.

Yeah, he became a sx freak, sleeping with anything in skirt. He was trying to get his revenge on ladies. To him, they were nothing but toys. He doesn’t sleep with any lady twice. He changes women like he changes cloths. He hates it when he is being remembered of his past. He h@rdened his heart and vowed never to love any girl.


At age 26, his mom has been a bone to his throat as she kept asking him for a grandchild but poor Dean didn’t even believe in love neither did he wanted kids that early in his life.

His mom was persistent, she wanted grandkids but Dean was adamant so his Mom had to threaten him with what she knew he cherished the most

Things suddenly became tough for him and he was well aware his mom was behind everything but he couldn’t confront her because he never wanted to keep hearing her nag

Will he continue being adamant even after his mom’s threats?

?Extract from the story?

“Be my sx toy” Dean said and kaylan’s eyes dilated in shock

She took few steps towards him and landed him a resounding $Iap

“You di$gusting dog, you think I’m a wh’re?” Kaylan shouted

” Yes, you ladies are bches who just have to be laid” Dean retorted angrily and it was accompanied by another sI.ap.

Collins’s eyes widdened in shock yet he burst into laughter as he watch kaylan stump out of the house furiously


You won’t wanna miss this.



By Marie G

Chapter 1

Dean was awoken by the sound of his phone ringing loudly. He tilted his head sideways and glance at the wall clock and realized it was 7am.

“Who could be calling this early?” He gro-an and tried stepping out of bed when he felt something weighting him down. He stared down at his body only to find Collin’s legs just few inches away from his mouth

“je-rk,,,, is he trying to feed me those rotten legs of his?” He sighed and removed Collins legs from his body.

“Urg.. my body hurts” he gro-an again before pushing Collins out of bed and he landed on the floor heavily

“Oops.. I didn’t mean that buddy” he apologized but Collins was still fast asleep.

“Sleeping m©nster” he grimace staring at Collins

He got down from bed, pick up his phone which was still ringing and a sigh escape his mouth when he beheld the caller.

“What does she want this time around?” He gro-an before swiping the answer button

? Good morning sweet mom.. he greeted cutely

? Enough Dean. I didn’t call you so you could flatter me. When will I be carrying my grandchild? She asked

? Not again mom. It’s not like you are already old. You’re still in your late 40s And I’ve told you I’ll give you grandchildren when I’m ready. I’m still too young to father a child.” He said politely

? Dean… If i had said I was too young to birth a child would you have been born,,,, tell me, would you? You…. She couldn’t complete her word when she started coughing

? Mom! Are you okay? He asked worriedly

? I will be okay when you give me a grandchild.. she said sharply and ended the call

“God,,, this woman has been acting like a wtch this days. I really don’t know her problem. Is it my fault I’m an only child?” He wondered

“Hey je-rk” he tapped Collins but he didn’t wake up neither did he budge.

An idea stro-ke him and he grin goofily

“Wake up f.ool” he ki¢ked his bvtt

“Who’s that? Who’s that?” Collins sprang up and position himself like a Kong Fu master would do

“Seriously? Wow Jackie Chan” Dean teased amidst laughter

Collins was his best friend, a brother and also his P. A. They did things together and most times they spend the nights at each other’s place.

“Why did you do that?” Collins asked, glaring at him. “Wait, why was I on the floor? Don’t tell me you were at it again” he added

“You almost klled me f.ool” Dean snorted

“Hey… Don’t take your anger on me” he rolled his eyes and Dean exhale

” What’s wrong? What’s with the face” Collins asked as they left the room for the kitchen

“Mom is at it again” Dean replied opening the fridge. “I know I’m rich and good looking,,,, I’m perfect buddy but MARRIAGE isn’t in my list talk more of fathering a child…..

“I’m still young yunno, and I have the money and my companies are doing great. More money first before I think of building a family”.

“But you need a woman to support you and also help you manage your wealth” Collins said and sat down with a bowl of cereal in his hands

“Then why are you still single? You have the money too, a good house and successful companies. Yet here you are,,, with me instead of getting married” Dean said

“Uhmmm .. that…that’s because I haven’t found my ideal woman” Collins stuttered

“Tch, Ideal woman indeed” Dean scoff before walking back to his bedroom for a bath

“Nothing for breakfast?” Collins asked loudly from the kitchen

“We need to get to work” Dean Shouted from the bathroom

“but it’s just 7:30am”

“I wouldn’t mind going late if it was your company but you can’t do that in MY own company” Dean said, emphasizing on the” MY” and Collins scoff loudly as he proceeded to dean’s room.

“Dean” he called and opened the door to the bathroom

“What the fk do you think you are doing?” Dean yelled at him while he chuckled

“close those eyes before you get soap into them” Collins warn and as if to prove his words, the soap got into his eyes

“It stings” Dean wince and grope for the shower

“This is one of the reasons you need a wife” Collins clucked before helping him with the shower

He quickly washed his eyes and exhale de-eperly before facing Collins

“you are a dead meat” he screamed and started chasing Collins round his room till they got to the sitting room

“Wow, a full grown up running around nk£d, aren’t you ashamed?” Collins laughed

” Ashamed? Joke!! I’m very proud of my dk” Dean said and was still running after him when the door bell rang

He looked at his dangling thing then back at Collins who was only in his boxers.

“Dmn you Collins” he cvrsed and ran back into the bathroom.

He finished having his bath and quickly wore his office attire before heading downstairs.

“Who was at the door? And where’s Collins? He thought looking around the sitting room

“Who was it?” Dean asked immediately he saw Collins walking out of one of his guest room fully dressed too

“I didn’t see anyone” Collins replied. “This is why you also need a security man. I met the dmn gate open,,, what if your rivals are tryna a-ssa-ssinate you?” Collins breath out

“You worry alot, no one is a-ssa-ssinating me”


” Let’s just go to work okay? And here’s the car key, you will be my driver for today” Dean threw the car keys at him and he caught it with ease

“A CEO who doesn’t even have a driver” Collins scoffed.

” A CEO who decided to be my P.A instead of working at his own company” Dean rolled his eyes

“Whatever , just know You’ll be doing the driving as of next week”

“You are pretty good at catching.. you should have been a goalkeeper instead” Dean teased

Dean owned a toy factory which he struggled to build with the help of Collins after his fiance ran away with his properties. He wanted to give young kids the best toys that could ever be imagine since he himself was a big fan of toys, funny right?

He is also the heir to his late dad’s companies but he works there most times as an employee. His mom was the one managing and she insist he will be able to claim the company as his only if he decides to give her a grandchild

But he didn’t care anyway since he was making it big without her help. To him, being single was more beautiful than hanging out with gold-diggers who pretend to love him

“What are you gonna do about Cheryl?” Collins asked as they got to the car

“What do you mean?”

“She’s inLove with you, what will you about it? Collins asked

“Love?? I have no time for bches and you know I don’t fk any of them twice. She’s just obsessed with my dk that’s all” Dean replied

” You wom-anizer” Collins scoff loudly

“Cut the ¢rap and drive if you don’t wanna loose your job” Dean threatened

” Okay sir” Collins folded his li-ps in his mouth.


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