A WIFE FOR MR POPULAR: Episode 31-40

(He doesn’t like her)

Episode 31

Gray’s POV

The Next Morning ??
‘You need to understand that she isn’t going to bow to your will Gray! She’s a wife and a business partner not a slave and why on Earth would you think she’s going to be nice to you after what you did in her party??’…Martin asked as he grabbed a soda…

‘You should be kidding me right now!! I mean who does she think she is going out with Mr Mogul??’..I snarled…

‘And who are you to question her huh??’..You clearly show your contempt for her and you expect her to live with it?? Bringing Clarice to her party last night wasn’t cool bro.It wasn’t cool’..He said and I rolled my eyes..

‘Well if I’m going to get that divorce I’ve got to make her suffer so yeah I did that on purpose’..

‘You’re always acting like you’re so tough but you really aren’t Gray,as a friend try talking to her and stop acting like a j.erk all the time!!! You’re getting divorced in two weeks make something out of it!!!’..

Claire’s POV

I yawned loudly as I stared at myself in the mirror and smiled seeing the new change…

I can never get over how I look not like I’m beginning to get arrogant or anything but because I deserve it..

‘Claire??’..I heard and when I turned around Gray was standing by the door with a bouquet of flowers in his hands…

‘What do you want??’..I asked with a frown on his face..

‘Well I’m here to apologise about what happened last night..I took it a littl bit too far’..

‘A little bit??’..

‘Okay yes I took it too far and that’s why I’m here so as a token of my apology these are for you’..He said and my eyes widened…

Gray just apologized to me?!!.

And giving me flowers??..

What happened to Mr Popular?!!!

‘Are you sure you’re okay??’..I blurted out loudly..

‘Me?? Of course I’m okay’..He replied and walked away..

He just apologized to me!!!

Gray is not okay!

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